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Latest Episode: The Ceiling Hits Bob

Mar 08, 1975 Season 3 Episode 24 watch on Hulu (Free)

When the ceiling in his office collapses, Bob attempts to conduct his therapy sessions at home.

Emily Hits the Ceiling

Feb 22, 1975 Season 3 Episode 23

Emily helps organize a children’s summer camp, then tries to persuade Bob to be one of the counselors.
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The New Look

Feb 08, 1975 Season 3 Episode 21

While Bob is away on a business trip, he gives Emily carte blanche to redecorate their apartment—unfortunately, he hates the results.
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The Way We Weren't

Jan 18, 1975 Season 3 Episode 18

Emily is shocked to find out the reason Bob won’t talk about the girl he used to date before he started dating Emily.
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Think Smartly - Vote Hartley

Jan 11, 1975 Season 3 Episode 17

Bob runs for chairman of the local school board against an incumbent that no one has seen at a board meeting for the last six months.
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Tobin's Back in Town

Jan 04, 1975 Season 3 Episode 16

Howard’s insecurities suffer a beating when Ellen’s ex-fiancé, the handsome and debonair John Tobin, arrives in town to win Ellen back.
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Life is a Hamburger

Nov 16, 1974 Season 3 Episode 10

Carol announces that she’s going to marry her eccentric writer boyfriend despite the fact that everyone thinks he’s a little weird.
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Ship Of Shrinks

Nov 09, 1974 Season 3 Episode 9

Bob's embarrassment over his published essay makes him rethink his plans to attend a psychology convention in Hawaii.
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Brutrally Yours, Bob Hartley

Nov 02, 1974 Season 3 Episode 8

Bob decides to follow his own advice regarding honesty, which promptly gets him in trouble with two dinner guests and Emily.
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Dr. Ryan's Express

Oct 26, 1974 Season 3 Episode 7

Jerry hires an elderly temporary receptionist who can’t keep anything straight—not even Bob’s name!
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The Gray Flannel Shrink

Oct 19, 1974 Season 3 Episode 6

Bob gives up most of his private practice to become the staff psychologist at Loggers Casualty Insurance Company—a move he soon regrets.
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Sorry, Wrong Mother

Oct 12, 1974 Season 3 Episode 5

Before Howard introduces Ellen to young Howie, he tries to mold her into the type of mother his son will like.
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The Bob Newhart Show: The Great Timpau Medical Arts Co-op Ex...

Apr 09, 2012 Season 3 Episode 3

Bob's busy work schedule and Emily's master's degree studying cause the couple to decide that it would be a good idea to live apart.
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