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Episode Detail: Here's Why You Can Never Have Too Much Petty Cash - The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

An unstable employment history may cost Molly the loan she needs to purchase her co-op apartment, so she asks Arthur for the money. Also, Molly meets her chatty new neighbors, the Luchesses (John Pankow, J. Smith-Cameron).

Episodes: The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (64)

4/13/1991: Here's a Little Touch of Harry in the Night    Season 5, Episode 13
4/6/1991: Here's When Life Begins At    Season 5, Episode 12
3/30/1991: Here's Why You Shouldn't Talk to Strangers in the Park    Season 5, Episode 11
3/23/1991: Here's How to Put an Egg in Your Show and Beat It    Season 5, Episode 10
3/16/1991: Here's How to Break the Other Leg    Season 5, Episode 9
3/9/1991: Here's a High Dive Into a Shallow Pool    Season 5, Episode 8
3/2/1991: Here's One Way to Fill Every Waking Moment    Season 5, Episode 7
2/23/1991: Here's a Good Excuse for Missing the Party    Season 5, Episode 6
2/16/1991: Here's A Pregnant Pause    Season 5, Episode 5
2/9/1991: Here Are Some Overnight Lows    Season 5, Episode 4
2/2/1991: Here's When the Fat Lady Sings    Season 5, Episode 3
1/26/1991: Here's a New Way of Looking at Cappucino    Season 5, Episode 2
1/19/1991: Here's a Neat Way to Tie Up Loose Ends    Season 5, Episode 1
7/6/1990: Here's a Good Reason to Check Your Answering Machine on a Regular Basis    Season 4, Episode 13
6/29/1990: Here's a Quick and Easy Recipe for Leftovers    Season 4, Episode 12
6/22/1990: Here Are Some Things That Go Bump in the Night    Season 4, Episode 11
6/15/1990: Here's an Expensive Item with No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges    Season 4, Episode 10
6/1/1990: Here Are a Couple of Games You've Probably Played    Season 4, Episode 8
5/25/1990: Here's Another Lost Weekend    Season 4, Episode 7
5/18/1990: Here's Why Restaurants Have a Minimum    Season 4, Episode 6
5/4/1990: Here's Something I Forgot to Mention    Season 4, Episode 5
4/27/1990: Here's a Perilous Research Project    Season 4, Episode 4
4/20/1990: Here's Why You Can Never Have Too Much Petty Cash    Season 4, Episode 3
4/13/1990: Here Are Just a Few Things That Could Possibly Go Wrong    Season 4, Episode 2
4/6/1990: Here's Why Pink Isn't Necessarily a Girl's Favorite Color    Season 4, Episode 1
7/15/1989: Here's a Leisurely Stroll Through the Park    Season 3, Episode 13
7/8/1989: Here's an Unexpected Twist on the Old Biological Clock    Season 3, Episode 12
7/1/1989: Here's a Shot in the Dark    Season 3, Episode 11
6/24/1989: Here's a Major Organ Interlude    Season 3, Episode 10
6/17/1989: Here's Some Ducks All in a Row    Season 3, Episode 9
6/10/1989: Here's a Rough Way to Learn a Foreign Language    Season 3, Episode 8
6/3/1989: Here's Why You Should Always Make Your Bed in the Morning    Season 3, Episode 7
5/27/1989: Here's a Clever Yet Practical Gift Idea    Season 3, Episode 6
5/20/1989: Here's Why You Should Lock Your Bathroom Door    Season 3, Episode 5
5/13/1989: Here's a Little Night Music    Season 3, Episode 4
5/6/1989: Here's the Groovy Piano Bar Episode    Season 3, Episode 3
4/29/1989: Here's Why You Should Order from the Spanish Side of the Menu    Season 3, Episode 2
4/17/1989: Here's That Old Shadow on the Wall    Season 2, Episode 13
4/17/1989: Here's a Cute Way to Wrap up the Holiday Season    Season 3, Episode 1
6/29/1988: Here's Another Cryptic Message from Upstate    Season 2, Episode 12
6/22/1988: Here's Talkin' to Yourself    Season 2, Episode 11
6/15/1988: Here's a Reason to Keep Your Goats in the Barn    Season 2, Episode 10
6/8/1988: Here's What Happened to That Earring You Lost    Season 2, Episode 9
6/1/1988: Here's Who Ordered the Pizza    Season 2, Episode 8
5/25/1988: Here's a Little Known Ingrid Bergman Incident    Season 2, Episode 7
4/28/1988: Here's a Message from Your Local Bag Lady    Season 2, Episode 6
4/21/1988: Here's a Side Effect of Serious Moonlight    Season 2, Episode 5
4/14/1988: Here's a Bunch of Photos from an Old Album    Season 2, Episode 4
4/7/1988: Here Comes That Cold Wind off the River    Season 2, Episode 3
3/31/1988: Here Are a Few Variations on a Sexual Theme    Season 2, Episode 2
3/24/1988: Here's Why You Shouldn't Get Too Attached to Your Cat    Season 2, Episode 1
8/13/1987: Here's Why Good Guys Sometimes Wear Black    Season 1, Episode 13
8/6/1987: Here's Why It's Good to Bake Cookies Once in Awhile    Season 1, Episode 12
7/30/1987: Here's Why Henry David Thoreau Chose the Pong    Season 1, Episode 11
7/23/1987: Here's Why It's Good to Have a Cake Burning in the Refrigerator    Season 1, Episode 10
7/16/1987: Here's Another Bedtime Story    Season 1, Episode 9
7/9/1987: Here's Why They Call the Little One Jingle and the Big One Blues    Season 1, Episode 8
7/2/1987: Here's Why a Torch Is Too Heavy to Carry in a Purse    Season 1, Episode 7
6/25/1987: Here's Why It's Tough to Sell Watermelons After Midnight    Season 1, Episode 6
6/18/1987: Here's Why It's Not Polite to Stare at People in Restaurants    Season 1, Episode 5
6/11/1987: Here's Why You Shouldn't Wear High Heels to the Bank    Season 1, Episode 4
6/4/1987: Here's Why You Stay Out of Coffee Shops If You Don't Drink Coffee    Season 1, Episode 3
5/28/1987: Here's Why There Are Instances When Vegetables Aren't Necessarily Good for You    Season 1, Episode 2
5/21/1987: Here's Why Cosmetics Should Come in Unbreakable Bottles    Season 1, Episode 1

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Premiered: April 17, 1989, on Lifetime
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Premise: The seriocomic musings of an introspective Manhattan divorcée who can't quite get her life together were typical of late '80s dramedies. Critics loved `Molly' (and Blair Brown was nominated for four Emmys), but `Dodd' was a ratings disappointment on NBC before moving to Lifetime, where it ran for two years.


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