Reporting for Wcluck
11:32 — The scoop at the coop is Kelly needs help to clean it up – but Chica’s not sure how to begin. An imaginary news assignment helps Chica to see that the (more…)
Super Chica!
11:31 — Chica discovers the true meaning of being a hero when she and her friends head off on a super, duper adventure and discover that team work is the key (more…)
Commander Chica Lifts Off
11:32 — When Chica’s imaginary space mission gets derailed after she gets the jitters - an “out of this world” adventure helps her to see how bringing a littl (more…)
Special Delivery Chica
11:31 — Chica tries to help out Zip by delivering his packages – but soon discovers that she needs to follow the right steps when everyone’s deliveries get mi (more…)
Doctor Chica to the Chicken Wing
11:32 — When Zip gets a little bump – Chica worries that she doesn’t have what it takes to make him feel better. An imaginary trip to the hospital helps Chica (more…)
Chica Fancy Fish
11:32 — Chica and friends dive deep into an undersea adventure and dicover how practicing the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) can help to keep our environment (more…)
The Amazing Chicadini
11:31 — Chica worries that she’ll never be able to be a great magician until an animated adventure helps Chica discover that the real trick to being “The Amaz (more…)
Chica's Big Comb Circus
11:31 — Chica and friends head under the Big Top to put on the “show of all shows” – but Chica soon discovers that being a bossy ringleader isn’t the key to i (more…)
Chica the Bockadoodle Builder
11:32 — Chica’s in the mood to build – but her idea of constructive play turns the coop inside out and upside down until an animated adventure helps her to se (more…)
Snow Princess Chica
11:31 — When Chica can’t find a crown in the coop – she gets frustrated...until an icy adventure with her friends helps her to see how imagination can help he (more…)
Cowgirls and Cowchickens
11:32 — Chica’s mom lays down the law when Chica lets a pack of puppies loose in the coop. An animated adventure to the Wild West helps Chica discover that r (more…)
Chica's Got the Chirples
11:32 — When Chica loses her “chirp,” she gets frustrated that she won’t be able to talk with her friends and family – until a deaf customer teaches her that (more…)
Chica to the Rescue
11:32 — Fire Chief Chica learns a valuable lesson in safety when she and her friends head off on an exciting adventure and discover what it takes to be a hero (more…)
Chica and the Vikings
11:32 — When Chica forgets her manners – an animated trip to meet a few rude Vikings helps her to remember how important it is to be kind and polite to others (more…)
Chica Plays the Egg Games
11:32 — Chica’s not being a good sport when she won’t join in and play some fun games in the coop … but an active animated adventure helps her gain the confid (more…)
Bock-a-doodle Doo, I Love You!
11:32 — Chica wants to show her mom and dad how much she loves them – but, when her ideas don’t turn out exactly as she expected, she worries that she spoiled (more…)
Chica's Halloween Adventure
11:32 — It’s Chica’s favorite time of the year – but her indecision on what costume to wear stops her from enjoying all the fun. This special episode features (more…)
Farmer Chica
11:32 — When Chica fills up on junk food – she loses her sparkle until a yummy adventure to a farm helps her to see how delicious and nutritious meals can giv (more…)
Chica Twinkle Toes
11:32 — Ballerina Chica steps into the spotlight and learns that practice makes the perfect plié!
Icky, Sticky, Chica
11:32 — Chica creates chaos in the coop when she doesn’t want to clean up after making an icky, sticky masterpiece. A prehistoric adventure helps cave girl C (more…)
Chica Climbs a Mountain
11:31 — When a cold wind forces Chica to cancel her luau plans she sets off on an icy adventure where a playful snow day helps her to get in the flow of havin (more…)
Captain Chica Redcomb
11:31 — Chica loses one of the coop’s pirate hats, and she worries it may have spoiled Timmy’s birthday. A swashbuckling adventure helps to save the day as Ch (more…)
Chica's Jug Band Jamboree
11:32 — Chica doesn’t want to share a wash bucket she’s playing with – until an musical adventure helps her to see that everyone has an important part to play (more…)
Chica Rocks
11:32 — Chica’s day hits a sour note when she’s not able to keep the beat when her parents perform their “Peckalot” song. A rocking animated adventure helps (more…)
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