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The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Financial Permeability"

Season 2, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Sheldon helps Penny with a financial crisis, but his solution leads to a confrontation between Leonard and Penny's burly ex-boyfriend Kurt (Brian Patrick Wade).
Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2009

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Season 2, Episode 14
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Aired: 2/2/2009
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The Big Bang Theory Episode Recap: "The Financial Permeability" Season 2, Episode 14

This week, Sheldon lends money to Penny in order to help her out with bills, but this leads to a confrontation between Leonard and Penny's ex-boyfriend, Kurt.

The episode began with the guys looking at their magic erase board, only to find that it wasn't a theorem they were discussing, but rather a strategy to find the most logical path to go to a restaurant, grab an icy, and still make it to the movie theater in time. Eventually they decide there was "no Sheldon approved movie theater near a Sheldon approved Restaurant," so this leads them to come up with the only solution: leave without Sheldon. And they did exactly that.

The next scene shows Sheldon about to enter his apartment (while the others were out enjoying a movie), when all of a sudden Penny frantically runs up the steps. "Shut the door, shut the door!" She eventually runs into his apartment and then Sheldon, following her directions, shuts the door, leaving him outside in the hallway and her inside the apartment (LOL). Penny then opens the door, drags Sheldon in the apartment, and puts her ear closely to the door. Sheldon soon imitates what she is doing and states, "I don't understand what social situation this is." Penny finally tells Sheldon that she is low on rent and without any hesitation Sheldon gives her money to borrow. (The money was conveniently placed inside a fake can of peanuts with a couple fake snakes inside the can "guarding it.") One of my favorite scenes is when a very hesitant Penny takes the money from Sheldon. Like a kid in a candy store she continued to take a bill, then give it back, then take a little more.

The next few scenes show that lending money was an easy thing for Sheldon, but Penny is not taking it so easily (or calmly). During a run-in with Sheldon and Leonard by the mailboxes, she freaks out when a package came, quickly explaining to him that this was a purchase from months before. In another scene while the gang is eating Chinese food, Penny thinks Sheldon was interrogating her because she ordered Chinese food and storms out of the apartment.

Leonard soon follows Penny and walks in to find her eating food in the dark. In order to help her out of her financial situation, he offers to take a look at her bills to see if there is anything she can cut. She wasn't willing to cut anything (not even her "professional acting" class), but then Leonard comes across a $1,800 court bill. Penny explains that she bailed her ex-boyfriend, Kurt, out of jail because he got arrested for peeing on a cop car while intoxicated. (Good job there Kurt! Would any of you spend that kind of money to bail your significant other out for doing that?) She also states that she refused to call Kurt, so this is when Leonard goes back to the apartment with an idea: He was going to get that money back from Kurt in person.

Leonard gets the guys to come with him to Kurt's apartment (after heavy begging and even relating this situation to The Lord of the Rings to get them to go). Standing in front of the door, the guys look more than a little nervous. "There's four of us and one of him," Leonard says. Sheldon quickly replies, "which means his triumph with be larger." Kurt opens the door and remembers who Leonard is (or "Lenny" as he calls him), but had no idea who the others are... including Sheldon. Leonard explains to Kurt that he needs to return the money that he owes Penny. "She'll get it when she gets it," was Kurt's response as he then shuts the door in his face. "I got it! He doesn't remember me because I was in a Halloween costume!" Sheldon says. Leonard wants to knock again, but the guys want nothing more to do with this and walk away from Leonard. A few seconds later, they are all driving back... and the camera eventually pans over to Leonard driving the car with "I owe Penny $1,800 — Kurt" written in permanent marker on his forehead. Sheldon calls this mark a "warrior's wound."

In the final scene, Penny comes over and returns the money that she owed Sheldon. She tells him that Kurt ended up "randomly" coming by and repaid her. Leonard tries to ask Penny if Kurt mentioned as to why he suddenly returned her money, but she says no and seems smitten by the idea of Kurt coming by to give it back. She even tells them that they are having dinner the following day. Poor Leonard. He can never save the day and get the girl too.

So, what did everyone think of this weeks episode? It was nice to see that even though Sheldon can be completely annoying and unbearable at times, he has no problem lending someone money when they are in need. It almost brought a tear to my eye... almost. Something tells me though that if Penny would borrow an action figure from Sheldon, he would be a lot more protective of his belongings. Feel free to comment below and tell me what you thought! Also, here is a little bit of COOL NEWS about the (now infamous) napkin from the Bath Item Gift Hypothesis episode. Until next week!

"Excuse what universe is a slurpee and icy." ~ Sheldon

"Raj was wondering if he wore tight jeans and a tank top then he could get free food." ~ Leonard

"If your ever short, there's $50 in Green Lantern's ass." ~Leonard

"He has a nervous bladder when he's stressed out." ~Leonard explaining why Raj ran to the bathroom

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This week, Sheldon lends money to Penny in order to help her out with bills, but this leads to a confrontation between Leonard and Penny's ex-boyfriend, Kurt.
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