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The Chew Season 3 episodes

Apr 04, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Easter Extravaganza
Apr 03, 2014: Batter Up!
Apr 02, 2014: Wacky Wednesday
Apr 01, 2014: Comfort Food Express
Mar 31, 2014: Small Plates, Big Taste
Mar 28, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Pies 'n' Thighs
Mar 27, 2014: The World on a Plate
Mar 26, 2014: Chicken It Up a Notch
Mar 25, 2014: Sweet 'n' Salty Spectacular!
Mar 24, 2014: Southern Fried Suppers
Mar 21, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Spring Break!
Mar 20, 2014: Weeknight Wonders
Mar 19, 2014: Lunch With a Legend
Mar 18, 2014: Meatball Mania
Mar 17, 2014: Luck o' the Irish
Mar 14, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Chips, Dips & Sips
Mar 13, 2014: Miami Spice
Mar 12, 2014: Spring Chicken
Mar 11, 2014: Awesomely Loud, Incredibly Crunchy
Mar 10, 2014: Stacked!
Mar 07, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive
Mar 06, 2014: Set It and Forget It
Mar 05, 2014: Breakfast Basics
Mar 04, 2014: Fat Tuesday Fest
Mar 03, 2014: Rockin' Casseroles
Feb 28, 2014: The Chew's Ultimate Oscar Party
Feb 27, 2014: The Chew's Chocolate Factory
Feb 26, 2014: Tex-Mex Takeover
Feb 25, 2014: The Chew's Pool Party!
Feb 24, 2014: Slumber Party!
Feb 21, 2014: Extra Value Friday: America's Favorite Comfort Food
Feb 20, 2014: Mega Mash-Up Meals
Feb 19, 2014: Deluxe Dinner Party
Feb 18, 2014: Braisin' Bash
Feb 17, 2014: Wild Winter Cookout
Feb 14, 2014: Be My Valentine
Feb 13, 2014: The Chew's Cooking Class: Valentine's Day
Feb 12, 2014: Sweets for Your Sweetie
Feb 11, 2014: Feel Good Food
Feb 10, 2014: Mac 'N' Cheese Monday
Feb 07, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Daphne's Baby Shower
Feb 06, 2014: Bucket List Meals
Feb 05, 2014: Cold Weather Cooking
Feb 04, 2014: Super Soul Food
Feb 03, 2014: Pour Some Sugar on Me
Jan 31, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Fabulous Football Party
Jan 30, 2014: Pigskin Platters
Jan 29, 2014: Perfect Party Food
Jan 28, 2014: All You Can Eat Breakfast
Jan 27, 2014: Our Secret Recipes: Revealed!
Jan 24, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Viewers' Choice: Cheesy Wonders
Jan 23, 2014: Viewers' Choice: Soups 'N Stews 'N Stuff
Jan 22, 2014: Viewers' Choice: Time Saving Suppers
Jan 21, 2014: Viewers' Choice: Southern Comfort
Jan 20, 2014: Viewers' Choice: Meat & Potatoes
Jan 17, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Cook One, Eat One Free
Jan 16, 2014: Oldies But Goodies
Jan 15, 2014: Breakfast Bonanza!
Jan 14, 2014: Fun on a Bun
Jan 13, 2014: 500 Calorie Blowout
Jan 10, 2014: Extra Value Friday: Guilt-Free Goodies
Jan 09, 2014: Crunchfest 2014
Jan 08, 2014: Take Out With a Twist
Jan 07, 2014: Start the Year Off Light
Jan 06, 2014: Pantry Party
Dec 20, 2013: Extra Value Friday: The Best Christmas Party Ever!
Dec 19, 2013: The Chew's Snow Day
Dec 18, 2013: Winter Funderland
Dec 17, 2013: Home for the Holidays
Dec 16, 2013: How-to Holiday
Dec 13, 2013: EVF: Eat Like Santa, Save Like Scrooge
Dec 12, 2013: Cookies, Cakes and Holiday Bakes
Dec 11, 2013: Cookin' Around the Christmas Tree
Dec 10, 2013: Feliz Navidad!
Dec 09, 2013: Naughty & Nice
Dec 06, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Homemade Holidays
Dec 05, 2013: Super Sized Seasonal Suppers
Dec 04, 2013: #throwbackchristmas
Dec 03, 2013: The Chew's 500th Show
Dec 02, 2013: Deep Fried December
Nov 27, 2013: The Chew's Ultimate Thanksgiving
Nov 26, 2013: Thanksgivukkah
Nov 25, 2013: Instant Thanksgiving
Nov 22, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Turkey Timeline
Nov 21, 2013: Foolproof Thanksgiving Dessert
Nov 20, 2013: Simple, Special, Spectacular Sides
Nov 19, 2013: Bird Is the Word!
Nov 18, 2013: Sensational Stuffing
Nov 15, 2013: Thanksgiving to Go
Nov 14, 2013: Perfect Plates
Nov 13, 2013: Thanksgiving Across America
Nov 12, 2013: Stress Free Suppers
Nov 11, 2013: Thanksgiving: Back to Basics
Nov 08, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Family Classics
Nov 07, 2013: Battle of the Iron Grandmas: Thanksgiving Desserts
Nov 06, 2013: Amazin' Braisin'!
Nov 05, 2013: Thanksgiving Battles of the Sexes
Nov 04, 2013: Great American Thanksgiving Cook Off
Nov 01, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving
Oct 31, 2013: The Chew's Halloween Spooktacular
Oct 30, 2013: Something Tasty This Way Comes
Oct 29, 2013: Crowd Pleasin' Potluck
Oct 28, 2013: Marvelous Munchies
Oct 25, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Haunted Halloween
Oct 24, 2013: Food: The Final Frontier
Oct 23, 2013: Meals From the Heartland
Oct 22, 2013: Nuts for Nuts
Oct 21, 2013: How 'Bout Them Apples
Oct 18, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Chicken Chow Down
Oct 17, 2013: Oodles of Noodles
Oct 16, 2013: Chew-nited Nations
Oct 15, 2013: Fast, Cheap & Easy
Oct 14, 2013: Columbus Day Celebration
Oct 11, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Tasty Tailgate
Oct 10, 2013: Tastes Like a Million Bucks
Oct 09, 2013: Meals on the Go
Oct 08, 2013: Leftover Makeover
Oct 07, 2013: Super Sandwiches
Oct 04, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Mexican Fiesta
Oct 03, 2013: Jump Start Your Day
Oct 02, 2013: Country Fried Favorites
Oct 01, 2013: The Sweet Life
Sep 30, 2013: Mighty Meatless Meals
Sep 27, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Choc-O-Rama
Sep 26, 2013: Best Lunch I Ever Tasted
Sep 25, 2013: Family Friendly Food
Sep 24, 2013: What's for Dinner?
Sep 23, 2013: Fabulous Fall Feasts
Sep 20, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Budget Breakfast
Sep 19, 2013: Back to Cooking School
Sep 18, 2013: Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!
Sep 17, 2013: Veggie-Palooza
Sep 16, 2013: Party Platters
Sep 13, 2013: Extra Value Friday: Chew to the Rescu
Sep 12, 2013: Vintage Dishes
Sep 11, 2013: Surprising Suppers
Sep 10, 2013: TV Dinners With a Twist
Sep 09, 2013: Season 3 Kick-Off

Extra Value Friday: Easter Extravaganza Season 3, Episode 138

Mario prepares an Easter meal; Carla makes a dessert. Also: a visit to a jellybean factory in Fairfield, Cal. read more

Batter Up! Season 3, Episode 137

The hosts visit Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah. read more

Wacky Wednesday Season 3, Episode 136

Howie Mandel. Also: Clinton plays a game with audience members. read more

Comfort Food Express Season 3, Episode 135

Singer Kellie Pickler. Also: Carla prepares a dish from her cookbook "Carla's Comfort Foods." read more

Small Plates, Big Taste Season 3, Episode 134

Meteorologist Ginger Zee; Lisa Lillien. Also: a visit to Gotham West Market in New York City. read more

Extra Value Friday: Pies 'n' Thighs Season 3, Episode 133

Hill Country barbecue market in New York City is visited; Carla makes peanut-butter-pie pops. read more

The World on a Plate Season 3, Episode 132

Daphne and Clinton make beef stir-fry with mango-carrot slaw; Daphne shares a recipe for a non-alcoholic grapefruit mojito. Also: a visit to D Bar Restaurant in Denver. read more

Chicken It Up a Notch Season 3, Episode 131

Chef Ryan Scott makes sloppy joes with white-cheddar fondue and roasted tomatoes. Also: a visit to The Country Cat Dinner House and Bar in Portland, Ore. read more

Sweet 'n' Salty Spectacular! Season 3, Episode 130

Gillian Jacobs. Also: a visit to Honey Butter restaurant in Chicago. read more

Southern Fried Suppers Season 3, Episode 129

A visit to Husk restaurant in Charleston, S.C. Also: Carla and Clinton prepare fried catfish and hush puppies. read more

Extra Value Friday: Spring Break! Season 3, Episode 128

Shailene Woodley. Also: Carla makes crafts; chef Curtis Stone prepares cocktails. read more

Weeknight Wonders Season 3, Episode 127

Chef Curtis Stone. Also: easy-to-make suppers; tips for saving time at home. read more

Lunch With a Legend Season 3, Episode 126

Chef Wolfgang Puck prepares salmon and lentils with Michael and Clinton; Carla visits the 21 Club in Manhattan. Also: Chef Curtis Stone; Yvette Nicole Brown. read more

Meatball Mania Season 3, Episode 125

Chef Curtis Stone; Yvette Nicole Brown. Also: Michael and Carla make Swedish meatballs. read more

Luck o' the Irish Season 3, Episode 124

Lori Loughlin. Also: a visit to Amy's Bread in New York City. read more

Extra Value Friday: Chips, Dips & Sips Season 3, Episode 123

Gloria Estefan. Also: Carla makes dessert dippers. read more

Miami Spice Season 3, Episode 122

Gloria Estefan shares a Cuban recipe. Also: chef Michelle Bernstein. read more

Spring Chicken Season 3, Episode 121

Maria Menounos offers a tour of her Los Angeles home. Also: Sara Evans. read more

Awesomely Loud, Incredibly Crunchy Season 3, Episode 120

Marcia Gay Harden; Gabrielle Union. Also: craft ideas using crunchable materials. read more

Stacked! Season 3, Episode 119

Jennie Garth discusses her book "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde"; Carla visits Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City. read more

Extra Value Friday: Sexiest Meals Alive Season 3, Episode 118

Chris Harrison ("The Bachelor"); Scott Foley ("Scandal"). read more

Set It and Forget It Season 3, Episode 117

Chris Harrison ("The Bachelor"); Omar Epps ("Resurrection"). Also: Carla checks out the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Miami. read more

Breakfast Basics Season 3, Episode 116

Chef Fabio Viviani and Mario prepare a breakfast dish. Also: how to boil, scramble and poach eggs. read more

Fat Tuesday Fest Season 3, Episode 115

Lauren Cohan ("The Walking Dead"). Also: Clinton shares recipes for a Mardi Gras party. read more

Rockin' Casseroles Season 3, Episode 114

Rosie Perez and Mario prepare baked manicotti; Daphne makes a potato-and-apple casserole. read more

The Chew's Ultimate Oscar Party Season 3, Episode 113

Rosie Perez. Also: tips for hosting an Oscars party; cocktail recipes. read more

The Chew's Chocolate Factory Season 3, Episode 112

Chef Curtis Stone and Carla make a triple-chocolate tart. read more

Tex-Mex Takeover Season 3, Episode 111

A guacamole bar is set up by Daphne; Mario makes rock-shrimp tortas; and Michael prepares chili rellenos. read more

The Chew's Pool Party! Season 3, Episode 110

Donald Faison makes grilled shrimp with pineapple; Michael prepares grilled clams with chorizo; and Clinton mixes a mango daiquiri. read more

Slumber Party! Season 3, Episode 109

Snowboarder Kelly Clark. Also: Michael offers tours of his Cleveland restaurants Lola, Lolita and B Spot; Clinton prepares pasta Bolognese; and Mario makes crespelle with ricotta and salami. read more

Extra Value Friday: America's Favorite Comfort Food Season 3, Episode 108

Wayne Brady helps prepare comfort-food recipes. read more

Mega Mash-Up Meals Season 3, Episode 107

Michael makes butter-fried chicken; Carla prepares cheesy disco fries. read more

Deluxe Dinner Party Season 3, Episode 106

Mario shares a paella recipe; Carla visits the restaurant Jeepney in New York City. read more

Braisin' Bash Season 3, Episode 105

Model Chrissy Teigen prepares braised chicken with white beans and spinach; Mario and Carla make pork spare ribs with red wine and fennel. read more

Wild Winter Cookout Season 3, Episode 104

Meteorologist Ginger Zee shares cookout recipes; Michael shows how to cook chicken on a string. read more

Be My Valentine Season 3, Episode 103

Valentine's Day tips. Also: Michael prepares an entrée in less than five minutes; Carla shows how to make edible Valentine's Day presents. read more

The Chew's Cooking Class: Valentine's Day Season 3, Episode 102

Chocolatier Jacques Torres prepares a dessert. Also: how to make a romantic dinner. read more

Sweets for Your Sweetie Season 3, Episode 101

Carla makes chocolate tuiles. Also: dessert recipes. read more

Feel Good Food Season 3, Episode 100

Bobby Deen offers a tour of his Savannah home; Michael creates a homemade version of a Kit Kat bar. read more

Mac 'N' Cheese Monday Season 3, Episode 99

Toni Braxton, Clinton and Mario prepare a cheesy recipe; Daphne visits Murray's cheese shop in New York City. read more

Extra Value Friday: Daphne's Baby Shower Season 3, Episode 98

Michael makes banana-bread pudding; Mario prepares Swiss-chard-and-sausage frittata; and Carla and Clinton make baby-cucumber sandwiches and baby-chicken-salad puffs. read more

Bucket List Meals Season 3, Episode 97

Chef Curtis Stone offers a tour of his restaurant Maude in Los Angeles. read more

Cold Weather Cooking Season 3, Episode 96

Colbie Caillat. Also: Daphne recommends breakfast foods that may help treat wintertime ailments. read more

Super Soul Food Season 3, Episode 95

Michael Ealy. Also: Carla prepares her favorite soul-food recipe; Michael makes breakfast for the Cleveland Fire Department. read more

Pour Some Sugar on Me Season 3, Episode 94

Little Big Town offer a preview of their music video for "Sober"; Carla visits The Cupcake Collection bakery in Nashville. Also: a recipe for sticky sweet cinnamon buns. read more

Extra Value Friday: Fabulous Football Party Season 3, Episode 93

Michael and Mario face off in a chili competition judged by Jerome Bettis, Victor Cruz and Jesse Palmer; Daphne hosts a football-food-pyramid game. read more

Pigskin Platters Season 3, Episode 92

Mario makes a party platter; Carla prepares two simple dishes; and Clinton mixes cocktails. read more

Perfect Party Food Season 3, Episode 91

The hosts visit Sugar and Plumm in New York City; Clinton offers tips for making punch. read more

All You Can Eat Breakfast Season 3, Episode 90

Mario makes a dessert; Clinton and Michael prepare a breakfast recipe. read more

Our Secret Recipes: Revealed! Season 3, Episode 89

Dule Hill prepares spaghetti carbonara with Clinton; Michael makes corn dogs; and Mario visits Russ and Daughters in New York City. read more

Extra Value Friday: Viewers' Choice: Cheesy Wonders Season 3, Episode 88

Michael and Clinton prepare cheesy potato soup; Mario and Carla make pomegranate-swirl cheesecake. Also: do's and don'ts for pregnant women. read more

Viewers' Choice: Soups 'N Stews 'N Stuff Season 3, Episode 87

Debi Gutierrez and Clinton make French-onion soup; Daphne reveals foods that may help relieve wintertime ailments. read more

Viewers' Choice: Time Saving Suppers Season 3, Episode 86

Michael prepares slow-cooker braised short ribs; Carla reveals time-saving tips. read more

Viewers' Choice: Southern Comfort Season 3, Episode 85

Michael makes Salisbury steak; Carla prepares coconut layer cake; and Clinton shares cocktail recipes. Also: a visit to a traveling restaurant in South Carolina. read more

Viewers' Choice: Meat & Potatoes Season 3, Episode 84

Tasha Smith prepares brown-butter mash and burgundy beef stew; Carla and Daphne make Sunday roast chicken with potatoes and carrots. read more

Extra Value Friday: Cook One, Eat One Free Season 3, Episode 83

Singer Jennifer Nettles. Also: Mario makes a meal using leftovers. read more

Oldies But Goodies Season 3, Episode 82

A behind-the-scenes look at the musical "Newsies." read more

Breakfast Bonanza! Season 3, Episode 81

Breakfast recipes are shared by the hosts. Also: a visit to Hornstra Farms in Norwell, Mass. read more

Fun on a Bun Season 3, Episode 80

Cheryl Hines. Also: sandwich recipes. read more

500 Calorie Blowout Season 3, Episode 79

Chicken-and-pomegranate stew; scallops with slow-roasted cauliflower steak; chocolate-brownie oatmeal. read more

Extra Value Friday: Guilt-Free Goodies Season 3, Episode 78

Chef Pati Jinich prepares a Mexican frittata with an arugula-and-radish salad; Clinton Kelly and Mario Batali make a fennel-and-pomegranate crostini and clementine-pecan-goat-cheese bites. read more

Crunchfest 2014 Season 3, Episode 77

Recipes that feature crunchy ingredients are prepared. read more

Take Out With a Twist Season 3, Episode 76

Gabrielle Union. Also: easy and affordable recipes. read more

Start the Year Off Light Season 3, Episode 75

Chef Eduardo Garcia. Also: healthy recipes. read more

Pantry Party Season 3, Episode 74

Recipes using pantry items are prepared. Included: ravioli; pork tenderloin with three-bean salad. read more

Extra Value Friday: The Best Christmas Party Ever! Season 3, Episode 73

John Leguizamo. Also: The hosts share their New Year's resolutions. read more

The Chew's Snow Day Season 3, Episode 72

Carla makes ranch dip; Clinton creates a hot-glue snowflake. read more

Winter Funderland Season 3, Episode 71

Niecy Nash; Todd Oldham. read more

Home for the Holidays Season 3, Episode 70

Hugh Bonneville. Also: a look at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul's mobile kitchen in Portland, Ore. read more

How-to Holiday Season 3, Episode 69

Chef Ina Garten prepares ham and roasted kale with potato-fennel gratin; author Gail Monaghan makes chocolate-silk pie. Also: how to create a bottle-cap-snowman ornament. read more

EVF: Eat Like Santa, Save Like Scrooge Season 3, Episode 68

A visit to Hammond's Candies in Denver. Also: Michael shares an easy and inexpensive recipe for pork saltimbocca. read more

Cookies, Cakes and Holiday Bakes Season 3, Episode 67

Michael visits Tate's Bake Shop in Southampton, N.Y.; Mario shares a recipe for a holiday treat. read more

Cookin' Around the Christmas Tree Season 3, Episode 66

Guy Fieri. Also: holiday-cocktail recipes; fun and innovative ways to decorate gingerbread cookies. read more

Feliz Navidad! Season 3, Episode 65

Mario Lopez prepares a holiday dish. read more

Naughty & Nice Season 3, Episode 64

Adriana Lima; Candice Swanepoel. Also: Carla and Daphne bake holiday cookies. read more

Extra Value Friday: Homemade Holidays Season 3, Episode 63

Jewel. Also: the hosts' ugliest Christmas sweaters; a poinsettia ornament; foods for treating common ailments. read more

Super Sized Seasonal Suppers Season 3, Episode 62

Joe Manganiello ("True Blood"), author of "Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Walls and Building the Body You've Always Wanted," cooks with Mario. read more

#throwbackchristmas Season 3, Episode 61

Kirstie Alley. Also: Viewers tweet their favorite holiday photos and memories. read more

The Chew's 500th Show Season 3, Episode 60

A party for the 500th episode features the hosts' favorite moments and recipes. read more

Deep Fried December Season 3, Episode 59

Michael Symon prepares croquettes with serrano ham for Hanukkah. Also: a visit to a Queens bakery to sample its challah and apple-cinnamon challah breads. read more

The Chew's Ultimate Thanksgiving Season 3, Episode 58

Thanksgivings memories are shared by the hosts; Clinton reveals his do's and don'ts for holiday get-togethers. read more

Thanksgivukkah Season 3, Episode 57

Michael Ruhlman. Also: Daphne visits Shelsky's Smoked Fish in Brooklyn. read more

Instant Thanksgiving Season 3, Episode 56

Tyrese Gibson prepares caramelized Brussels sprouts; the hosts share Thanksgiving tips and recipes. read more

Extra Value Friday: Turkey Timeline Season 3, Episode 55

The hosts share tips for avoiding stress on Thanksgiving. read more

Foolproof Thanksgiving Dessert Season 3, Episode 54

Mario shares a Thanksgiving dessert recipe. read more

Simple, Special, Spectacular Sides Season 3, Episode 53

Carla and Clinton share recipes for side dishes. read more

Bird Is the Word! Season 3, Episode 52

Regina Hall and Mario prepare a turkey with grapefruit and tapenade; Michael shares a gravy recipe. Also: Tasha Smith cohosts. read more

Sensational Stuffing Season 3, Episode 51

Mario and Daphne share stuffing recipes. Also: Tasha Smith cohosts. read more

Thanksgiving to Go Season 3, Episode 50

Mark Consuelos ("Alpha House") joins Carla Hall and Daphne Oz as they prepare a bring-along recipe; and Michael Symon demonstrates how to make a tasty Thanksgiving treat inspired by his mother. read more

Perfect Plates Season 3, Episode 49

Gail Simmons joins Daphne Oz as they satisfy their pregnancy cravings during a tour of New York City. Also: an essential cooking technique demonstrated by Curtis Stone; and a seasonal classic prepared by Clinton Kelly. read more

Thanksgiving Across America Season 3, Episode 48

A holiday "5 in 5" features Michael Symon putting a Midwestern spin on a Thanksgiving classic; Carla Hall and Curtis Stone do Turkey Day with a Southern twist; and Carla hits the red carpet at the 47th annual CMA Awards. Also: "Clinton's Craft Corner." read more

Stress Free Suppers Season 3, Episode 47

Actress Nia Long joins Clinton Kelly in the kitchen for a Thanksgiving classic; Curtis Stone and Michael Symon show viewers how to keep calm and cook on when preparing the holiday meal; and Daphne Oz hosts a Turkey Day edition of the game Food Frenzy. read more

Thanksgiving: Back to Basics Season 3, Episode 46

The hosts share their Thanksgiving basics. Included: Carla Hall reveals the secret to her ultimate pie crust, then she and Tasha Smith make pumpkin pie with a twist. Also: Michael Symon helps one home viewer prepare perfect stuffing; and Clinton Kelly talks holiday table settings and decorations. read more

Extra Value Friday: Family Classics Season 3, Episode 45

Zachary Levi discusses "Thor: The Dark World"; Michael Symon prepares a Thanksgiving recipe. Also: NeNe Leakes. read more

Battle of the Iron Grandmas: Thanksgiving Desserts Season 3, Episode 44

NeNe Leakes; Joe Bastianich; Scott Conant. Also: recipes for Thanksgiving desserts. read more

Amazin' Braisin'! Season 3, Episode 43

Liv Tyler talks about her book "Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top." Also: a recipe for braised turkey legs. read more

Thanksgiving Battles of the Sexes Season 3, Episode 42

Thanksgiving recipes are prepared. read more

Great American Thanksgiving Cook Off Season 3, Episode 41

Tasha Smith puts a new twist on a classic American pie. read more

Extra Value Friday: Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving Season 3, Episode 40

Author Ree Drummond talks about her book "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier." read more

The Chew's Halloween Spooktacular Season 3, Episode 39

Tamar Braxton. Also: recipes for Halloween desserts and cocktails. read more

Something Tasty This Way Comes Season 3, Episode 38

Tasha Smith prepares Halloween cocktails. Also: ideas for designing and decorating jack-o'-lanterns. read more

Crowd Pleasin' Potluck Season 3, Episode 37

Alyssa Milano prepares cashew-chicken curry. Also: The Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival in Highwood, Ill., is spotlighted. read more

Marvelous Munchies Season 3, Episode 36

John Lithgow talks about his children's book "Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo"; Brett Eldredge prepares pumpkin-cream-cheese brownies. read more

Extra Value Friday: Haunted Halloween Season 3, Episode 35

Tori Spelling. Also: Chef Allison Fishman prepares a Halloween-theme dessert. read more

Food: The Final Frontier Season 3, Episode 34

George Takei discusses his web series "Takei's Take." Also: Sean Blakemore; Tyler Christopher; Roger Howarth; Kelly Monaco; Jason Thompson. read more

Meals From the Heartland Season 3, Episode 33

Patricia Heaton; Neil Flynn; Charlie McDermott; Eden Sher; Atticus Shaffer. read more

Nuts for Nuts Season 3, Episode 32

Tyler Blackburn. Also: Mario Batali prepares a nutty recipe. read more

How 'Bout Them Apples Season 3, Episode 31

Hayden Panettiere prepares roasted pork tenderloin with apples; Carla Hall makes crispy peanut-butter-caramel apples. Also: authors Matt and Ted Lee. read more

Extra Value Friday: Chicken Chow Down Season 3, Episode 30

Daymond John; Kevin O'Leary. Also: a recipe for Greek-style chicken and rice; ideas for Halloween crafts. read more

Oodles of Noodles Season 3, Episode 29

Chef Anne Burrell discusses her book "Own Your Kitchen"; Mario makes pasta from scratch. read more

Chew-nited Nations Season 3, Episode 28

Tasha Smith; chef Daniel Boulud. Also: recipes for Vietnamese shrimp cups and spicy tomato-chicken curry. read more

Fast, Cheap & Easy Season 3, Episode 27

Clinton shares a cocktail recipe and instructions for making an eglomise serving tray. read more

Columbus Day Celebration Season 3, Episode 26

Mario reveals his Top 5 favorite places in America to find authentic Italian food and culture. read more

Extra Value Friday: Tasty Tailgate Season 3, Episode 25

David Boreanaz. Also: inexpensive craft-making tips. read more

Tastes Like a Million Bucks Season 3, Episode 24

Chef Michael Lomonaco. Also: Daphne Oz and Carla Hall prepare an inexpensive dessert. read more

Meals on the Go Season 3, Episode 23

2 Chainz makes crab cakes with mango salsa; Michael Symon shares a recipe for cauliflower-and-sausage casserole. read more

Leftover Makeover Season 3, Episode 22

Stana Katic. Also: Mario and Daphne prepare a dish using mystery ingredients. read more

Super Sandwiches Season 3, Episode 21

Clark Gregg makes a sandwich with Michael Symon. read more

Extra Value Friday: Mexican Fiesta Season 3, Episode 20

Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Also: Chef Pati Jinich makes a Mexican dish; Clinton Kelly mixes cocktails. read more

Jump Start Your Day Season 3, Episode 19

Betsy Brandt and Mario prepare a breakfast dish. read more

Country Fried Favorites Season 3, Episode 18

Debi Gutierrez; Charles Esten. read more

The Sweet Life Season 3, Episode 17

Catherine McCord shares a recipe for pumpkin-pie pop tarts; Mario visits Sweet Melissa Patisserie in Brooklyn. read more

Mighty Meatless Meals Season 3, Episode 16

NeNe Leakes. Also: Michael Symon makes a hearty portobello-and-blue-cheese sandwich. read more

Extra Value Friday: Choc-O-Rama Season 3, Episode 15

Chef Jacques Torres prepares a cake-mix soufflé; Valerie Bertinelli makes chocolate chicken mole. read more

Best Lunch I Ever Tasted Season 3, Episode 14

Michael Symon prepares lunch for Stuart Townsend and Hannah Ware. read more

Family Friendly Food Season 3, Episode 13

Jonathan and Drew Scott. read more

What's for Dinner? Season 3, Episode 12

Malin Akerman; Patti Moreno. read more

Fabulous Fall Feasts Season 3, Episode 11

NHL player Henrik Lundqvist; Boris Kodjoe. read more

Extra Value Friday: Budget Breakfast Season 3, Episode 10

Lenny Venito cooks breakfast with Mario. read more

Back to Cooking School Season 3, Episode 9

Tamera Mowry receives cooking lessons from Mario. read more

Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Season 3, Episode 8

Burger recipes are shared. read more

Veggie-Palooza Season 3, Episode 7

Chef Susan Feniger offers tips for shopping at a farmer's market. Also: Sunny Anderson. read more

Party Platters Season 3, Episode 6

Michael makes beef skewers with cilantro pesto; Kat Odell prepares shrimp toast and grilled short ribs. read more

Extra Value Friday: Chew to the Rescu Season 3, Episode 5

Jenny McCarthy. read more

Vintage Dishes Season 3, Episode 4

Chef Ina Garten; CeeLo Green. read more

Surprising Suppers Season 3, Episode 3

Gloria Estefan. Also: Carla Hall visits a firehouse in Mount Vernon, N.Y. read more

TV Dinners With a Twist Season 3, Episode 2

Mario and Michael face off in a TV-dinner competition. read more

Season 3 Kick-Off Season 3, Episode 1

Daphne announces she's pregnant in the Season 3 premiere. Also: The hosts discuss how they spent their summer vacations. read more

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Premise: The daily dish on cooking and eating, featuring five hosts who explore food from various angles, from the producers of "Paula Deen's Home Cooking" and "Down Home With the Neelys."


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