The Bill 1984 | TV Show Watchlist


Following the lives of the members of the Metropolitan Police Force in Sun Hill, as they try to maintain order in the fictional town of Canley in London, England, which has a reputation as a hotbed of trouble and strife. A.k.a. `Bill the XVIII.'

Active Cast

Simon Rouse DCI Jack Meadows
Andrew Paul PC Dave Quinnan
Colin Tarrant Insp. Andrew Monroe
Huw Higginson PC George Garfield
Ben Roberts Ch. Insp. Derek Conway
Tom Butcher PC Steve Loxton
Peter Ellis Ch. Supt. Charles Brownlow
Lisa Maxwell DS Samantha Nixon
Shaun Scott DI Chris Deakin
Lynne Miller WPC Cathy Marshall
John Bowler PC Roger Valentine
Kerry Peers WDC Suzi Croft
Bruce Byron DC Terry Perkins
Cyril Nri Supt. Adam Okaro
Andrea Mason WPC Debbie Keane
Natalie Roles DS Debbie McAllister
Kim Tiddy PC Honey Harman
George Rossi DC Duncan Lennox
Jon Iles DC Dashwood
Gary Lucy PC Will Fletcher
Michele Austin PC Yvonne Hemmingway
Paul Usher PC Des Taviner
Daniel Flynn Supt. John Heaton
Scott Neal PC Luke Ashton
Bernie Nolan Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy
Todd Carty PC Gabriel Kent
Steven Hartley Supt. Tom Chandler
Micah Balfour PC Benjamin Gayle
Jane Wall PC Di Worrell
Doug Rao DS Stuart Turner
Seema Bowri PC Leela Kapoor
Hywel Simons Sgt. Craig Gilmore
Sam Callis Sgt. Callum Stone

Former Cast