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The Biggest Loser Episode: "The Biggest Loser: Couples"

Season 7, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Chef Curtis Stone quizzes the contestants on the calories found in traditional Super Bowl snacks and teaches them how to make healthier swaps. Later, NFL quarterback Kurt Warner puts the players through football drills during a challenge. Also: The partners who were sent home return to the ranch for a weigh-in; one contestant heads home for a special purpose; and a player has a surprising attitude change.
Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2009
Guest Cast Curtis Stone Kurt Warner
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Season 7, Episode 4
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Aired: 1/27/2009
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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 4" Season 7, Episode 4

Last week's shocking elimination left Joelle not only still on the ranch, but with a team that had unanimously voted her out. After Jillian's team promised to vote the same as Blue, they went and ousted Damien. So now the race for immunity is on. Finally some team vs. team drama!

At home, the partners are still trying to do their best while fighting temptations and the strain of being in the real world. Aubrey is working out as much as she can, but taking care of her kids is making it a bit more challenging. Tara is wondering what Laura is doing in Miami's South Beach. "I'm sure she's playing beach volleyball and doing a ton of spinning and working out." Cut to her dancing it up in the club. On the dedicated end of the spectrum is Sione, who realizes that he does have to time to work out, he just needs to make it. Dan, meanwhile, is not so sure about his at-home partner Dave, and has a lot to be worried about, as we're shown him continuing to smoke and eat fried foods.

On the ranch, Joelle is welcoming the opportunity to work with Bob, but her teammates aren't so convinced. Kristin and Helen tell Bob that Joelle is distracting, but he calms them down. "She's here, so let's help her. But don't not help yourself." He also asks them to let it go. Surprisingly, when Bob tells Joelle to push, she actually does it, and he tells her that he's finally seeing something in her for which he's been waiting.

It's Super Bowl week on The Biggest Loser — and we all know how tempting a tailgate party can be. Curtis Stone, my favorite "take-home chef" (isn't he so adorable?), was on hand to challenge the contestants to guess how many calories were in their favorite party snacks. First up was the melt-in-your-mouth, spicy and messy goodness that is the chicken wing with a side of Ranch. They came in at 991 calories, and Dan guessed the closest. Next was a bread bowl with chili and sour cream. Kristin won by being the closest to 1,165 calories. Last up was the ever-present seven-layer dip. It came in at a whopping 1,775 calories, to which Helen guessed the closest. For the next part of the challenge, Curtis cooked up a healthy version of the wings. He used cubes of chicken breast with mustard and honey, and rosemary as the skewer which he then grilled. And if the image alone wasn't convincing, Ali sure did make me a believer in this recipe. Dan, Kristin and Helen had to then guess the calorie count in one serving (five pieces). Dan came the closest to the correct number of 230. His prize was pretty sweet, and his team was arguably the most in need of it. Curtis was to visit Dan's partner Dave at home and show him how to cook healthy meals. Dave would also receive a 2-pound pass for his weigh-in upon his possible return to the ranch. So off to North Carolina Curtis went where he showed Dave how to grocery-shop, how integral spices are, and how he can cook a pretty tasty yet healthy meal.

The Super Bowl theme continued to this week's challenge, where QB Kurt Warner was a special guest. Each contestant had a basket and the goal was to fill everyone else's, because a full basket of five footballs meant elimination. This type of challenge always plays out the same, with most people teaming up against one person to get them out first. This time it was no different. Filipe and Tara were out first, with Dane out shortly after. Strongest players were clearly the early targets. At the end it was Helen vs. Joelle, who was amazed to still be standing. In this case, that wasn't such a great honor but hey, I'll give it to her. Helen was victorious and ecstatic to know that she had won herself immunity, meaning her daughter was definitely returning to the ranch.

Back in the gym, Blaine returned from being home for the birth of his new baby boy Breckin. On Team Jillian, Dan was struggling. He wasn't pushing hard enough, and Jillian was about to make him her next victim. He even fell, but she continued to scream at him to get up. Dan finally admitted that he "never thought it was possible to
not be fat," and so was constantly coming up with excuses. Jillian got through to him by telling him he had the strength to get past it, and he went on to run the allotted time with his team cheering him on in the background.

This week's weigh-in was crucial; the final week before the at-home players could return. Joelle told Ali that she kept the light blazing all week long, and Bob and Filipe even said that she worked out harder than ever before. So was it enough to keep her in the game? Before they could find out, Ali had another surprise in store — the at-home players were there! Everyone was so excited and Filipe's reaction was great. There were tears and hugs abound. Helen went first since she had immunity, and lost a respectable 6 pounds. Here's how everyone else fared.

Mike and Ron, Brown, lost 9 and 7 for a total of 2.21%
Blaine and Dane, Black, lost 11 and 15 for a total of 3.81%
Filipe, Blue, lost 13 for a total of 4.01%
Tara, Green, lost 12 for a total of 4.55%
Kristin, Purple, lost 12 for a total of 3.70%
Mandi, Yellow, lost 10 for a total of 4.22%
Dan, Orange, lost 12 for a total of 2.96%
Joelle, Silver, lost 10 for a total of 3.47%

Talk about pulling big numbers! Orange and Brown fell below the yellow line with a tough decision ahead for their teammates. Ron was torn up, blaming himself and asked that they kick him to the curb but keep his son Mike. Dan reminded everyone that they all need to be there and that it's tough because Brown was so instrumental in keeping him around two weeks prior. He also made it known that he loves everything about the ranch. His teammate, though, not so much. Dave made it clear that it can be done from home and admitted it would be hard to be on the ranch.

The elimination was a nail-biter and I didn't even have my mind set on who I wanted to see stay. Pink, Purple and Silver and Blue voted Orange out while Yellow, Black and Green voted Brown out. The most powerful moment was when Tara yelled at Dave for not getting why he needed to stay. She was pissed off that 250,000 people tried out and that his partner Dan was "working his ass off" to get him back. "You need to be here. This kid doesn't get it. I'm gonna make you get it," she yelled. "The truth is my commitment is here, my heart is not," Dave responded. He felt that he'd feel trapped on the ranch and at this point, Filipe got upset. He explained that being trapped is not being able to see your wife or kids but that he'll endure it so that he can live longer for them. In the end, it didn't matter what anyone said because Orange was going home and father-and-son Team Brown were staying. Did you agree with the vote?

Check out my Q&A with last week's cast-off Damien here and be sure to check back for an interview with Dan to come!

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Last week's shocking elimination left Joelle not only still on the ranch, but with a team that had unanimously voted her out. After Jillian's team promised to vote the same as Blue, they went and ousted Damien. So now the race for immunity is on. Finally some team vs. team drama! read more

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