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Alice Sends Ben Off
02:46 — Alice says goodbye to Ben before the authorities arrive.
Ben's Plan to Catch the Forger
02:33 — Ben creates a plan to catch the forger in Ethan's office.
Rhys Shows Off His Bad Side
01:55 — Rhys stops pretending to be good in order to save the day.
Danny Gets Caught With Margot
01:11 — Sophie catches Danny and Margot getting physical in the elevator.
Ben and Margot's Family Time With Tessa
02:38 — The family works together to take down Raymond Taggart.
The Awkward Conversation
01:19 — Ben meets Ethan for the first time.
Ethan and Alice Get Kicked Out
01:39 — Alice and Ethan work together to bring justice for Heather Reynolds.
Ben and Rhys Lose Their Cover
00:45 — Ben is held at gunpoint when he arrives to the house.
Margot Gets Parenting Advice From Sybil
02:23 — Sybil gives Margot a few pointers about parenting.
AVI Captures Margot's Daughter
02:05 — AVI catches Margot's mystery woman.
Danny Wants Respect
01:30 — Danny is fed up with the way Margot has been treating him.
Ben and Alice's Standoff
00:50 — Ben and Alice fight over who will take the money.
Ben's Special Delivery
01:12 — Ben makes a surprise visit to Alice's office.
Danny Questions Margot
01:07 — Danny needs Margot's help in identifying a person of interest.
Rhys Meets Tommy
01:23 — Alice and Ben try their best to help guide the conversation at dinner.
Alice Won't Forget
01:28 — Ben and Alice silently fight about their past issues in their relationship.
The Catch Season 2
Benjamin Jones reckons with his criminal past.
Tommy Wants to Run Away With the Money
02:04 — Alice tries to advise Tommy to not take the money and run.
Sneak Peek: Ben's Obligation
01:09 — Ben must fulfill his end of the bargain after Rhys makes a promise.
The Catch Season 1
P.I. Alice Vaughan hunts down her con-man fiance.

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