The visually slick spin-off from the low-rated `Loving' launched on Nov. 13, 1995, with a handful of cast members from the original soap fleeing to lofty SoHo after a madwoman decimated their home town of Corinth. High-end production values bolstered the show, as did the casting of prime-time diva Morgan Fairchild as a bitchy media maven and a risky plot about a transsexual model. But viewership remained too low, and ABC left `The City' behind to launch the `GH' sibling `Port Charles' in 1997.

Active Cast

Former Cast

Morgan Fairchild Sydney Chase/Debbie Tompkins
Jane Elliot Tracy Quartermaine
P.J. Aliseo Dillon Hornsby
Joni Allen Zoey/Mary Katherine
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez Bernardo Castro
Alimi Ballard Frank `Frankie' Hubbard
Robert Blackburn Raymond/Edward Quartermaine
Phillip Brown Lyndon `Buck' Huston
Brian D'Arcy James Mark/Ned Ashton
Jennifer Esposito Connie Soleito
Ted King Danny Roberts
Debbi Morgan Dr. Angela `Angie' Baxter
George Palermo Anthony `Tony' Soleito