The Brady Bunch

1969, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Hair-Brained Scheme

Mar 08, 1974 Season 5 Episode 22 watch on Hulu (Free)

Greg’s hair turns orange when he uses Bobby’s hair dye.

The Hustler

Mar 01, 1974 Season 5 Episode 21

The Bradys get a new pool table (as a thank you gift from Mr. Matthews for Mike's recent performance). Bobby soon becomes an expert in billiards and - during a family party - beats Mike's boss in a game of pool.
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Top Secret

Feb 15, 1974 Season 5 Episode 19

Bobby and Oliver suspect Mike is working for the FBI.
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Welcome Aboard

Feb 08, 1974 Season 5 Episode 17

Carol’s nephew, Oliver, moves in with the Brady family.
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Out of This World

Jan 18, 1974 Season 5 Episode 16

The boys search for UFOs after meeting James McDivitt.
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The Driver's Seat

Jan 11, 1974 Season 5 Episode 15

Marcia bets Greg that she can beat his driver’s test score.
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Kelly's Kids

Jan 04, 1974 Season 5 Episode 14

A neighbor faces racism for adopting ethnically diverse sons.
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Miss Popularity

Dec 21, 1973 Season 5 Episode 13

Jan makes promises she can’t keep to be voted most popular.
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The Elopement

May 12, 1998 Season 5 Episode 12

The Bradys overhear Alice and Sam talk about eloping.
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The Cincinnati Kids

Nov 23, 1973 Season 5 Episode 11

Mike has a big surprise for the family. His boss, Mr. Phillips, has approved the King's Island amusement park plans he has been working on and wants him to go to Cincinnati to present them.
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Try, Try Again

Dec 07, 1973 Season 5 Episode 10

Jan takes up tap-dancing when she fails at ballet.
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Quarterback Sneak

Nov 09, 1973 Season 5 Episode 9

A rival football player romances Marcia to steal Greg’s playbook.
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My Brother's Keeper

Nov 02, 1973 Season 5 Episode 8

Peter agrees to be Bobby’s slave after he saves his life.
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Marcia Gets Creamed

Oct 26, 1973 Season 5 Episode 7

Marcia gets fired from her job at an ice-cream parlor.
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Getting Greg's Goat

Oct 19, 1973 Season 5 Episode 6

A big football game between Westdale High and Coolidge High is happening in 24 hours. But as big a rivalry between the two team occurs off the field when Coolidge steals Westdale's mascot, a bear cub.
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