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Following the lives of the members of the Metropolitan Police Force in Sun Hill, as they try to maintain order in the fictional town of Canley in London, England, which has a reputation as a hotbed of trouble and strife. A.k.a. `Bill the XVIII.'


Guest Stars

PC Nate Roberts
DC Grace Dasari
28 Episodes (2010-2010)
DS Max Carter
25 Episodes (2010-2010)
DC Stevie Moss
22 Episodes (2010-2010)
DC Jacob Banks
21 Episodes (2010-2010)
W.P.C. Brind
DC Mickey Webb, Ged Simmons, Jack Richards
DC Kate Spears, Tania Emery
Sgt. Rachel Weston
Jamie Ross, Tristan Sturrock
Kirsty Brennan
PC Malcolm Haynes
Roland O'Brian
DCI Mawdsley
2 Episodes (2005-2005)
Julie Saunders
2 Episodes (2005-2005)
Frank Kennedy
2 Episodes (2010-2010)
Neil Chambers
1 Episode (2005)
Freddy Walker
SRO Julian 'JT' Tavell
Shane Pellow
1 Episode (2005)
PC Pete Muswell
Victor Hauptmann
Declan Hennessy
1 Episode (2005)
Darren Saunders
1 Episode (2005)
Peter Marsden
1 Episode (2005)
Geoff McKane
Michael Finney
Stephen Hadley
Johnny Margolis
Barry Jenkinson
PC George Garfield
Jonathon Sloane
Mrs. Blane
1 Episode (2005)
Lee Dwyer
1 Episode (2005)
Angela Morris
Dave Boxer
1 Episode (2005)
David Fisher
Leon Hawks
1 Episode (2005)
Charlotte Fischer
Brian Kirby
1 Episode (2005)
CSE Eddie Olosunje
Kevin Witchell


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