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1969, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Hair-Brained Scheme

Mar 08, 1974 Season 5 Episode 22 watch on Hulu (Free)

Greg’s hair turns orange when he uses Bobby’s hair dye.

Tell It Like It Is

Mar 26, 1971 Season 2 Episode 24

Carol submits an article about her family to a magazine.
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Double Parked

Mar 05, 1971 Season 2 Episode 22

Carol organizes a protest to save the neighborhood park.
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The Winner

Feb 26, 1971 Season 2 Episode 21

When Cindy brings home a trophy for her jacks playing ability at the playground, everyone in her family is happy for her except Bobby, who comes to the quick realization that all of his brothers and sisters have now won trophies and he hasn't.
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Lights Out

Feb 19, 1971 Season 2 Episode 20

A terrified Cindy is having trouble sleeping with the lights off as she is scared of a magic trick she saw at a friend's party.
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The Liberation of Marcia Brady

Feb 12, 1971 Season 2 Episode 19

Marcia joins a boy scout troop to support women’s lib.
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Our Son, the Man

Feb 05, 1971 Season 2 Episode 18

Greg moves into the den and transforms it into a mod-pad.
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Coming Out Party

Jan 29, 1971 Season 2 Episode 17

An innocent tale about the time the Bradys were invited to spend a Sunday afternoon on Mr. Phillips' boat that is, if Cindy and Carol can get over tonsillitis and Carol can keep her big mouth shut!
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The Drummer Boy

Jan 22, 1971 Season 2 Episode 16

Peter is made fun of by his teammates for joining the glee club.
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Will the Real Jan Brady

Jan 15, 1971 Season 2 Episode 15

Jan wears a brunette wig in hopes of being noticed.
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Where There's Smoke

Jan 08, 1971 Season 2 Episode 14

Greg gets caught with cigarettes in his school jacket. He's been caught smoking once before (and quit immediately). Therefore, nobody believes him when he truthfully says they're not his.
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The Impractical Joker

Jan 01, 1971 Season 2 Episode 13

Jan gets carried away with pulling pranks on her family.
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Confessions, Confessions

Dec 18, 1970 Season 2 Episode 12

"Mom said don't play ball in the house." The boys do anyway, and Peter's errant pass of a basketball results in Carol's favorite vase getting broken.
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What Goes up...

Dec 11, 1970 Season 2 Episode 11

Bobby suffers from a fear of heights after he falls off a ladder.
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The Tattletale

Dec 04, 1970 Season 2 Episode 10

Cindy gets into trouble when she starts telling a string of lies.
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Not So Ugly Duckling

Nov 20, 1970 Season 2 Episode 9

Jan feels insecure about her freckles when her crush falls for Marcia.
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Fistful of Reasons

Dec 13, 1970 Season 2 Episode 8

Peter gets a black eye when he tries to defend his little sister.
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The Treasure of Sierra Avenue

Nov 06, 1970 Season 2 Episode 7

Bobby refuses to share with the girls when he finds $1100.
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Call Me Irresponsible

Oct 30, 1970 Season 2 Episode 6

Greg works part-time at Mike’s architectural firm.
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Going, Going ... Steady

Oct 23, 1970 Season 2 Episode 5

Marcia falls for a boy who is more interested in bugs than girls.
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The Un-Underground Movie

Oct 16, 1970 Season 2 Episode 4

Greg casts his family in a movie for a school project.
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The Slumber Caper

Oct 09, 1970 Season 2 Episode 3

Macia’s slumber party is cancelled when her principal calls.
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The Babysitters

Oct 02, 1970 Season 2 Episode 2

Greg and Marcia baby-sit their siblings for an evening.
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The Dropout

Sep 25, 1970 Season 2 Episode 1

Greg wants to quit school to become a major league pitcher.
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