The Bridge

A crime drama following a street cop who was elected president of the police union.

Strange Bedfellows
Jim and Dina McGreevey were living a model life as the Governor and First Lady of New Jersey. However, Dina was shocked to discover the reason behind (more…)
Beyond the Bridge: 3 Million People, 2 Cities, 1 Border
01:22 — Explore the different sides of life connected by the world's busiest border crossing. Discover the mystery behind FX's newest drama, The Bridge. Wedne (more…)
00:15 — Discover the chilling secrets inside FX's newest drama.
00:15 — This July, every track is a clue. The Bridge, Series Premiere Wednesday, July 10 at 10p only on FX.
Next On: The Beetle
00:32 — Marco reconnects with a friend from his past and races to save his family. Charlotte responds to her biggest threat. Linder reveals his true feelings.
00:20 — Look closely. Every body tells a story. The Bridge, Series Premiere Wednesday, July 10 at 10p only on FX.
00:12 — Do you know the secrets across The Bridge? Series Premiere, July 10 only on FX.
Season Finale: The Crazy Place
00:32 — Sonya and Marco search for a missing girl. Charlotte meets someone who knows too much about her new business venture. Marco makes a decision that coul (more…)
00:17 — What lies across The Bridge... Series Premiere, July 10 only on FX.
Beyond the Bridge: Season One Review
03:43 — Go Beyond the Bridge to review the aftermath of season one and what it holds for the future on the border.
Beyond the Bridge: Dissecting Daniel
02:32 — Go Beyond The Bridge with Matthew Lillard to explore the depths of Daniel Frye's descent and his path toward redemption.
Beyond the Bridge: Building the Bridge
03:18 — Go Beyond The Bridge to learn how the smallest details are essential when creating the unique world of the show. The Bridge, all new episodes Wednesda (more…)
Beyond the Bridge: The Mystery Begins
02:33 — Go Beyond The Bridge to explore the relationships, secrets, and dark spaces of FX's newest drama. The mystery splits wide open.
00:30 — Mysterious disappearances lead to chilling discoveries on The Bridge. This is just the beginning.
The Bridge Trailer
01:06 — THE BRIDGE is a drama about a tough and dedicated police officer who is voted to become the police union's dynamic leader. To serve the public as well (more…)
The Bridge Season 1
Set on the border between El Paso and Juarez, The Bridge centers on two detectives, one from the United States and one from Mexico, who must work toge (more…)
Season 1
For eleven years, Frank Leo's been a great street cop. From busting bad guys to having a few beers and laughs with his fellow officers, Frank absolute (more…)
The Bridge Season 2
Learn more about Eleanor from actress Franka Potente herself, meet the artist that designed Eleanor's tattoos, and hear about applying them on set fro (more…)
TV Is the Answer: The Bridge
Do people with autism make for the best detectives?
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