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The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Panty Piñata Polarization"

Season 2, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: It's an all-out war between Penny and Sheldon when he bans her from the apartment for what she thinks are petty infractions.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2008
Guest Cast Analeigh Tipton: Analeigh
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Season 2, Episode 7
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Length: 17:33:51
Aired: 11/10/2008
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The Big Bang Theory Episode Recap: "The Panty Piñata Polarization" Season 2, Episode 7

In this week's episode Penny finds herself getting into a confrontation that gets her banned from the guys apartment. We also find Howard on a search for the next Mrs. Wolowitz, but in a very peculiar place.

The episode began with the guys playing Boggle...but not just any normal family Boggle game, it was "Klingon Boggle." (I would attempt to quote some of the names they came up with, but I'm sure I would butcher the spelling) Eventually Penny came barging into the apartment and went straight to the television in order to watch her favorite reality show, America's Next Top Model. As soon as the show came on, the guys were mesmerized with the screen (except Sheldon of course who continued the Klingon Boggle game by himself.) Beautiful models attempting to win a reality show is the concept of the show, and this was very intriguing to the guys. As they all watched the show, Howard became particularly fixated at the women on the show. "That is the future Mrs. Wolowitz," Howard states. Penny tells him that not only is it filmed in their local town of Los Angeles, but this is a show where all the supermodels live in a house together and one by one an individual gets kicked out.

The next scene we find Raj and Howard sitting in front of the TV watching America's Next Top Model...and obviously getting into the show more and more as they comment on who they like and didn't like on the show. They even get a freeze frame of the Top Model house so they can get a better idea of where it is located. One of the greatest quotes of the episode was Howard's response to Penny when she asked why he was trying to find the house. In true Howard fashion, he explains that they kick out a girl, the girls loses all self esteem in the mean time, and then that is where he comes in and he'll find the future Mrs. Wolowitz. I can totally see that happening, can't you?

Finally, Leonard comes back to the apartment with the take-out food and the entire game is sitting in front of the television. (I think every episode someone is eating some kind of take-out food) Sheldon gets up from his "spot" for a few seconds and Penny grabs an onion ring from Sheldon's plate. After this moment, not only was Raj's screech hilarious but Penny was completely confused on why taking one onion ring was a bad thing. She reluctantly places it back, but as soon as Sheldon returned to his seat, he knew that someone had touched his food. Sheldon quickly responds, "That is your second strike." (The first being a cat e-mail Penny forwarded to Sheldon and I can't blame him for getting made at her for that.) And finally Penny gets a third strike by sitting in Sheldon's "spot" and refusing to move. This final strike sends Penny kicked out of the apartment, just like one of the Top Model women, and she finds herself banished until further notice.

The next scene shows the guys sitting at the Cheesecake Factory, and Penny repeating their very specific food orders back to them....everyone's except Sheldon's of course. When he asks why he didn't get his order repeated, Penny tells him that he is banished. "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Sheldon." Does anyone else want to have that made into a t-shirt except me? Anyway, Leonard tries to mediate the situation and just wants Penny to apologize so everyone can move on with their lives, but she refuses. Eventually Penny comes back with the guys' food, and after Sheldon had a conversation with the manager, she even returned with Sheldon's food. But Penny had the last laugh when she told him, "Go ahead, eat it...I dare you." I think it is great how Penny is taking a stand and fighting back to Sheldon's obsessive ways. As much as I love Sheldon, he gets away with everything!

Penny and Sheldon continue getting into confrontations (even ruining one of Sheldon's favorite days...Laundry Day), so Leonard decides to take matters into his own hand. He walks over to Penny's place and hands her a piece of paper...not only does this simple piece of paper hold very important information, but Leonard explains that this is "Sheldon's Kryptonite." We eventually find out that this "kryptonite" is Sheldon's mom. The conversation between him and his mom was classic. It consisted of him standing there pouting like he was a little boy and yelling into the phone, "no, that's not fair!" Great scene! Sheldon had no choice but to listen to what mother Cooper said and apologize to Penny...and surprisingly he does exactly that. Penny even asks Sheldon, "Can I sit wherever I want?" The look of concern was would of thought she asked him to name a theorem after her. But she eventually takes it back and he replies..."Penny, well played." And I must give Penny some credit too. Kudos to you, Penny.

The final scene shows Howard and Raj dressed as cable guys at the door of the America's Next Top Model house. They finally did it! They got into the house. Raj asks, "What do we do now?" Howard very firmly responds, "Follow Mrs. Wolowitz."

So, what did everyone think of the episode? I thought it was great to see an episode that centered around the entire group, instead of just one individual.  And where has Leslie been these past few episodes? Other than a few little one-liners, we haven't seen much of her lately. I also want to say congrats to The Big Bang Theory and all the loyal viewers of the show...they reached a ratings milestone last week of 9.9 million viewers!

Below are some of the great quotes of the nights usual there are many, so feel free and comment on the many I'm sure I missed. Until next week...

"Did you pay your cable bill?" — Leonard
"You sound just like the cable company." — Penny

"Oh honey, the bus doesn't go where you live. — Penny responding to Sheldon

"On of us, One of us." — Howard at the table talking to Penny

"Would you be willing to take his class?" — Leonard asking Penny after she was banished.

"Telephone wires can't electrify you...can they? — Penny

"With great power comes great responsibility." — Sheldon
"Understood." — Penny

"No Shirts, No Shoes, No Sheldon." — Sorry, just had to repeat this quote.

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In this week's episode Penny finds herself getting into a confrontation that gets her banned from the guys apartment. We also find Howard on a search for the next Mrs. Wolowitz, but in a very peculiar place.

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