The Clinic

1995, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Raiders of the Lost Pot

Aug 31, 2010 Season 1 Episode 6 watch on Hulu (Free)

Marty introduces Bug, the blunt rolling guy, to deter the girls from killing each other. Also, Beth's ominous warning from earlier materializes as the clinic is raided by a pair of crooked DEA agents.

The Client Room

Aug 31, 2010 Season 1 Episode 5

John, the talent manager, and Gary, the clinic mooch, share a joint over their respective problems. Meanwhile, Beth and Heidi reach a boiling point.
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Marijuana Meatloaf

Aug 31, 2010 Season 1 Episode 4

Marty pries into Beth's personal life. Also the neighborhood pawn artist, Ferry, pays a visit, trying to unload anything he can.
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Jab's in Love

Aug 31, 2010 Season 1 Episode 3

Jab instantly falls in love with Natalie, the innocent first-timer. Meanwhile, Heidi and Beth are at each other's throats.
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Trouble Brewing

Aug 31, 2010 Season 1 Episode 2

Marty explains his rocky relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Kang brings in some new product and Beth has ominous news.
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Marty's Home Away from Home

Aug 31, 2010 Season 1 Episode 1

Marty gives us exclusive access to the inner workings of his medical marijuana clinic and we quickly discover how unusual 'business as usual' can be.
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