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The Biggest Loser Episode: "The Biggest Loser: Couples"

Season 7, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: A contestant wins the chance to bring a trainer home for a reunion with his or her partner. Elsewhere, the players meet with Dr. Huizenga to assess their progress after three weeks, and immunity is awarded to the winner of a jump-rope challenge.
Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2009

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Season 7, Episode 3
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Aired: 1/20/2009
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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 3" Season 7, Episode 3

After the elimination of Jerry last week, the Biggest Loser contestants were sad about letting him go and disappointed that Joelle was able to stay. So does she redeem herself and prove she belongs on the ranch? Not so much.

Once again we were treated to some at-home updates and the temptations that they've been struggling with (well maybe just the men are struggling with). The women seem to be faring better: Aubrey has switched to turkey bacon, Shannon orders plain chicken breast and even when Laura is out with friends she sticks to tuna and sea bass.

Back on campus, it's time to be tempted. The contestants walk in to find a counter filled with food, each listing the amount of calories it contains. We've seen this one on previous seasons, but this time the at-home partners were involved as well. Each person would have their five minutes alone to decide how much, or how little, to eat. The team that racks up the most amount of calories has to train alone at home with their trainer. A good prize, but worth the cals? A few previews showed Damien inhaling the scents of the food trying to satisfy his meat tooth, Mandy tearing up while eating a slice of pizza in hopes that it will be enough to go home and see her boys and Joelle making a huge plate for herself. After everyone has gone, Alison reveals who had eaten what. While Filipe ate nothing, his partner Sione did the opposite. He scarfed down two slices of pizza and a taco to take the lead. Many of the teams stayed faithful to their diet. Team Purple ate nothing, as did Red, Pink, Green, Black and Brown. And then came Silver. Joelle shockingly changes her mind (pre-bite no less) and decides not to do it. Her partner Carla, on the other hand, ate away.  "Don't get mad, I need to see you!" was her justification. Joelle was pretty thrilled she was heading home for a bit, but her excitement upset Mandy, who missed her family. 

Later in the gym, Bob learns he's going to Detroit — and what a trip it was. Once again, Joelle is the target of a blow-up, but this time, it's her partner Carla doing all the yelling. She's pretty upset that Joelle isn't pulling her weight (or losing it for that matter) as much as she should. Carla is urging her to sweat twice as hard for her, but Joelle remains blank and vacant (it was actually pretty odd). Things heat up as Carla yells, "You ain't showing me nothing. I'm trying to push you to see that this is for us." Later on at dinner, Joelle continues to be passive. Carla asks her to push on so that she can come back, and finally the tears come out as Carla admits she's mad that Joelle got the stay on the ranch and she didn't. Bob asks Joelle what she has to say, and all she mutters is, "Carla, I have vision for the both of us to come forth, to push." What does that even mean? Carla tells her it's unacceptable, and Bob steps in to say, "You have made your point." They just need to think about getting through the next weigh-in.

Back in Los Angeles, Bob and Joelle are back and it is time for the challenge. Once again, this looks familiar. Each person has to continually jump over a beam and not break it as it gets faster and faster. The winner gets immunity yet again. Joelle is the first one out, followed by Ron, Dan and Helen. Soon Damien is out and it's down to Mandy, Tara, Dane and Kristin. Although Mandy feels she could go all day long, something happens and she breaks the beam. After an hour and 45 minutes, Dane is out. Kristin feels a surge of adrenaline and desperately wants the win, but after 2 hours and 45 minutes, she breaks the beam leaving Tara victorious — again. But it's also bittersweet as she tells everyone, "I love Kristin," and didn't exactly enjoy beating her.

The last chance work-out is pretty standard. Joelle's talking to herself gets a bit annoying, especially when she says "no excuses" and then gives up. Jillian comments that she likes watching other people suffer and Bob almost makes Mike cry with his leg presses.

At the weigh-in, Tara goes first since she had immunity. She lost a solid 8 pounds. Here's how everyone else did:

Helen, Pink, lost 6 pounds for a total of 2.53%
Mandi, Yellow, lost 8 for a total of 3.27%
Joelle, Silver, lost 6 for a total of 2.04%
Filipe, Blue, lost 14 for a total of 4.14%
Mike and Ron, Brown, lost 11 and 9 for a total of 2.68%
Blaine and Dane, Black, lost 12 and 18 for a total of 4.21%
Damien, Red, lost 4 for a total of 1.13%
Daniel, Orange, lost 15 for a total of 3.56%.
Kristin, Purple, lost 7 for a total of 2.11%

So it's Damien and Joelle below the yellow line. No-brainer, right? Wrong. Even after a deliberations, where Joelle hesitates upon being asked, "Do you want to be here?" and Jillian's team agrees to send her home (thinking Bob would follow suit), it all went downhill. Filipe, Mike, Ron, Kristin and Helen voted to send Joelle packing. But Black turns it around voting Damien, with Tara, Mandy and Dan doing the same. I guess their thought was that Joelle needed to be there because she wouldn't be able to do it on her own. Well, tough. Shouldn't someone who gave 110% be able to stay? It also could've been strictly game play as Joelle won't be winning her team any challenges any time soon.

So what do you think? Did Joelle deserve another week?

Check out my Q+A with Damien here!

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After the elimination of Jerry last week, the Biggest Loser contestants were sad about letting him go and disappointed that Joelle was able to stay. So does she redeem herself and prove she belongs on the ranch? Not so much. read more

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