The Book of Daniel

2006, TV Show


Maybe it hasn't occurred to ...

Question: Maybe it hasn't occurred to any of those who complain about the lack of complex portrayals of people of faith on TV that every time TV tries to offer some kind of multilayered approach — like, for example, Nothing Sacred or The Book of Daniel — those shows are loudly condemned by extremist religious groups before they even air. I doubt this encourages the networks to spend time and money developing such shows. Answer: Good point, and too true. And they wonder why TV so often depicts religious characters as mad zealots. Jill made a similar point: "I was interested by the letter you received recently decrying the lack of churchgoing people on American TV. I recently rented The Book of Daniel, and I was struck by how positive this series was toward religion. I understand that the gay son would be too much for many people to accept (not me, but other people). However, this show depicted a family whose faith was very strong. The parents had a solid and realistic marriage, and they ... read more

What happened to the ...

Question: What happened to the remaining (unaired) episodes of Book of Daniel? Are they available on DVD along with the first few episodes that were aired? Or is the entire story available in "book form"? It's unfortunate that this program came to a screeching halt. Is it true that the advertisers withdrew sponsorships on their own accord, or was it just made to look like they did? I'm interested. Thanks in advance for your response. Answer: For a while, NBC had made the unseen episodes available for viewing on its website, I believe. I also know there will be a public screening of two of the episodes at the annual Outfest in Los Angeles in July. And I've heard that there is talk (nothing confirmed yet) of a DVD release of the full series, which would certainly be the best option. As for the advertisers: this was always a tough sell, and the controversy that surrounded the show even before its premiere scared many sponsors away. That plus NBC's ultimate lack of faith in the series ... read more

Krypton Villain Now a CSI: Miami Bride?

Alana De La Garza, CSI: Miami

Are Horatio Caine and Marisol Delko heading for a wedding on CBS' CSI: Miami (Mondays at 10 pm/ET)? Perhaps even en route to "happily ever after"? Or, in light of the nasty line of work that the good lieutenant is in, might this story go from a vow... to a kill? rang Alana De La Garza, who plays Horatio's lady love, to get up to speed on CSI: Miami, a possible Smallville encore and her other TV adventures. We go back a few years, Alana, and you haven't been keeping me posted on your TV gigs this season. Instead, I get press releases saying, "Alana's do read more

I have recently started ...

Question: I have recently started watching Love Monkey reruns on VH1 and have completely fallen in love with the show. (Tom Cavanagh rules!) I only wish I and about a million other people had started watching the show earlier so that we could all look forward to many seasons to come. My question: Oftentimes, such as with Love Monkey or My So-Called Life, other channels will pick up episodes and rerun them for the "cult" fans. Why can't these same channels actually produce new episodes for the show, knowing they already have a large fan base? Is it that difficult to obtain rights to a show that another network has already canceled? Answer: From what I've read of VH1's numbers for Love Monkey so far, I wouldn't overestimate how "large" that fan base is, though it certainly deserves one. The basic issue here is that cable networks like VH1 simply don't have the budget to produce costly new episodes of a sophisticated scripted drama (with A-list actors like Cavanagh, Judy Greer, Larenz Tate ... read more

I know that The Book of ...

Question: I know that The Book of Daniel was canceled months ago, and I am still crying over its cancellation, but I was wondering if you think there might have been a different outcome if the show had been titled something different. Or would the same thing have happened? Answer: Sadly, they could have called the show "Win a Million Dollars if You Watch This" and NBC probably still would have found a way to screw this one up — and screw it over. Look, Book of Daniel was always going to be a polarizing show; I know no one who was neutral to it. They either loved or hated it, and of course there were always going to be those who were offended by the very idea of it (regardless of whether they bothered to watch), not to mention NBC's own skittishness toward the project. The title wasn't really an issue, though. I'm not sure what you could have called it ("Father Knows Least"? "7th Heaven — Not!"?) that would have made it more commercial or, to its critics, less objectionable ... read more

It seems from the majority of ...

Question: It seems from the majority of sites that I have read (TV Guide included) that the reaction to Mitch Hurwitz leaving Arrested Development (and most likely killing the show) is one of anger or confusion. I am curious as to why that is, since I, for one, agree with him. I don't think a lot of people realize just how involved he was with every aspect of the show and how hard it would be to transfer the show to a different network and come up with new story lines, characters and other things that would be required to justify the continuance of the show. I would much rather this show go the way of the U.K. version of The Office than the way of The Simpsons. I think the best thing for him to do would be to take a few years off and collect himself, team up with Jim Vallely and pitch a new show to a channel that will support him in the way that he deserves. No matter what happens, I will always be thankful for what he has given us and look forward to his future projects. Answer: ... read more

Is it just me or are TV ...

Question: Is it just me or are TV critics taking schadenfreude in seeing NBC's slipups and misses for the past few seasons, especially now, during the Olympics, and with Joey's dismal ratings. While it's true that success does breed some sort of contempt from advocates of rival networks, TV critics should always have an objective approach. However, highlighting and then further underlining NBC's failures borders on playground teasing. Answer: Maybe it looks like critics are kicking a network when it's down, but really, NBC has been a juicy target ever since it fouled its airwaves with Fear Factor, failed repeatedly to find an adequate comedy to replace Friends (most notoriously with the ill-fated Joey), cloned Law & Order to the point of absurdity, failed to adequately promote and protect gems like Ed and American Dreams through their multiseason (and still too brief) runs — again, the list goes on. And lately, with the The Book of Daniel debacle, the twice-a-week Apprentice disaster ... read more

I was very upset when I read ...

Question: I was very upset when I read that The Book of Daniel had been canceled. I, however, have been following the episodes on the Internet and have been really enjoying this show. I love it, and I know I'll regret following it to the Internet. Did you follow it to the Internet, too, and what did you think of its only and final episodes? Answer: I have seen most of the remaining episodes, either before the show was canceled or afterward. And as is the case with so many series, Book of Daniel just kept getting better and stronger, and these episodes available for viewing on the Internet are well worth any fan's time. I particularly recommend the "God's Will" episode, dealing with the gay-bashing of Daniel's son, Peter, with flashbacks of Peter's twin brother's death from leukemia. Powerful stuff. Too bad an intolerant social climate, an incompetent network and a spineless ad industry combined to seal this show's unhappy fate ... read more

I don't really have a ...

Question: I don't really have a question, and I can't even say I'm all that surprised. CBS has proven over and over again that if a show is not a police procedural, they have no patience for it, yet I am incredibly disappointed that Love Monkey has been shelved. Were ratings really that bad? I enjoyed the show and found myself watching it first or second among shows I TiVo on Tuesday. (I love Gilmore Girls as well). Do you think Love Monkey is gone for good? Answer: I'm not that surprised, either, but I am also very irked that CBS didn't give this show a chance to develop and maybe even grow. What really bothers me is CBS' decision to put Love Monkey on the air without the benefit of The Amazing Race either as a lead-in or lead-out. That would have been the true test of whether this show had enough mass appeal to work on a network whose hourlong hits are all cut from the same bad cloth. (It made no sense to expect viewers to follow a random repeat of some procedural crime drama by ... read more

The Book of Daniel Many keen readers...

The Book of Daniel
Many keen readers of my commentary on this series have no doubt already sensed this, so I may as well come out of the closet, so to speak. I am a card-carrying Satan worshipper. I received my official hood and membership badge over the weekend, and I must say I look fetching in red and black (though I think the hood might be too big, as incantations cause me to hyperventilate). For those of you not already on the dark side, our aims, as detailed in the pamphlets, are to serve the whims of the man downstairs, instigate Armageddon and misspell "Terre Haute." I hope by sharing this you'll understand me a little better. Right. As much as I complain about Daniel's overabundance of subplots, this was the most satisfying episode yet, read more

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Premise: A quirky drama about an Episcopalian minister dealing with personal and professional demands who receives guidance in life via face-to-face conversations with Jesus.



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