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The Biggest Loser Episode: "The Biggest Loser: Couples"

Season 7, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: A player wins a 24-hour visit from a loved one after acing a balancing test. Later, the teams compete in an endurance challenge before the next elimination.
Original Air Date: Feb 10, 2009

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Season 7, Episode 6
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Aired: 2/10/2009
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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 6" Season 7, Episode 6

After last week's elimination of Joelle and Carla, the Brown team was left feeling pretty lucky, yet again. For the second week in a row, they were in the bottom two, and admitted that they probably would've been sent packing had they been up against anyone other than Silver. So it's time for them to kick it in gear.

Alison makes an early appearance when she has the teams follow her outside for their first "pop" challenge. Each contestant has to stand on a block with just one foot. Simple concept, yet these are often the most draining type of challenge. The reward, although no immunity, was an important one since it meant that the last person standing would get to re-connect with someone they love for 24 hours on campus. Ron is out first, no surprise there, with Kristin next. Tara then tries to break people's concentration and show off different poses, which backfires when she loses balance and either purposely or accidentally jumps in the pool. Shannon falls next, knocking her mother Helen in the process. And then comes the negotiations. "Let me see my husband," Mandi says to Filipe. This is why I love him. He steps off with the mentality that in his heart it was the right thing to do. After 10 minutes of standing on one foot it is down to Blaine, Mandi and Aubrey. Blaine, having just been home, steps off and Aubrey follows leaving Mandi as the winner.

Mandi excitedly tells Jillian what she wins except Jillian is the opposite of happy for her, and she actually tells her that Mandi is the last person she wanted to win this. She wonders if Mandi is strong enough to deal with the conflict and distraction of her husband.

After a nice Yoga session with the team, Bob takes his players on a hike to Subway, except once they get there they learn that it's just a pit stop, and their actual lunch stop is another two miles away. Tricky Bob, tricky. They finally arrive and the team indulges in their choice of any "fresh fit" meal. I'm usually not one for product placement, but this time around, it actually made me want to go out and get me some Subway.

This week is another "harder than it looks" challenge where each team has to hold a bar above their head. At an hour, all teams are still in it and the game changes to the no switching arm rule. Blue soon loses focus and gets out, a surprise for such a strong team. Brown and Black are next, and at the two-hour mark, the shift is made to now keeping both hands on the bar. After three full hours, only Green and Purple remain. Kristin is determined to win after coming close a few weeks ago against Tara. Tara tries to bargain with her but it's to no avail. Laura soon loses her strength and just like that, Purple wins immunity. Another deserving team, in my opinion.

Mandi's husband arrives on the ranch, and as an added bonus, so do her boys. When she asks them what they want for breakfast, her 4-year-old says ice cream and she immediately remarks that changes will be made for their entire family, all around. She also treats her husband Rusty to a workout, to show him just how tough it is. For someone who was noted earlier in the episode as unsupportive of this experience, he seems pretty into it. Unfortunately, Mandi's last hour with the fam is during the last chance workout, which doesn't sit well with Jillian. She gives her a hard time, but Mandi still decides to spend the hour with her husband and kids and not in the gym.

At the weigh-in, Purple goes first since they have immunity. Kristin actually gains two pounds, while Cathy loses two, which is pretty upsetting since she just stated her hopes for finally being under 300 pounds. But with a positive attitude as always, Kristin says she won't let it get her down. Here's how everyone else did:

Helen and Shannon, Pink, lost 5 and 5 for a total of 2.16 percent.
Laura and Tara, Green, lost 3 and 11 for a total of 2.85 percent.
Filipe and Sione, Blue, lost 10 and 11 for a total 3.37 percent.
Blaine and Dane, Black, lost 4 and 5 for a total of 1.41 percent.
Mandi and Aubrey, Yellow, lost 6 and 1 for a total of 1.57 percent.
Mike and Ron, Brown, lost 13 and 5 for a total of 2.59 percent.

I'm always amazed when eating more pays off, as is the case with Mike on the Brown team who was told by Bob he wasn't consuming enough calories. Black falls below the yellow line, and since we're getting toward the latter half of the season, it's time to make an elimination within one team. As Bob hugs everyone, he whispers, "Dane and no-one else." Who knew Bob was so into game-play? Blaine asks to go home since he'd like to return to his 3-week-old and also thinks he's learned what he has to learn and can lose the rest at home. After his plea, the teams discuss what they want to do. Was anyone else surprised at how strongly people felt to keep Dane in the game, when we've barely seen him all season? Apparently he's the back-bone of many players, which has probably been lost in the editing room. The conflict that arises is that many of the teams feel that although Blaine wants to go home, he's really the one who needs to stay, and that in terms of strategy, he's also the weaker of the two. Emotions are stirred as Kristin brings up Damien's elimination a few weeks ago, when he really deserved to stay on the ranch yet was eliminated over Joelle, who was arguably a weaker player.

After much deliberation, it's time to reveal some votes. Pink goes with sending Dane home, stating that they think he can lose the weight at home. Brown, Green, Blue and Purple go on to vote Blaine out, fulfilling his wish to be the one sent packing. Blaine tells his fellow contestants that he's grateful for the opportunity and better from the few weeks he spent with them.

Do you think Blaine made the right choice to leave the ranch?

Check out my Q&A with last week's eliminated contestant Joelle here.

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After last week's elimination of Joelle and Carla, the Brown team was left feeling pretty lucky, yet again. For the second week in a row, they were in the bottom two, and admitted that they probably would've been sent packing had they been up against anyone other than Silver. So it's time for them to kick it in gear. read more

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