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March 5, 2007: The End of a Semester Season 1, Episode 19

It's really a shame that this was the final episode of the season for The Class. I really think it has hit its stride now. It seems like the writers have finally found the pairings that work and have been able to mix a slight bit of drama into the comedy (and do it well). I've been consistently entertained throughout the last month or two. Personally, I'm disappointed it's going to leave the lineup. Some good laughs before the 24 bloodbath have been good for my Monday nights. We all talk a lot in this blog about the missing people from the show. Holly and Fern didn't show up again. Aaron finally came back, though that certainly could have been a hair double that Kyle was hugging at the end. The one person that never gets mentioned, however, is Penny! I completely forgot about Yonk's daughter. I probably said this the first time she showed up, too, but what did Yonk previously marry to produce that? I'm glad she's not full time as she's a one-joke, evil eating machine, but once every... read more

February 26, 2007: Feeling Sorry Season 1, Episode 18

I titled this week's blog "feeling sorry" because I kept feeling sorry for so many people in this episode. Of course, I kept laughing at all of their sorrow and pain as well. It was a good balance. I felt sorry for Duncan. He had to go out to lunch with Yonk and listen to him talk about keeping Nicole company while he's out, all while hiding the fact that Nicole's about to leave him. I actually might have felt sorry for him that he wouldn't get to see the Sixers game, either. (No wait, no one needs to see the Sixers right now.)I felt sorry for Nicole that Yonk got home early and ruined her plans to have things packed and ready to go. I felt sorry for Richie that he had to hold in the fact that Nicole was packing to leave Duncan. And I felt sorry that he got tossed on his head after riding the bull for .01 seconds. I felt sorry for Kyle that he never gets to see his boyfriend. And I felt really sorry for Kat that she gave her heart to Benjamin Chow and it turned out ugly. So that's a... read more

February 19, 2007: The L Word Season 1, Episode 17

Alright, alright. I hear you loud and clear. You're saying, "Dave, you better not say this episode sucks, too, because then I'll know you're nuts." Well, you are right about that. I'd be crazy not to like this. It was sweet. It was funny. It was unrequited love finally coming together. What's not to like about that? Now, from what I understand, this was the episode everyone saw via the table read. I never watched that for some reason. I really have no idea why, either. You all recommended I view it, but I never got around to it. I'm very curious to see your opinion of this episode if you did take the time to watch the run-through. I thought it was very funny and, most importantly, it's finally out: Duncan and Nicole love each other! I'll admit it, sometimes I can be a heartless idiot. I like to find humor in all situations and, really, other people's problems can be very funny. But I felt really sorry for Nicole. Whether she married Yonk simply for his money is irrelevant. She deser... read more

February 12, 2007: Valentine's Day Season 1, Episode 16

Right off the bat, I want to say that it will appear to you, the reader, that I am an angry, mean-spirited and overall just a crappy human being as you read the rest of this blog. The reality is, I'm only two of those characteristics. But today, you will clearly get the point that I thought this episode was a complete waste of VCR tape (oh, c'mon — you were also watching Morris O'Brien take a drill to the shoulder).This just didn't make any sense to me from the beginning. First of all, I know we've seen Ethan stretching in the hall before, but not like this. Why was he exercising there instead of in the apartment? There was no explanation for that at all. Bizarre. Then, they are watching the weather forecast and it said that Philadelphia was 55 degrees and Allentown was 31. Right now, I'm typing from pretty much smack dab in the middle of those two cities and I guarantee you that this discrepancy would never happen. I get the point that the weatherman was completely wrong since... read more

February 5, 2007: Moroccan Chicken Season 1, Episode 15

OMG! How hilarious was this episode? I've thought other weeks were funny, but never did I laugh the entire way through. And it might be a bit hard to recap, since I was laughing while taking notes. So, as I like to do now and again, I'm just going to spout off my favorite quotes from the show (you know, the adult diaper moments).The first really funny moment came at the tail end of Nicole getting angry that pizza was being thrown away, since she was on a strict diet. So after she asked the guys to make sure the pizza touched something else in the trash can and they didn't understand her, she screamed at them, "If there's pizza that's only touched the box, I'm gonna eat that son-of-a-bitch." Nicole had another great one later as the cheesesteak conversation got all phone-sexish. She asked Duncan if he got sweet or hot peppers and he told her that he got both. Then in her sexy voice she says, "I like it sweet and hot." Even Jerry Rice had some funny moments in this one, especially whe... read more

January 22, 2007: The Chocolate Gorilla Season 1, Episode 14

Boy, Monday nights really twist me in all directions now. I get to laugh my head off with The Class and follow it up with brutal violence on 24. But this is why I love Monday night! Alas, I'm only here to chat about The Class.... So let's talk. I started telling you two weeks ago about my growing disinterest for anything involving Ethan/Kat/Palmer, and that trend continued this episode. I really am keeping an open mind because I love the show so much, but these three were a real snoozefest. Not only that, but it was really confusing before the first break. The whole first scene was off-kilter for me because they just sort of jumped into the phone conversation with no explanation. Without having a TiVo to check, I could have sworn that Ethan told Kyle they were pathetic for channel-surfing on a Friday night. Then all of a sudden they are listening in on Kat and the violinist having a conversation with no reasoning behind the how or why of the whole thing. Of course, I know they expla... read more

January 15, 2007: I'm Gonna Nudge Your World Season 1, Episode 13

To me, this episode of The Class was right up there with the stripper pole as the funniest episode of the season. The set-up was a bit long and really, the whole Kat dating this mystery man story line better lead to something good because if it doesn't, I would have rather seen 10 more minutes of "hitting it." But, once again Richie and Lina stole the show. I can't believe all of the mean things Fern said to Richie about his sexual prowess. She told him she was "wildly under whelmed," and on multiple occasions he heard "stop that!" I love when Richie was talking to Duncan about Fern and told him that sometimes during sex she would ask, "Are you going to call the plumber or am I? And then sometimes she'd call the plumber." I can't believe any person would stay with this woman for as long as Richie did. That's absurd. I guess its good he's got Lina then, as she seems to be quite understanding about everything and is really giving him a fresh start. The dialog between the two of them i... read more

January 8, 2007: The Three Amigos Season 1, Episode 12

Happy New Year to all the fans of The Class. Are the critics finally getting to me? All I've heard since the start of the show was the word "uneven." Up until this episode, I thought the show was friggin' hilarious. But with this one, I too thought it was "uneven." There were many funny moments. In fact, more funny moments in this episode than According to Jim has had in its entire run. But there were also many jokes that just fell completely flat. To me, this was a case of: How many jokes can we cram into 22 minutes?Maybe my thoughts are changing because I hate Palmer. Jaime King isn't bad to look at, but her character is annoying. Honestly, I'm not that familiar with the career of King to know whether this is bad acting or a poorly developed character. But either way, I'm with Kat on this one — Palmer needs to bite the dust. Or maybe my thoughts are changing because I hate Fern. True, she brings comic relief to everyone around her, like Nicole and Duncan with their line: "Oh,... read more

December 11, 2006: Girl Twirl 3000 Season 1, Episode 11

I learned a very important lesson from The Class this week. Ladies don't like the "Girl Twirl 3000" stripper pole on their anniversary. Who knew? You think it would be OK for me to get one for my fiancée as a wedding gift, though? Certainly, I'd get her something romantic for the one-year, but the wedding is lovey-dovey enough already so I think I the pole would be fine at this juncture. Wouldn't you agree? (I'll have to make sure she doesn’t read my blog this week so it doesn’t spoil the surprise.)For the last two weeks, the promos for The Class have been talking about getting to know Duncan and Nicole better, so it was about time we were allowed to. I finally felt like this week was about Nicole and Duncan more than anyone else. You know, the more I get to know Duncan, the more I really don’t believe how he could be single and living with his mother. Here's a good-looking, funny, sentimental guy, and he spends time watching his mother work out in her bathing su... read more

November 27, 2006: Save Richie, Save the World Season 1, Episode 10

Aww, poor Richie. Wait, I started last week like that, too. Seems like I could do that every week now. I think that even though technically Jason Ritter would get top billing in the show, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has hilariously become the one to watch. I'm drawn to the character because he's not perfect. There's a little bit of Richie in all of us — except for the running-people-over and smashing-into-stores thing. He's found the love of his life, and everything he's doing is making it more complicated to be with her. But we've had two interventions now. First, Lina basically saved him from overdosing on pills and now she's saved him from — well, sitting in a convenience store. I'm hoping that every four episodes or so, Lina isn't going to have to save him from something else, but maybe that's the route the producers should take. Some of the funniest moments:— Holly broadcasts that Richie is in the car and has "erratic behavior," and the shot goes back to him frantically... read more

The Class Gives Thanks Season 1, Episode 9

Kyle and Aaron have Thanksgiving dinner with Holly's family, including her mom and unusual dad; Duncan and his mom join Nicole, Yonk and Yonk's scary daughter (Maile Flanagan); and Lina finds out that Richie's married. Mr. Ellenbogen: Robert Michael Morris. Mrs. Ellenbogen: Meagen Fay. read more

The Class Celebrates a Birthday Season 1, Episode 8

Ethan, still pretending to be Dan Slutsky, goes with Sue (Rachelle Lefevre) to drop off her child at a party, unaware that the birthday girl is Oprah---and Ellen, Perry and Kyle recognize him. Meanwhile, Richie tells Lina he loves her and tells Duncan and Nicole that he's married. Palmer: Jaime King. Sam: Cameron Sanders. read more

The Class Goes to a Bar Season 1, Episode 7

Kat and Ethan both pretend to be other people's blind dates at a bar, but Ethan hits it off with the woman (Rachelle Lefevre) and doesn't know how to tell her he isn't the man she was expecting. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Duncan's reunited band perform. Dan: Ryan Doom. Jeanie: Zoe Lister-Jones. read more

The Class Goes Trick-or-Treating Season 1, Episode 6

Yonk takes Duncan and Richie to Atlantic City for a fan event, and Nicole asks Duncan to prevent her husband from gambling; Holly has an embarrassing moment on camera at a petting zoo; and Lina and Ethan dress up for Halloween. Cameraman: Stacey Hinnen. Dealer: Tasha Tae. read more

The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt Season 1, Episode 5

Kat tells Ethan he's too worried about what people think of him and challenges him to taste 10 samples in a yogurt shop without buying anything; Richie and Lina go on a date; and Kyle tells Holly a lie in order to get rid of her. Counter Girl: Stacie Rippy. Mrs. Pagano: Gayle Samuels. read more

The Class Blows the Whistle Season 1, Episode 4

Nicole panics when Duncan and Yonk become buddies, bonding over football and video games; Holly keeps dropping in unexpectedly on Kyle and Aaron in her ongoing attempt to get Oprah into Kyle's school. Fern: Sara Gilbert. Busboy: Ben Falcone. read more

The Class Learns About Hurricanes Season 1, Episode 3

After taking too many pills, Richie calls an ambulance and ends up in the hospital with Lina. Meanwhile, Kat tries to convince Ethan that he has to stop being so nice to his former fiancée; and Kyle and Aaron entertain themselves by watching Holly cover a hurricane on TV. Joel: Wayne Wilderson. Joanne: Kasey Wilson. read more

The Class Visits a Hospital Season 1, Episode 2

Lina is taken to the hospital, where Kat and Ethan arrive to find Richie, who has to explain to Kat that he ran over her sister. Meanwhile, Holly and Perry invite Kyle and Aaron to brunch in the hope that Kyle can get their daughter into a prestigious school. Nurse: Meera Simhan. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

The former classmates reunite when Ethan invites them all to a surprise party for his fiancée, whom he met on the first day of third grade. read more

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