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The Biggest Loser Episode: "The Biggest Loser: Couples"

Season 7, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: The players go home for 30 days to learn to keep up their healthy lifestyles outside the ranch. Upon their return to campus, the players compete in the season's final challenge: running a full marathon. After the weigh-in, the final two are revealed, along with the two players competing for the third spot in the finale. Also: Former contestants Ali Vincent, Michelle Aguilar, Jim Germanakos, Heba Salama and Bernie Salazar turn out to offer inspiration to the players.
Original Air Date: May 5, 2009

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Season 7, Episode 19
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Aired: 5/5/2009
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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 18" Season 7, Episode 19

We're finally down to the final four, and the episode opens with a look back at each of the remaining contestants from 17 weeks ago. Wow, what a difference. The contestants embark on their journey at home for 30 days, but will be back for their final weigh-in on campus.

Each player is excited to get home, but the contestants are all nervous about keeping up their new lifestyles in their old surroundings. And what happened to saying goodbye to the trainers and seeing the blow-up, life-size version of themselves that we've been treated to in past seasons?

At home, it's warm welcomes all around and speeches galore. Looking back at Mike is astounding. He was a closet eater who ate fast food in his car, and now he spends his days in the gym. His father Ron feels responsible for his kids' weight and now needs to get his other son Max on track. Helen pulls her old clothes out and starts crying. "I can't believe that I thought this was okay," she says. Tara, meanwhile, gets to see how her mom's new kitchen looks — the reward she won in week 15. Not only did her mom get a kitchen makeover with all new appliances, but it's stocked with Biggest Loser products and Jennie-O everything.

Just as everyone is settling in back at home, a Biggest Loser box arrives at their doorstep. In it is a video of Alison explaining their last — and perhaps toughest — challenge: 26 days from now, they will have to complete a full marathon. But before that, the trainers make at-home visits to their trainees. First, Jillian visits Mike, who admits he's not doing OK. He tells her he is stressed about the marathon, and even Jillian says she's never even competed in a marathon before. Mike wanted to come home and teach Max to get on track, but he knows he needs to focus on himself. So Jillian refocuses his mind and gets him in touch with his power. They go back to the house where Mike says doesn't want to see Max fat anymore. Mike admits it brings up his own pain and suffering, and Jill tells him he needs to feel the depth of that pain before he can come through on the other side.

Next up, Jillian heads to Long Island to surprise Tara. Jillian immediately notices that Tara's room is a disaster, and Tara unravels as she tells Jillian that she's afraid to move back in because she doesn't want her life back. She even opened up a bag of chips in the grocery store after six hours of working out. Jillian tells her that she can't live the rest of her life about pita chips. Tara has gone from overeating to compulsive exercising, and Jillian shows her she needs a balance by working out, and then taking her for a drink to catch up.

Bob goes to Ron's house, where he trains both him and his other son, Max. Afterwards, Bob wants to talk nutrition and tells Ron to go out and get whatever he'd get on weekends. This, of course, is a double cheeseburger, fries and milkshake. Bob cuts the burger to demonstrate exactly how much of it he'd eat to consume the 600 calories he needs, and then he takes him to Subway so that they can get more nutritious food for the same amount.

The last at-home visit is with Jillian and Helen. As soon as she walks in on her and her hubby at breakfast, the waterworks begin. Can we ever get through a scene without Helen crying? Helen and Jillian go back to the house, where Helen is going nuts trying to make Jillian happy, just as she does with the rest of her family. Jill tells her to sit down, have a glass of wine and take a breath. "Oh my God, Jillian I'm so tired," Helen confesses. She's made it so far, and she doesn't want to let anyone down.

Time for the marathon in Malibu. During his training, Mike hurt his hip and now he has to walk the entire 26 miles, according to his doctors. Tara and Helen start off running, and at mile four, they're joined by Tara's friend and Helen's husband Russell. Once Mike and Ron reach mile four, they're joined by Max and one of Ron's friends. But by mile five Ron is in trouble with his knee pain. He wonders if he'll be able to continue. Contestants from seasons past show up as Ali Vincent is there to run with Tara and Michelle is there to encourage Helen. Bernie is with Mike, whose mind is set on the fact that he's not really completing a marathon because he's not running it. But Bernie insists that he needs to give himself credit — that it doesn't matter how he crosses the finish line. Jillian is waiting at mile 25 and Tara is the first one there. Together they run (Jillian put your hair up!), and Tara finishes in 4 hours, 56 minutes. About an hour later, Helen completes the race at 5:48. Mike then finishes at 8:58. Apparently the contestants taped messages to themselves in week one, though I'm sure they never believed they'd come this far.

Only Ron is left, and although he's not looking so good at mile 16, he's sets his mind to finishing. With the help of previous at-home winner Jim and Michelle, Ali, Bernie and Heba, he gets going again. Bob joins at mile 21 and then Max, Helen and Tara do as well. Mike is waiting for his dad at the finish line in tears, and at 13 hours, 16 minutes, Ron & Co. cross the finish line. All four of the finalists receive 10,000 dollars for the charity of their choice.

It's now the final weigh-in, and Ron is up first. He began the competition at 430 pounds and is now down to 279; so, he lost another 10 pounds and 3.46 percent body fat at home. Even Jillian is impressed. Next is Mike, who began at 388 pounds. He loses 10 pounds and 4.46 percent at, bringing his weight to 214. He's certainly not thrilled with this percentage of loss while at home. Helen weighs in next. She started week one at 257 pounds, and after losing another 7 pounds at home, she's down to 147. "Look at what I've done, what I've accomplished here!" she says. Tara started off at 294 pounds and today, she is 159. She lost 10 pounds and 5.92 percent  at home. "I have bigger things to go to now, a life to finally live," she cries. She also has the highest total percentage of weight-loss in the competition and has stayed above the yellow line for every single weigh-in thus far.

So Tara and Helen are definitely finalists, with America deciding if either Ron or Mike will join them. They plead to the camera why they should be chosen, and Ron says his son Michael gave the trip he won to his parents and the groceries reward to Aubrey. Ron says Mike deserves the opportunity to finish the competition, and I couldn't agree more.

Who do you want to join Helen and Tara in the finale? Who is your pick to win the grand prize?

Check here for my chat with Ron and Mike about being below the yellow line.

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We're finally down to the final four, and the episode opens with a look back at each of the remaining contestants from 17 weeks ago. Wow, what a difference. The contestants embark on their journey at home for 30 days, but will be back for their final weigh-in on campus. read more

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