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The City Season 1 episodes

Everything on the Line Season 1, Episode 23

Erin reaches her breaking point in the Season 1 conclusion and tells Elle boss Joe Zee that he'll have to choose between her and Olivia. Elsewhere, Whitney presents her line to Bergdorf Goodman. read more

If You Want Something Done Right... Season 1, Episode 22

Whitney takes a big risk when she lets Roxy work on an important project for her fashion line---even though Kelly thinks Roxy can't be trusted. At Elle, Erin and Olivia have a blowup after Olivia comes up short on another assignment. read more

Forget About Boys Season 1, Episode 21

Erin grows increasingly frustrated with the preferential treatment Olivia receives at Elle. Meanwhile, Whitney and Roxy go on a series of disastrous dates. read more

Friends and Foe-Workers Season 1, Episode 20

A fight erupts between Whitney and Roxy when the girls attend Miami Fashion Week for work, and Kelly threatens to fire them both. Elsewhere, Olivia fails to complete another assignment at Elle, but this time blame falls on Erin. read more

Weekend at Freddie's Season 1, Episode 19

Whitney heads to the Hamptons with the girls and learns some surprising news about Freddie. Back in Manhattan, Olivia drops the ball on a big assignment for Elle, forcing Erin to pick up the slack. read more

Hit It and Quit It Season 1, Episode 18

Whitney goes on another date with Freddie, who inexplicably brings his father along, and her ex, Jay, is critical of her new beau. Meanwhile, Roxy and Olivia clash when Elle teams up with People's Revolution to throw a party. read more

Meet the Fackelmayers Season 1, Episode 17

Whitney decides she's ready to reenter the dating scene and meets a cute younger guy---and his hot older brother. Elsewhere, Olivia thrives at an Elle cocktail party, but Erin's not impressed. read more

It's All Who You Know Season 1, Episode 16

Whitney ignores Kelly's advice and shows her designs to Samantha's boss, a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman. Elsewhere, Olivia surprises Erin by succeeding on a tough assignment. read more

Working Girls Season 1, Episode 15

Roxy steps out of line on her first day working for Kelly Cutrone. Elsewhere, Olivia has a tough time pleasing Erin at Elle. read more

Sleeping With the Frenemy Season 1, Episode 14

Whitney and Olivia move on from Diane von Furstenberg. Olivia takes a job at Elle magazine, while Whitney goes back to work for Kelly Cutrone. Meanwhile, Whitney's high-school friend, Roxy Olin, arrives in New York looking for a job and a place to crash. read more

The City Episode Recap: "I Lost Myself in Us" Season 1, Episode 13

After a rocky road to love, Whitney and Jay officially ended their relationship as she realized it was time to do what she set out to do when she moved to New: jump-start her career. read more

The City Episode Recap: "I'm Sorry Whit" Season 1, Episode 12

There's more trouble in paradise as Jay's band, Tamarama, is heading out on tour for two months. Of course Jay hasn't shared the news with his girl, Whitney. But he does tell his former roommate, Adam, who reminds him that there will be "girls throwing their panties on stage" for him. After hearing their music, I tend to not agree. But anyway, Adam actually gives insightful advice by telling Jay he needs to either leave as a single man or as someone who's going to stick by Whitney's side. Whatever he decides, Adam says, he needs to tell her soon. read more

The City Episode Recap: "Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me" Season 1, Episode 11

Whitney and Olivia haven't been seeing eye-to-eye in their personal lives, and it soon trickled into DVF as well. They're asked to help style a shoot for Elle magazine. The shoot is "crucial" for the spring issue, so Olivia and Whitney start to pull looks. Right away, they disagree when Olivia pulls one thing that Whitney thinks is too much of one color. Then Whitney takes a shot and Olivia calls it "match-y, match-y." They finally have their looks assembled, but Olivia wants to put one back so that they have the exact amount of garments requested. Whitney isn't so sure they should limit the choices, so Olivia gives in and keeps the jacket. Will they impress their bosses? read more

The City Episode Recap: "The Past Catches Up" Season 1, Episode 10

The gang heads to Miami for the weekend, but Allie can't join them. Why? She has a photo shoot with another guy for Nylon magazine that's "really sexy." She and Erin chat about it at the office, and Erin tells her '"a little flirting never hurt anybody." We all know Allie's boyfriend lives by that mantra. But rest assured, Allie isn't nervous about Adam living it up in South Beach all weekend because she trusts him. Rightttt read more

The City Episode Recap: "Unexpected Roommates" Season 1, Episode 9

What was supposed to be a two-week stay at Adam and Jay's apartment has turned into four months, and Allie is still living there. It's become an issue for Jay, who certainly didn't sign up for this, but poor Allie is "stranded" and has nowhere else to go. Similarly, Nevan is still crashing on Olivia's couch and she's ready to kick him to the curb. She tells him before leaving for work that he has to start looking for a job and an apartment, but by the time she comes home it's clear he's done neither. It's time for a different family member to take on the waste of space. read more

The City Episode Recap: "Mingling with the Commoners" Season 1, Episode 8

On this episode of The City, Whitney learns that she and Olivia are better off as coworkers than friends, and Erin struggles with a long distance relationship after reconnecting with a past love. read more

The City Episode Recap: "The Truth Hurts" Season 1, Episode 7

On this week's The City, Allie gets hit with the cold, hard truth, and Erin decides it's time to go out and get herself a job. At lunch, Erin tells the girls that everything is just amaaaaazing because Whitney is working at DVF, Sammy got that Bergdorf job, Allie is modeling and Erin has been busy, uh, organizing her closet? Whitney tells her that if she wants to work on a career, it's time to do something about it. Allie then offers to hook her up with her manager Scott, who's in the process of hiring. Then Whitney brings up a big birthday party coming up for Kelly Cutrone. After last week's fiasco with the BF, Allie says, "I'm there, girl's night out, I need it." read more

The City Episode Recap: "He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend" Season 1, Episode 6

Adam may have thought he put the kibosh on the infamous kiss drama, but little did he know it was only going to get worse. It was crying, confrontations and kisses in this week's episode of The City. Oh, just another day in the life... read more

The City Episode Recap: "Boys Night Out" Season 1, Episode 5

When the girls are away, the boys will play — and boy did Adam really live up to that one. This week's episode of The City began with a nice little double date between Whitney and Jay, and Adam and Allie. Jay and Adam are roommates, and Allie is his model girlfriend who now lives with them as well. Like Whitney, she too is a California girl, but NYC is now home for her and she doesn't miss the sun and sand whatsoever. read more

The City Episode Recap: "Good Things Come in Threes" Season 1, Episode 4

In this week's episode of The City, Whitney finally got her man to settle down. But it took going out with another guy to make Jay realize he didn't want to lose her.

We were finally treated to an appearance by Diane von Furstenberg herself. DVF was hosting a Wonder Woman event and Diane came to check everything out before the party that would include editors, celebs and of course socials. Luckily Whitney got the thumbs up from her boss who actually took the time to ask her how she was doing and if she was learning anything in her new position. 

read more

The L Word Season 1, Episode 3

Erin's new boyfriend visits from Toronto and Whitney decides it's time to find her own place. Later, Jay and Whitney discuss their relationship. read more

The Truth Will Reveal Itself Season 1, Episode 2

Whitney doesn't know who to trust when rumors surface that Jay is seeing someone else; Olivia and Whitney meet famed shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. read more

If She Can Make It Here... Season 1, Episode 1

In the series opener, Whitney Port arrives in New York City and begins working for iconic fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. read more

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Premise: A reality series following Whitney Port from 'The Hills' as she moves to Manhattan to pursue a career in fashion.

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