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The City Episode: "Mingling With the Commoners"

Season 1, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Erin's ex-boyfriend admits he still has feelings for her, making her question her relationship with Duncan. Meanwhile, Olivia hooks Jay's band up with a gig, which doesn't go so well.
Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2009

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Season 1, Episode 8
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Aired: 2/9/2009
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The City Episode Recap: "Mingling with the Commoners" Season 1, Episode 8

On this episode of The City, Whitney learns that she and Olivia are better off as coworkers than friends, and Erin struggles with a long distance relationship after reconnecting with a past love.

Jay's band has a show coming up, so Whitney naturally invites Erin, but she also invites Olivia. Jay doesn't seem to understand why she'd want to come and even offers to "corner off a little area for her so she doesn't feel like she has to be with the commoners."

At Upper East Side restaurant La Goulue, Olivia tells her cousin Nevin that she has no idea what she's getting herself into by seeing Jay's band. But at least, as he reminds her, she'll be doing her good deed for the day.

The girls show up to Olivia's ready to go, but Olivia has something else in mind. After introducing her dog, Mr. Butler, she offers Whit and Erin some "champy" and wants to try on some outfits. The girl just doesn't get it when Whitney urges her to get ready so that they aren't late for Jay's show. Olivia insists that he wouldn't start without his girlfriend, after all. Finally they get to the Cutting Room. I'm sort of surprised by the music — I saw Jay as the more brooding rock type, rather than the sing-songy folk type. JR, Erin's ex, also shows up. The band is pretty much done playing shortly after Whitney's arrival and she feels awful for being late. All Jay can say is a discreet "I told you so," when he tells her, "Well, what do you expect hanging out with people like that?"

The next day, at DVF, Whitney asks Olivia if she liked the concert. She also tells her that she's glad she came but felt bad that they were late since it was important to her. Olivia brushes her off and starts to tell her about a charity event at the Gansevoort Hotel. The scheduled band fell through and so Olivia offered up Jay's band. Seems like a nice gesture, but it's more like a recipe for disaster.

When Whitney tells Jay about the charity show, he surprisingly agrees to do it, but not before asking if the event will be the "whole Upper East, Neil Diamond type of crowd." So the band plays, while Olivia, Whitney and Nevin hang. But soon Olivia and Nevin sit down while Whitney stays standing to ensure she doesn't miss a thing. Nevin starts to rip on Jay, calling his band the Beach Boys, and asking if they're going to "clear cut a forest after." It was a good thing Whitney didn't sit with them. As soon as the show ends Jay and Whitney leave without saying goodbye, which Nevin and Olivia find extremely rude.

Meanwhile, Erin is going to see her "first love" JR bartend at Brother Jimmy's. The two had recently shared a platonic dinner — with candles — and now Erin is a bit confused. She still has her boyfriend Duncan in Canada, but on the other hand, she tells her friends, "Honestly, I'd suck JR's face tonight because I'm feeling saucy." So they're at the bar, and JR takes a break so that they can talk, because clearly something is up with Erin. Well maybe it's that she has a boyfriend but is talking about making out with her ex! JR tells her how he still has love for her and still wants to hang, but she says she "just doesn't know." I hate that excuse, by the way — just make up your mind.

The next day at DFV is a tense one. (BTW, do these people go out every night of the week?) Olivia asks Whitney what she thought about last night's show, and Whit hesitates, saying that it was "kind of like a stab in the back to have you and Nevin making fun of them the whole time." Looks like she
did hear them. Olivia tries to tell her that she can't control Nevin , but that the band "should've at least put on a suit or button-down shirt or something." I'd love to say this is when the two girls engaged in an all-out brawl, but they remained calm. Olivia says she deserved a thank you, and Whitney says that he didn't owe them anything when no one was even paying attention. Olivia gives her one last jab by saying that she thinks that's an insecurity on his part, but she then tells Whitney that in the future they should leave their work environment separate from their personal environment. Awkward.

Next week JR and Duncan meet, Adam wants Jay to move out and it's New Year's Eve. Looks like we're in for some good ole, juicy drama.

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On this episode of The City, Whitney learns that she and Olivia are better off as coworkers than friends, and Erin struggles with a long distance relationship after reconnecting with a past love. read more

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