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The Biggest Loser Episode: "The Biggest Loser: Families"

Season 6, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: A 1980s-themed challenge changes the players' clothes and workouts. Elsewhere, a rift between two contestants causes tension in the house.
Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2008

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Season 6, Episode 10
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Aired: 11/18/2008
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The Biggest Loser: Families Episode Recap: "Week 9" Season 6, Episode 10

After last week's highly talked about episode (I've never seen so many comments!), I couldn't imagine this week to get any crazier. Well it did, only not in a talking smack about other players way (we're used to that by now), but in a 1980's themed way. That's right this week was all about shoulder pads, scrunchies and short shorts. So let's get to recapping.

Everyone on the ranch was shocked that Amy voted Brady out but for her it came down to 1 simple fact. Amy had the highest percentage loss in the house, followed by Brady, and needed to think about herself and the game for once. Eliminating her competitor didn't do much to simplify things though. While Black stood by her, Blue no longer could trust her. Even Ed admitted that she should be nervous because Vicky is crazy. I've never heard such harsh words on The Biggest Loser before but Vicky is at no shortage for them. She called Amy a "stupid, backstabbing bitch" who "screwed it up for them." Heba smartly decides that she doesn't want to get involved in the mess; she just needs her and Ed to stay above the line. Vicky on the other hand wants revenge and she makes that loud and clear by putting up a sign on her door that says just that.

Bob was shocked to see Brady gone. After hearing Vicky's side of the story, he went to talk to Amy about it, who was clearly having a tough time after the fact. This is why I heart Bob. Although he's disappointed that he's down a Blue team member, he tells Amy that she has to take care of herself and do what she has to do to stay on the ranch. He reminds her of when Eric from Season 3 voted out Marty, who was the last member of his own team. He was also his biggest threat and needed to do that in order to eventually win the game. "Can you handle this?" Bob asks. "Absolutely," Amy replies.

So next thing we know a Delorean pulls up and stepping out of the 1980's is Alison Sweeney. It's like totally '80s week! I have to say Alison not only looked the part, but acted it as well. Teased, crimped hair, purple boots, shoulder pads and all. Back in the house their bitchin' 80's clothes awaited them. There was even Pacman! Ed immediately thought back to his so-called "golden years" when he donned his crotch-hugging shorts. "I make the '80s look pretty good," he said. Can anyone actually make the '80s look good? Then it was time for each team to meet their trainer at 24 hr fitness. Black got to experiment with break dancing and really got into it with "Maniac" playing in the background. Blue also got to do some dancing of their own to "I'm So Excited." Heba was both proud and embarrassed by Ed. Meanwhile Vicky was sick looking at Amy which worried Bob that if his team didn't talk, they'd fall apart.

The challenge, in my mind, was an homage to the classic '80s show, You Can't Do That On Television. Each person was holding a barrel filled with 50% of their body weight in water, and had to keep it balanced so as to not let the bucket dump over their head. Apparently the 1980's were a turning point in food and fitness — obesity was first acknowledged then— and so they were fed trivia questions regarding the era. If they answered correctly they could add water to someone else's barrel. If they answered incorrectly, water was added to their own barrel. We learned some interesting tidbits during the challenge. Obesity rates have doubled since the '80s, it was first recognized as a disease in 1985, the percentage of Americans with Diabetes has increased 300%, today's most common women's dress size is 14 while it was an 8 in 1985, and today women between 20 and 39 consume an extra 385 calories a day, enough to gain 26.7 pounds a year. Wow! The challenge came down to mother and daughter Renee and Michelle but when Michelle bargained that she'd buy her mom a designer purse if she dropped, Renee obliged and let her daughter have it. The prize was a choice between 5000 bucks and giving a 1 pound penalty to another person at weigh-in.

We also got to see a pretty sweet moment with Coleen, which was an indicator of how the elimination was going to play out. She tried on a top that she had bought before coming onto The Biggest Loser: Families and it fit. Whereas before she was a 2x, she could now fit into a medium. The sheer look on her face made me smile.  

At the weigh-in, Michelle announced that she decided to not take the money, but instead give the 1 pound penalty to Vicky. Isn't payback wonderful? Here's how the numbers fell:

Michelle- lost 8 pounds for a total of 4.12%
Renee- lost 8 pounds for a total of 3.72%
Ed- lost 11 pounds for a total of 4.03%
Heba- lost 7 pounds for a total of 2.94%
Coleen- lost 3 pounds for a total of 1.76%

At this point things got pretty emotional. Coleen knew that her low number would put her at risk to go home and when Alison asked Jillian to comment, the woman could barely speak. Finally she got out, "You're gonna be fine. No matter what, I'm always gonna be in your life, no matter what happens." Bob, on the other hand, was shocked that both Coleen and Jillian were basically admitting defeat. Back to the weigh-in.

Amy- lost 8 pounds for a total of 4.42% (1st place again)
Vicky- lost 6 pounds for a total of 2.59% with the penalty

So it's Coleen and Vicky below the yellow line. Like last week, there was no deliberation hour and also like last week, the votes came down to Amy. I found it amusing how Vicky commented that it would be Amy's fault if she went home considering Vicky was the one who fell below the yellow line. But anywho, Amy ended up voting for Coleen. What a disappointment!! She had her chance to get rid of Vicky but I guess didn't want to continue to burn bridges with her allies. Bummer. Loved Coleen, sad to see her go, but at least she's returning to a loving family and an adorable boyfriend. Good luck at home Team Yellow!

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After last week's highly talked about episode (I've never seen so many comments!), I couldn't imagine this week to get any crazier. Well it did, only not in a talking smack about other players way (we're used to that by now), but in a 1980's themed way. That's right this week was all about shoulder pads, scrunchies and short shorts. So let's get to recapping. read more

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