The Chew Episodes

2011, TV Show

The Chew Season 1 episodes

Sep 07, 2012: The Chew
Sep 06, 2012: The Chew
Sep 05, 2012: The Chew
Sep 04, 2012: The Chew
Aug 24, 2012: Family Style Summer
Aug 23, 2012: Summer's Best
Aug 22, 2012: On a Bun
Aug 21, 2012: Good for the Soul
Aug 20, 2012: Salad Days of Summer
Aug 17, 2012: Last Minute Meals
Aug 16, 2012: Farm Stand Fun
Aug 15, 2012: Julia Child's 100th Birthday
Aug 14, 2012: Crunched! The Loudest Show on Earth!
Aug 13, 2012: Just Chillin'
Aug 10, 2012: Fifty Dollar Friday
Aug 09, 2012: Summer Classics
Aug 08, 2012: 5 Star Meals at 1 Star Prices
Aug 07, 2012: Summertime Sweets
Aug 06, 2012: Summer Brunch
Aug 03, 2012: Take Out Fake Out
Aug 02, 2012: Crazy Family Favorites
Aug 01, 2012: Girl Talk
Jul 31, 2012: Everything Must Grill
Jul 30, 2012: Cornucopia!
Jul 27, 2012: Food Flashbacks
Jul 26, 2012: All-American Meals
Jul 25, 2012: Simple Summer
Jul 24, 2012: Win a Dream Date With Mario Batali
Jul 23, 2012: Money Saving Monday
Jul 20, 2012: Freaky Friday
Jul 19, 2012: Afternoon Delights
Jul 18, 2012: International Foods of Mystery
Jul 17, 2012: The Chew's State Fair
Jul 16, 2012: Outside the Box Breakfast
Jul 13, 2012: Under the Boardwalk
Jul 12, 2012: My Favorite Summer Memories
Jul 11, 2012: Beach Blanket Bonanza
Jul 10, 2012: Family Style Summer Meals
Jul 09, 2012: Raising the Bar-B-Q
Jun 29, 2012: Summer Lovin'
Jun 28, 2012: Star Spangled Platter
Jun 27, 2012: The Chew's Summer Camp Cookout
Jun 26, 2012: Easy Outdoor Entertaining
Jun 25, 2012: Five Minutes or Less
Jun 22, 2012: Three Generation Meals
Jun 21, 2012: Wingin' It
Jun 20, 2012: Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Grill but Were Afraid to Ask
Jun 19, 2012: Fool Proof Feast
Jun 18, 2012: The Chew's Sunshine, Funtime, Happy Sunshine Hour
Jun 14, 2012: Thrifty Thursday
Jun 13, 2012: Father's Day: Chew
Jun 12, 2012: Two-Fer Tuesday
Jun 11, 2012: Messy Monday
Jun 08, 2012: Graduation Party!
Jun 07, 2012: Sexy Summer Foods
Jun 06, 2012: Where's the Beef?
Jun 05, 2012: Backyard BBQ
Jun 04, 2012: Sandwiches: The Pile High Club
Jun 01, 2012: Restaurant Secrets
May 31, 2012: Guilty Pleasures
May 30, 2012: Battle of the Sexes
May 29, 2012: Sweet & Salty
May 25, 2012: Midwest Meals
May 24, 2012: West Coast Cooking
May 23, 2012: A New York Plate of Mind
May 22, 2012: Taste of New England
May 21, 2012: Dixieland Dishes
May 18, 2012: You've Got to Fight for Your Right to Party on a Dime
May 17, 2012: The Decadent and Delicious Deserts
May 16, 2012: Foods That Will Hug You
May 15, 2012: No Fuss. No Muss. No Problem. One-Pot Wonders
May 14, 2012: Breakfast in America
May 11, 2012: Ultimate Mother's Day
May 10, 2012: Mother's Day Brunch
May 09, 2012: Moms Just Wanna Have Fun
May 08, 2012: Mother Knows Best
May 07, 2012: From Mamma's Kitchen
May 04, 2012: Spectacular Cinco de Mayo
May 03, 2012: Great Meals in History
May 02, 2012: The Greatest Thing I Ever Tasted
May 01, 2012: The Chew Top Five
Apr 30, 2012: Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Kitchen
Apr 27, 2012: Hopelessly Devoted to Food
Apr 26, 2012: World's Greatest
Apr 25, 2012: Secret Family Recipes
Apr 24, 2012: Lunch Box
Apr 23, 2012: Pasta Palooza
Apr 20, 2012: Happy Earth Day to You
Apr 19, 2012: 6 Degrees of Bacon
Apr 18, 2012: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Apr 17, 2012: No Plate Like Home
Apr 16, 2012: Italia!
Apr 06, 2012: Easter Funday
Apr 05, 2012: Eggstravaganza
Apr 04, 2012: Super Dishes
Apr 03, 2012: Movie Meals
Apr 02, 2012: Perfect Pairings
Mar 30, 2012: April Foods Day
Mar 29, 2012: Keep It Clean: Mess-Free Meals
Mar 28, 2012: Mac & Cheese Mania
Mar 27, 2012: Big Beautiful Breakfast
Mar 26, 2012: 5 Star Meals at Home
Mar 23, 2012: Pie Day Friday
Mar 22, 2012: The Big Easy
Mar 21, 2012: Hungry Guy Meals
Mar 20, 2012: Spring Fling
Mar 19, 2012: Copycat Sweets
Mar 16, 2012: St. Patrick's Day
Mar 15, 2012: Sides of March
Mar 14, 2012: Crowd-Pleasing
Mar 13, 2012: March Madness
Mar 12, 2012: Hometown Favorites
Mar 09, 2012: Spring Forward
Mar 08, 2012: Pasta All the Time
Mar 07, 2012: Show and Tell
Mar 06, 2012: Chew for One
Mar 05, 2012: Back to Basics
Mar 02, 2012: Love at First Bite
Mar 01, 2012: Chicken Chowdown
Feb 29, 2012: Burger Bash
Feb 28, 2012: 100th Show
Feb 27, 2012: Fast Food
Feb 24, 2012: Oscar Party
Feb 23, 2012: Mexican Fiesta
Feb 22, 2012: Downtown Hoedown
Feb 21, 2012: Mardi Gras
Feb 20, 2012: Presidents Day
Feb 17, 2012: We Are Family
Feb 16, 2012: Come Fry With Me
Feb 15, 2012: Deserted Island
Feb 14, 2012: Valentine's Day
Feb 13, 2012: Valentine's Day Eve
Feb 10, 2012: Naughty '90s
Feb 09, 2012: Awesome '80s
Feb 08, 2012: Swingin' '70s
Feb 07, 2012: Sexy '60s
Feb 06, 2012: Fabulous '50s
Feb 03, 2012: Appy Hour
Feb 02, 2012: Breakfast All Day
Feb 01, 2012: Superbowl
Jan 31, 2012: Guilty Pleasures
Jan 30, 2012: Cheesiest Show on Earth
Jan 27, 2012: Meat Lover's Mania
Jan 26, 2012: The Cheesiest Show on Earth
Jan 25, 2012: Hottest Show on Earth
Jan 24, 2012: Around the World
Jan 23, 2012: Meatless Monday
Jan 20, 2012: The Chew
Jan 19, 2012: The Chew
Jan 18, 2012: The Chew
Jan 17, 2012: The Chew
Jan 16, 2012: The Chew
Jan 13, 2012: In the Kitchen of Good & Evil
Jan 12, 2012: Let's Get Physical
Jan 11, 2012: Staying In
Jan 10, 2012: Out With the Old, In With "The Chew"
Jan 09, 2012: Cooking Off the New Year
Dec 23, 2011: The Chew Christmas Spectacular
Dec 22, 2011: The Chew Saves Christmas
Dec 21, 2011: Chew Year's Eve
Dec 20, 2011: The Chew
Dec 19, 2011: The Nutcracker Sweet
Dec 16, 2011: Christmahanukwanzaa Party
Dec 15, 2011: All I Want for Christmas
Dec 14, 2011: Naughty & Nice Nibbles
Dec 13, 2011: The Chew's 'A Christmas Carol'
Dec 12, 2011: The Chew's Secret Santa
Dec 09, 2011: Holiday Party in the Kitchen
Dec 08, 2011: Holiday on a Dime
Dec 07, 2011: Chew on Ice
Dec 06, 2011: Cozy Christmas
Dec 05, 2011: My Favorite Holiday
Dec 02, 2011: Super Spuds
Dec 01, 2011: De-Stressful December
Nov 30, 2011: A Holiday Slumber Party
Nov 29, 2011: Go Big or Go Home for the Holidays
Nov 28, 2011: It's Beginning to Cook a Lot Like Christmas
Nov 24, 2011: Just Desserts
Nov 23, 2011: Ultimate Thanksgiving
Nov 22, 2011: Leftovers
Nov 21, 2011: Fail Safe Thanksgiving
Nov 18, 2011: My Favorite Thanksgiving
Nov 17, 2011: Talkin' Turkey
Nov 16, 2011: Thanksgiving Desserts
Nov 15, 2011: The Lighter Side of Thanksgiving
Nov 14, 2011: Sensational Side Dishes
Nov 11, 2011: Away for the Weekend
Nov 10, 2011: The Chew
Nov 09, 2011: Things You Didn't Know
Nov 08, 2011: Country & Tastin'
Nov 07, 2011: Chocolate Lovers
Nov 04, 2011: Extreme Food
Nov 03, 2011: The Chew's Myth Blasters
Nov 02, 2011: Sexy Foods
Nov 01, 2011: November to Remember
Oct 31, 2011: Trick or Treat
Oct 28, 2011: Fright Night
Oct 27, 2011: Sweet Treats
Oct 26, 2011: Love at First Bite
Oct 25, 2011: Masquerade Meals
Oct 24, 2011: Monster Mash-Up
Oct 21, 2011: Weekend Brunch
Oct 20, 2011: Last Supper
Oct 19, 2011: The Chew
Oct 18, 2011: The Chew
Oct 17, 2011: The Chew
Oct 14, 2011: It's a Fried-Day
Oct 12, 2011: The Chew
Oct 12, 2011: The Chew
Oct 11, 2011: The Chew
Oct 10, 2011: The Chew
Oct 07, 2011: The Chew
Oct 06, 2011: The Chew
Oct 05, 2011: The Chew
Oct 04, 2011: The Chew
Oct 03, 2011: The Chew
Sep 30, 2011: The Chew
Sep 29, 2011: The Chew
Sep 28, 2011: The Chew
Sep 27, 2011: The Chew
Sep 26, 2011: The Chew

The Chew Season 1, Episode 221

Joey Fatone. Also: easy and affordable dishes that can be eaten without utensils; a visit to Hubcap Grill in Houston. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 220

Chef Ming Tsai shares Asian recipes; Sweet and Salty Bakeshop's Seton Rossini presents edible food art. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 219

Chef Josh Capon. Also: Pizza recipes are shared. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 218

Chris Harrison. Also: a recipe challenge; wooden-picture transfers. read more

Family Style Summer Season 1, Episode 217

Chef Richard Blais. Also: easy low-cost family meals. read more

Summer's Best Season 1, Episode 216

Josh Turner. Also: recipes that feature fresh fruits and vegetables. read more

On a Bun Season 1, Episode 215

Chef Nadia Giosia. Also: summer foods that are served on a bun. read more

Good for the Soul Season 1, Episode 214

Chef Carl Redding; Niecy Nash. Also: comfort-food recipes. read more

Salad Days of Summer Season 1, Episode 213

Chef Jamika Pessoa. Also: summer salads. read more

Last Minute Meals Season 1, Episode 212

Chef Fabio Viviani. Also: cost-saving recipes; style tips. read more

Farm Stand Fun Season 1, Episode 211

Kellie Pickler. Also: recipes featuring fresh fruits and vegetables. read more

Julia Child's 100th Birthday Season 1, Episode 210

Julia Child recipes are prepared. Also: chef Art Smith. read more

Crunched! The Loudest Show on Earth! Season 1, Episode 209

A sweet-and-salty potato-chip cookie is among the featured recipes. read more

Just Chillin' Season 1, Episode 208

The cohosts prepare watermelon salads, cucumber-honeydew margaritas and a low-calorie chocolate treat. read more

Fifty Dollar Friday Season 1, Episode 207

Jean-Luc Bilodeau; Derek Theler; Tahj Mowry. Also: cost-saving recipes; style tips. read more

Summer Classics Season 1, Episode 206

Melissa Joan Hart. Also: simple summer recipes. read more

5 Star Meals at 1 Star Prices Season 1, Episode 205

Chef Roblé Ali. Also: elegant recipes at affordable prices. read more

Summertime Sweets Season 1, Episode 204

Cedric the Entertainer. Also: dessert recipes; how Cracker Jack candy is made. read more

Summer Brunch Season 1, Episode 203

Jeffrey Donovan. Also: summer brunch recipes. read more

Take Out Fake Out Season 1, Episode 202

Simple and economical dishes inspired by take-out food. read more

Crazy Family Favorites Season 1, Episode 201

Family recipes from audience members get critiqued. Also: chef Antonia Lofaso, author of "The Busy Mom's Cookbook." read more

Girl Talk Season 1, Episode 200

Dishes prepared by chef Jamika Pessoa. read more

Everything Must Grill Season 1, Episode 199

Simple and economical grilling recipes. Also: Carla Hall makes a dessert. read more

Cornucopia! Season 1, Episode 198

Corn recipes for summer dishes. Also: a behind-the-scenes look at Cirque du Soleil's "Zarkana." read more

Food Flashbacks Season 1, Episode 197

Highlights from past episodes; a visit to a macaroon factory. read more

All-American Meals Season 1, Episode 196

Rachael Ray. Also: American cuisine, including hamburgers; and rules of conducts for the gym. read more

Simple Summer Season 1, Episode 195

Chef Ming Tsai. Also: easy summer snacks. read more

Win a Dream Date With Mario Batali Season 1, Episode 194

Audience members vie for a "dream date" with Mario Batali. read more

Money Saving Monday Season 1, Episode 193

Tyler Blackburn. Also: easy, economical meals. read more

Freaky Friday Season 1, Episode 192

Stacy Keibler. Also: the host swap roles for segments about economical recipes, makeovers and crafts. read more

Afternoon Delights Season 1, Episode 191

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer. Also: a bartending lesson; and a dessert recipe. read more

International Foods of Mystery Season 1, Episode 190

Foods from the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Canada are spotlighted. read more

The Chew's State Fair Season 1, Episode 189

Audra McDonald. Also: a tour of the Orange County Fair; homemade ice-cream recipes; and craft projects. read more

Outside the Box Breakfast Season 1, Episode 188

Aaron McCargo Jr. Also: breakfast recipes. read more

Under the Boardwalk Season 1, Episode 187

A look at how saltwater taffy is made; recipes inspired by the boardwalk. read more

My Favorite Summer Memories Season 1, Episode 186

John Leguizamo. Also: Carla Hall prepares a summer dessert. read more

Beach Blanket Bonanza Season 1, Episode 185

Gina Neely. Also: treatments for sunburn; summer fashion tips for men. read more

Family Style Summer Meals Season 1, Episode 184

Chef Richard Blais. Also: easy and affordable family meals. read more

Raising the Bar-B-Q Season 1, Episode 183

Piper Perabo. Also: The cohosts prepare their favorite barbecue recipes; Jason Roberts visits the Salt Lick in Austin. read more

Summer Lovin' Season 1, Episode 182

Summer recipes are shared, including ricotta tart. Also: a visit to the New Jersey boardwalk. read more

Star Spangled Platter Season 1, Episode 181

Denise Richards. Also: Fourth of July recipes; entertaining tips. read more

The Chew's Summer Camp Cookout Season 1, Episode 180

Mira Sorvino. Also: summer campfire recipes. read more

Easy Outdoor Entertaining Season 1, Episode 179

David Alan Grier. Also: cocktails and sweet treats. read more

Five Minutes or Less Season 1, Episode 178

Tom Arnold. Also: meals that can be prepared in five minutes or less. read more

Three Generation Meals Season 1, Episode 177

Evette Rios prepares a family recipe with her mother; the cohosts cook a meal with members from three generations of the same family. read more

Wingin' It Season 1, Episode 176

The cohosts share tips for last-minute recipes. Also: three ways to prepare chicken wings. read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Grill but Were Afraid to Ask Season 1, Episode 175

Tips for cooking on the grill are shared. read more

Fool Proof Feast Season 1, Episode 174

The cohosts present recipes that are easily prepared, including chocolate-caramel ice pops, frittata and pecorino-cheese sandwiches. read more

The Chew's Sunshine, Funtime, Happy Sunshine Hour Season 1, Episode 173

Carla Hall presents a recipe for homemade ice-cream sandwiches; Mario Batali visits Brooklyn's Smorgasburg food market with his family. read more

Thrifty Thursday Season 1, Episode 172

Grace Potter. Also: dishes for less than $5. read more

Father's Day: Chew Season 1, Episode 171

Josh Duhamel; Jamie Deen. read more

Two-Fer Tuesday Season 1, Episode 170

Clyde Drexler. Also: Carla Hall prepares a simple and affordable dessert that can be served two ways. read more

Messy Monday Season 1, Episode 169

Stain-removal techniques; messy recipes. read more

Graduation Party! Season 1, Episode 168

Daphne Oz shares tips for staying fit. Also: food-and-drink recipes for a graduation party. read more

Sexy Summer Foods Season 1, Episode 167

Dr. Mehmet Oz. Also: the hosts' favorite summer foods; low-fat desserts. read more

Where's the Beef? Season 1, Episode 166

Ted Allen; Pat LaFrieda Jr. Also: low-calorie meat dishes. read more

Backyard BBQ Season 1, Episode 165

Chef Jeffrey Saad; Adam Richman. Also: healthy barbecue recipes. read more

Sandwiches: The Pile High Club Season 1, Episode 164

Leo Howard. Also: sandwich recipes; a tour of Clinton Kelly's home kitchen. read more

Restaurant Secrets Season 1, Episode 163

Chef Michael Lomonaco; Pat and Gina Neely. read more

Guilty Pleasures Season 1, Episode 162

Laura Wright ("General Hospital"). Also: culinary artist Julia Baker prepares sweet treats. read more

Battle of the Sexes Season 1, Episode 161

Jackee Harry. read more

Sweet & Salty Season 1, Episode 160

Chef Jamie Oliver. Also: sweet and salty recipes. read more

Midwest Meals Season 1, Episode 159

A visit to Gino's East restaurant in Chicago. read more

West Coast Cooking Season 1, Episode 158

Robin Thicke. Also: a visit to Pike Place Market in Seattle. read more

A New York Plate of Mind Season 1, Episode 157

Jennifer Grey. Also: a visit to Junior's restaurant in New York City. read more

Taste of New England Season 1, Episode 156

Evette Rios visits Boston's North End; chef Carla Hall shares a Boston-inspired dessert. read more

Dixieland Dishes Season 1, Episode 155

Paula Deen. Also: a report on Mary Mac's Tea Room in Atlanta. read more

You've Got to Fight for Your Right to Party on a Dime Season 1, Episode 154

Jon Bon Jovi. Also: craft ideas. read more

The Decadent and Delicious Deserts Season 1, Episode 153

Pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini; Angela Kinsey ("The Office"). read more

Foods That Will Hug You Season 1, Episode 152

The hosts prepare comfort-food recipes. Also: proper barbecue etiquette. read more

No Fuss. No Muss. No Problem. One-Pot Wonders Season 1, Episode 151

Recipes that require only one pot are prepared. read more

Breakfast in America Season 1, Episode 150

Breakfast recipes are prepared. read more

Ultimate Mother's Day Season 1, Episode 149

Daphne Oz's mother, Lisa, shares healthy family recipes. read more

Mother's Day Brunch Season 1, Episode 148

Carla Hall's mom, Audrey, shares Mother's Day brunch ideas. read more

Moms Just Wanna Have Fun Season 1, Episode 147

Clinton Kelly's mother, Terri, prepares food and cocktails. read more

Mother Knows Best Season 1, Episode 146

Michael Symon's mother, Angel, prepares some of her favorite dishes; a Mother's Day surprise is presented to an audience member. read more

From Mamma's Kitchen Season 1, Episode 145

Mario Batali's mother, Marilyn, shares her favorite family recipes. read more

Spectacular Cinco de Mayo Season 1, Episode 144

Drinks and dishes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Guests include chef Pati Jinich (public television's "Pati's Mexican Table") and Cobie Smulders. read more

Great Meals in History Season 1, Episode 143

The hosts celebrate some of their favorite recipes. Also: Mario Batali speculates on future food trends. read more

The Greatest Thing I Ever Tasted Season 1, Episode 142

Meredith Vieira; chef Jonathan Waxman. Also: Clinton Kelly re-creates one of his favorite cocktails. read more

The Chew Top Five Season 1, Episode 141

The hosts add new twists to some of the show's most popular dishes. read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Kitchen Season 1, Episode 140

Marilu Henner. Also: kitchen tips and tricks. read more

Hopelessly Devoted to Food Season 1, Episode 139

Olivia Newton-John. Also: the cohosts' favorite foods. read more

World's Greatest Season 1, Episode 138

Sandwich recipes. Also: a visit to a sandwich shop in Washington, D.C. read more

Secret Family Recipes Season 1, Episode 137

Dishes with secret ingredients are prepared. Also: a recipe for baked ziti with eggplant; and the Rubino family from Ralph's Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. read more

Lunch Box Season 1, Episode 136

Ways to make lunch foods more exciting. Also: a recipe for PB&J cupcakes; and a visit to Swensons Drive In, located in Akron, Ohio. read more

Pasta Palooza Season 1, Episode 135

Celebrity cook Bobby Deen. Also: simple and economical pasta dishes. read more

Happy Earth Day to You Season 1, Episode 134

Trisha Yearwood. Also: a celebration of Earth Day. read more

6 Degrees of Bacon Season 1, Episode 133

Jim Gaffigan. Also: recipes with bacon. read more

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Season 1, Episode 132

Blythe Danner. Also: chicken dishes, including chicken-wing recipes. read more

No Plate Like Home Season 1, Episode 131

Lara Spencer. Also: making homemade crafts and meals from scratch. read more

Italia! Season 1, Episode 130

Italian chef Lidia Bastianich. Also: easy-to-make and economical Italian dishes. read more

Easter Funday Season 1, Episode 129

Easter-inspired recipes and party tips. Guests include chocolatier Jacques Torres and chef Luke Mangan. read more

Eggstravaganza Season 1, Episode 128

Annie Potts. Also: recipes featuring eggs. read more

Super Dishes Season 1, Episode 127

Cast members from Broadway's "Mary Poppins" perform. Also: recipes, entertainment advice and food tips for a birthday party with a superhero theme. read more

Movie Meals Season 1, Episode 126

Stanley Tucci. Also: the hosts prepare meals inspired by their favorite movies. read more

Perfect Pairings Season 1, Episode 125

Food, wine and beer pairings. Also: the "Sesame Street" Cookie Monster makes a sweet treat with Daphne Oz. read more

April Foods Day Season 1, Episode 124

Comedian Michael Ian Black and actor Tom Cavanagh (the podcast "Mike & Tom Eat Snacks"). read more

Keep It Clean: Mess-Free Meals Season 1, Episode 123

Chef Scott Conant; Dr. Michael Roizen. read more

Mac & Cheese Mania Season 1, Episode 122

A show with a macaroni-and-cheese theme includes a visit to New York City's S'MAC restaurant and a mac-and-cheese battle pitting Carla Hall against Michael Symon. read more

Big Beautiful Breakfast Season 1, Episode 121

Chef Sunny Anderson. Also: Michael Symon on breakfast. read more

5 Star Meals at Home Season 1, Episode 120

A report on a White House luncheon, by correspondent Evette Rios. Also: Clinton Kelly on one of his favorite restaurant meals. read more

Pie Day Friday Season 1, Episode 119

Fran Drescher. read more

The Big Easy Season 1, Episode 118

Tips for saving time and money on food and fashions. read more

Hungry Guy Meals Season 1, Episode 117

John Cena. read more

Spring Fling Season 1, Episode 116

Recipes and cooking tips for spring. read more

Copycat Sweets Season 1, Episode 115

The hosts put their own spins on classic desserts. read more

St. Patrick's Day Season 1, Episode 114

A St. Patrick's Day show features a performance by the Pipes & Drums of the New York Police Department's Emerald Society. Recipes include corned beef and cabbage, a green creamy cauliflower soup and a shamrock shake. read more

Sides of March Season 1, Episode 113

The hosts prepare their favorite side dishes. read more

Crowd-Pleasing Season 1, Episode 112

Cookbook author Ree Drummond. read more

March Madness Season 1, Episode 111

La La Anthony; the Harlem Globetrotters. read more

Hometown Favorites Season 1, Episode 110

U.S. protocol chief Capricia Marshall. Also: The hosts prepare recipes inspired by their hometowns. read more

Spring Forward Season 1, Episode 109

Paula Abdul. Also: spring-cleaning tips; a slow-cooker recipe by Daphne Oz. read more

Pasta All the Time Season 1, Episode 108

Steve Schirripa. Also: macaroni and cheese in a slow cooker, prepared by Carla Hall. read more

Show and Tell Season 1, Episode 107

Gail Simmons, Mark Garrison and Dan Pashman of the food podcast "Sporkful." Also: a slow-cooker recipe by Michael Symon. read more

Chew for One Season 1, Episode 106

A slow-cooker recipe by Carla Hall. read more

Back to Basics Season 1, Episode 105

Jesse Williams ("Grey's Anatomy"). Also: a slow-cooker recipe by Clinton Kelly. read more

Love at First Bite Season 1, Episode 104

Gwyneth Paltrow, author of the cookbook "My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness." read more

Chicken Chowdown Season 1, Episode 103

Simple and affordable chicken recipes. read more

Burger Bash Season 1, Episode 102

The hosts make their favorite burger recipes. read more

100th Show Season 1, Episode 101

The hosts celebrate their 100th show. read more

Fast Food Season 1, Episode 100

Recipes inspired by fast-food meals. read more

Oscar Party Season 1, Episode 99

Affordable recipe and party ideas for Oscar parties. Included: Daphne Oz's "Oscartini" cocktail; Evette Rios on preparations for the Governor's Ball in Los Angeles. read more

Mexican Fiesta Season 1, Episode 98

Gabrielle Union; chef Pati Jinich. Also: hosts prepare favorite Mexican recipes. read more

Downtown Hoedown Season 1, Episode 97

Jesse Tyler Ferguson. read more

Mardi Gras Season 1, Episode 96

Regina King. Also: Clinton Kelly's favorite Mardi Gras-inspired cocktails; Mario Batali on a recent trip to New Orleans. read more

Presidents Day Season 1, Episode 95

Joan and Melissa Rivers. Also: a report on presidential food favorites. Evette Rios visits the White House kitchen and gardens with executive chef Cristeta Comerford. read more

We Are Family Season 1, Episode 94

The hosts prepare recipes, joined by family members (and their dogs). read more

Come Fry With Me Season 1, Episode 93

Topic: frying foods. Guests include Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison of the food podcast "The Sporkful." read more

Deserted Island Season 1, Episode 92

The hosts discuss what their last meals on a deserted island might be if they were about to be rescued. read more

Valentine's Day Season 1, Episode 91

The Pussycat Dolls and the group's founder, Robin Antin; chocolatier Jacques Torres. Also: last-minute food and party ideas for Valentine's Day. read more

Valentine's Day Eve Season 1, Episode 90

Jewel. Also: Clinton Kelly on "What Not to Do" on a Valentine's Day date; Mario Batali's favorite recipes for two. read more

Naughty '90s Season 1, Episode 89

Boyz II Men. Also: Clinton Kelly's favorite 1990s memories. read more

Awesome '80s Season 1, Episode 88

Clinton Kelly on escaping from a 1980s-fashion rut. read more

Swingin' '70s Season 1, Episode 87

Stacy London ("What Not to Wear"). Also: Carla Hall's disco fries; Evette Rios at a Roller Derby Rumble. read more

Sexy '60s Season 1, Episode 86

Looking back on the foods and fashions of the 1960s. read more

Fabulous '50s Season 1, Episode 85

Included: Clinton Kelly's favorite 1950s-inspired cocktails. read more

Appy Hour Season 1, Episode 84

NFL alum Keyshawn Johnson. Also: a segment on the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign. read more

Breakfast All Day Season 1, Episode 83

Breakfast ideas. Included: Ally Sheedy makes a breakfast smoothie with Daphne Oz. Also: recipes for bread pudding and doughnuts. read more

Superbowl Season 1, Episode 82

Super Bowl-party recipes. Guests include NFL alum Joe Theismann, Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney and Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware. read more

Guilty Pleasures Season 1, Episode 81

"Bachelor" Ben Flajnik. read more

Cheesiest Show on Earth Season 1, Episode 80

A cheese-themed show features tips for making mozzarella from David Greco, co-owner of Mike's Deli in the Bronx, N.Y. read more

Meat Lover's Mania Season 1, Episode 79

Butcher Josh Applestone of Fleisher's Grassfed and Organic Meats in Kingston, N.Y. Also: a T-bone recipe. read more

The Cheesiest Show on Earth Season 1, Episode 78

A cheese-themed show features David Greco of Mike's Deli in the Bronx, N.Y. read more

Hottest Show on Earth Season 1, Episode 77

Lucy Lawless. Also: tips on "spicing up" cocktails. read more

Around the World Season 1, Episode 76

Chef Andrew Zimmern ("Bizarre Foods"); French-inspired comfort foods. read more

Meatless Monday Season 1, Episode 75

Meatless recipes; a Chinese New Year celebration. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 74

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her book "Deliciously G-Free." read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 73

Mark Feuerstein. Also: the hosts share some of their favorite summer dishes. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 72

Chef Paula Deen and her sons, Jamie and Bobby Deen. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 71

Kim Coles; Drs. Jennifer Ashton and Tiffanie Davis Henry (ABC's "The Revolution"). Also: the hosts prepares viewers' favorite dishes. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 70

Neil Patrick Harris; chef David Burtka. Also: Liz Symon joins her husband, cohost Michael Symon, in the kitchen. read more

In the Kitchen of Good & Evil Season 1, Episode 69

Lana Parrilla ("Once Upon a Time"). Also: Mama T returns to cook an Italian dish with Mario Batali. read more

Let's Get Physical Season 1, Episode 68

Fitness trainer Harley Pasternak. Also: low-calorie recipes. read more

Staying In Season 1, Episode 67

Chef Bobby Flay. read more

Out With the Old, In With "The Chew" Season 1, Episode 66

Chef Bobby Deen. Also: Mario Batali's "Simple-Special- Spectacular" recipes. read more

Cooking Off the New Year Season 1, Episode 65

Hugh Jackman. Also: Michael Symon's "Five in Five." read more

The Chew Christmas Spectacular Season 1, Episode 64

The Radio City Rockettes. Also: Mario Batali prepares a prime-rib roast; the hosts make their favorite cookie recipes. read more

The Chew Saves Christmas Season 1, Episode 63

Maksim Chmerkovskiy ("Dancing With the Stars"). Also: last-minute Christmas-cooking "rescue projects" and recipes. read more

Chew Year's Eve Season 1, Episode 62

A New Year's Eve segment, featuring Wendy Williams. Also: Clinton Kelly's "Cooltide Yuletide." read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 61

Chef Josh Capon. Also: reporter Evette Rios takes a "canoli lights" tour of Brooklyn, N.Y. read more

The Nutcracker Sweet Season 1, Episode 60

The latest "Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs" castoff. Also: holiday treats inspired by "The Nutcracker." read more

Christmahanukwanzaa Party Season 1, Episode 59

A holiday-season mashup, celebrating Christmas, Hanakkuh and Kwanzaa. read more

All I Want for Christmas Season 1, Episode 58

Dr. Mehmet Oz is the guest on a show in which the hosts showcase their favorite holiday dishes. read more

Naughty & Nice Nibbles Season 1, Episode 57

Chef Bobby Deen. read more

The Chew's 'A Christmas Carol' Season 1, Episode 56

Christmas-inspired dishes—past, present and future. read more

The Chew's Secret Santa Season 1, Episode 55

The hosts reveal their Secret Santa gifts. Also: a segment on sweets. read more

Holiday Party in the Kitchen Season 1, Episode 54

Linda Evans. Also: lower-calorie party foods; office-party etiquette. read more

Holiday on a Dime Season 1, Episode 53

Stacy London ("What Not to Wear"). Also: stocking-stuffer ideas. read more

Chew on Ice Season 1, Episode 52

Cheryl Hines; figure skater Brian Boitano. Also: ice sculptures; holiday-cocktail recipes. read more

Cozy Christmas Season 1, Episode 51

Jimmy Fallon. read more

My Favorite Holiday Season 1, Episode 50

Marlee Matlin; chef Jason Roberts. Also: tree-decorating tips; the hosts' favorite holiday recipes. read more

Super Spuds Season 1, Episode 49

Larry King; chef Jamie Oliver. Also: potato recipes. read more

De-Stressful December Season 1, Episode 48

Fitness expert Sam Carter with exercise tips and advice on foods for combating stress; correspondent Evette Rios on combating stress during holiday-shopping expeditions. read more

A Holiday Slumber Party Season 1, Episode 47

Nancy Travis. Also: Daphne Oz discusses her recent visit to London and prepares an English high tea; the hosts cook holiday dishes clad in holiday pajamas. read more

Go Big or Go Home for the Holidays Season 1, Episode 46

Ty Pennington. Also: reporter Danny Boome visits a Renaissance festival; Michael Symon prepares a holiday recipe. read more

It's Beginning to Cook a Lot Like Christmas Season 1, Episode 45

Meredith Vieira. Also: Christmas cookies; hot chocolate. read more

Just Desserts Season 1, Episode 44

Holiday desserts, including grapefruit and honey cake, pumpkin-spice beignets and a bourbon-bacon-caramel banana split. Also: Clinton Kelly visits an old-fashioned soda-fountain shop in Brooklyn, N.Y. read more

Ultimate Thanksgiving Season 1, Episode 43

Muppets Kermit, Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef prepare holiday dishes, and Clinton Kelly joins Miss Piggy as she recalls memorable fashion do's and don'ts. Also: Thanksgiving-turkey recipes. read more

Leftovers Season 1, Episode 42

Thanksgiving-leftover recipes. read more

Fail Safe Thanksgiving Season 1, Episode 41

Chef Nigella Lawson. Also: tips from Evette Rios for finding Thanksgiving fixings online; three different stuffing recipes. read more

My Favorite Thanksgiving Season 1, Episode 40

The hosts discuss their favorite Thanksgiving recipes and offer tabletop-decoration ideas. Also: Clinton Kelly's one-minute makeovers. read more

Talkin' Turkey Season 1, Episode 39

Seattle chef Tom Douglas. Also: a Thanskgiving segment featuring turkey recipes. read more

Thanksgiving Desserts Season 1, Episode 38

Duff Goldman ("Ace of Cakes"). Also: holiday-entertaining tips; Thanksgiving-dessert recipes. read more

The Lighter Side of Thanksgiving Season 1, Episode 37

Ali Wentworth. Also: a segment on lower-calorie Thanksgiving recipes; a visit to a cranberry bog by chef Danny Boome. read more

Sensational Side Dishes Season 1, Episode 36

Sherri Shepherd. Also: a segment on Thanksgiving side dishes. read more

Away for the Weekend Season 1, Episode 35

Nick Jonas. Also: behind the scenes of ABC's "Pan Am." read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 34

Bakers Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis (TLC's "D.C. Cupcakes"). Also: a segment on kitchen gadgets for Thanksgiving. read more

Things You Didn't Know Season 1, Episode 33

Health dangers in the kitchen are explored by Dr. Richard Besser. read more

Country & Tastin' Season 1, Episode 32

Robin Roberts; chef Tim Love. read more

Chocolate Lovers Season 1, Episode 31

Topic: chocolate. The hosts discuss their favorite chocolate dishes and candies. read more

Extreme Food Season 1, Episode 30

Adam Richman ("Man v. Food"). Also: a segment exploring "the outer limits" of the culinary world. read more

The Chew's Myth Blasters Season 1, Episode 29

Eva Longoria on her cookbook, "Eva's Kitchen." Also: the hosts debunk food myths. read more

Sexy Foods Season 1, Episode 28

Chefs Pat and Gina Neely on foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. Also: a recipe for a romantic dinner for two. read more

November to Remember Season 1, Episode 27

"Next Iron Chef" castoffs; family food memories on "Five for Five"; "Daphne's Wisdom of Oz." read more

Trick or Treat Season 1, Episode 26

The hosts don costumes for a Halloween-themed show. read more

Fright Night Season 1, Episode 25

Kadee Strickland is the guest on a Halloween-themed show for adults that includes cocktail recipes. read more

Sweet Treats Season 1, Episode 24

Rachael Ray is the guest on a sweets-themed show. Also: decorating tips from Clinton Kelly. read more

Love at First Bite Season 1, Episode 23

Jane Levy. Also: vampire-themed recipes. read more

Masquerade Meals Season 1, Episode 22

Debi Mazar and her husband, chef Gabriele Corcos. Also: Halloween-décor ideas from Clinton Kelly; a blindfolded food challenge. read more

Monster Mash-Up Season 1, Episode 21

Clinton Kelly with last-minute, inexpensive costume ideas; Daphne Ozwith healthy, easy-to-prepare Halloween treats. read more

Weekend Brunch Season 1, Episode 20

Brunch ideas for the weekend. Also: Evette Rios visits a Westchester County, N.Y., pumpkin patch. read more

Last Supper Season 1, Episode 19

Photographer Melanie Dunea. Also: the hosts share their ultimate dream meals. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 18

Patricia Heaton. Also: pretzel-baking tips. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 17

Daphne Oz on "The Power of Food." Also: chef Danny Boome on the state of the Mississippi Gulf Coast seafood industry. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 16

Chef Aaron McCargo. Also: tips for stretching a family food budget. read more

It's a Fried-Day Season 1, Episode 15

Paula Deen is the guest on a show featuring fried foods. Included: deep-frying safety tips. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 14

Southern-dessert recipes; foods that can double as beauty treatments; cocktail recipes. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 13

Fall-decorating tips. Also: football-tailgating tips from chef Michael Symon at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 12

Chef Anne Burrell prepares a grilled-cheese sandwich. Also: tips for making school lunches. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 11

Clinton Kelly re-creates old-fashioned sweet treats from a Brooklyn, N.Y., soda shop. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 10

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr. (The Food Network's "Big Daddy's House"). Also: healthy low-calorie recipes; after-school-snack ideas. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 9

Chef Danny Boome reports from Mississippi on the Gulf Coast seafood industry. Also: fall grilling tips. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 8

Stress-relieving foods; easy and inexpensive family meals; an apple-pie recipe. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 7

Sam Champion. Also: kitchen-makeover ideas; Mario Batali's simple Italian recipes. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 6

Adam Richman (The Travel Channel's "Man v. Food"). Also: cocktail recipes; Michael Symon's "Five in Five" (a five-minute recipe using five ingredients and costing $5 or less per serving). read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 5

Cohost Daphne Oz visits a county fair. Also: tips for fixing entertainment nightmares. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 4

Paula Deen prepares Southern comfort-food recipes. Also: tips on cooking for two. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 3

Joy Behar makes lasagna. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 2

Whoopi Goldberg tours New York City's Eataly with cohost Mario Batali, a co-owner of the Italian-food emporium; cohost Michael Symon prepares a quick and inexpensive recipe in his debut "Five in Five" segment. read more

The Chew Season 1, Episode 1

Series premiere: Daily dish on cooking and eating, featuring hosts Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Daphne Oz and Michael Symon, who explore food from various angles. On the opener: Chef Batali makes pizza. Gordon Elliott ("Paula Deen's Home Cooking") is the executive producer. read more

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Premiered: September 26, 2011, on ABC
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Premise: The daily dish on cooking and eating, featuring five hosts who explore food from various angles.



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