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1991, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Redemption, Part 2

Jan 11, 1996 Season 5 Episode 6 watch on Hulu (Free)

While the commish continues his investigation into the recent firebombings, he finds a link between recent white supremacist activity that might clear Rachel's deceased father of wrongdoing

Off Broadway, Pt. 2

May 20, 1995 Season 4 Episode 22

Tony and Connie Muldoon close in on the serial killer, Connie's daughter might be the next victim.
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Off Broadway, Pt. 1

May 13, 1995 Season 4 Episode 21

While investigating the murder of his friend's daughter, Tony gets help from a New York police officer.
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The Kid

Mar 30, 1995 Season 4 Episode 20

A hopeless teenager gets a help from Tony and Paulie.
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Letting Go

Mar 23, 1995 Season 4 Episode 19

Tony and Rachel are in emotional turmoil awaiting results of Rachel's breast cancer test results.
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Mar 09, 1995 Season 4 Episode 18

A murder of a fellow cop, make Tony and Paulie travel to Brooklyn to help investigate the case.
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Cry Wolfe

Mar 02, 1995 Season 4 Episode 17

While trying to solve a major gold robbery, Tony must answer a reply for help from a con man.
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Feb 16, 1995 Season 4 Episode 16

Tony dreams of a film noir mystery, meanwhile a man holds a mock trail.
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The Trial

Feb 09, 1995 Season 4 Episode 15

Tony is accused of sexual harassment by an computer technician.
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The Golden Years

Feb 05, 1995 Season 4 Episode 14

A gangster who Tony's mother was dating is found killed. The main suspect is Tony's father.
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The Johnny Club

Jan 14, 1995 Season 4 Episode 13

David is caught shoplifting, meanwhile Tony finds out that an accident victim was in debt to a loan shark.
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Jan 07, 1995 Season 4 Episode 12

A mob boss keeps watch over Tony who is helping a man find his wife and son and also while he is protecting witnesses who saw a gang slaying.
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A Christmas Story

Dec 17, 1994 Season 4 Episode 11

An old friend of Tony gets his life back on track with help from a retirement hotel resident.
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Dec 03, 1994 Season 4 Episode 10

Tony was forced to suspend a cop when the cop was found guility for the unprovoked killing of a thief. Things gets stranger when Tony sees the thief alive.
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The Lady Vanishes

Nov 19, 1994 Season 4 Episode 9

An old student of Rachel starts hinting at people that his seem his stepmother commit murder.
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Head Case

Nov 12, 1994 Season 4 Episode 8

Tony uncovers a plot to frame an innocent man for a murder of a patient which he didn't commit, because of his discovery Tony gets drugged and held in a psychiatric clinic.
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Nov 05, 1994 Season 4 Episode 7

A corrupt ex-officer that Tony imprisoned seeks revenge upon his release.
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Nancy With the Laughing Face

Oct 29, 1994 Season 4 Episode 6

While working on an embezzlement and a kidnapping case Paulie starts to becomes to emotionally involved.
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Who Do You Trust?

Oct 22, 1994 Season 4 Episode 5

While an officer who is posing as a crooked cop in order to expose a crime ring which be be the genuine article who has problems as Tony also suspects him.
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Born In the USA

Oct 15, 1994 Season 4 Episode 4

Isaac and Grace Caldwell are illegal immigrants who own and operate a small electrical shop. After they witness a murder, Tony has to convince the two to testify, which he does by promising them citizenship. They agree, happy that the child Grace is carrying can be born in America, but joy turns to tragedy when Isaac is shot.
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Working Girls

Oct 08, 1994 Season 4 Episode 3

While investigating an armed robbery, Tony goes undercover and hires an escort to get some important information. He is shocked to see his friend Ralph's daughter, who is barely 18, show up, preparing to spend the night with him. Tony convinces her to get out of drugs and prostition and promises not to tell her father, but when tragedy strikes, Tony has no choice.
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Against the Wind, Pt. 2

Oct 01, 1994 Season 4 Episode 2

Tony's attempts at physical therapy are proving unsuccessful, and despite the love and support of his family he is beginning to lose hope that he will ever walk again, and is preparing to spend the rest of his life in the wheelchair. Cyd has the chance to take a job out of Eastbridge, but doesn't want to leave Tony in a noose. While she considers her decision, she continues to work on the Joe Ratowski murder case, which is looking more and more like an 'inside job'.
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Against the Wind, Pt. 1

Sep 24, 1994 Season 4 Episode 1

After being struck with a ball, Tony is hospitalized and it looks like he is going to be permanently paralyzed. But his family refuses to give up on him, and enlists the help of physiotherapist Dan Boylan to help him walk again. With Tony out of commission, Cyd is put in charge of the murder investigation of officer Joe Ratowski.
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