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The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Killer Robot Instability"

Season 2, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Penny wounds Wolowitz with a comment about his love life, prompting him to abandon friends who need him for a fighting-robot contest. Barry Kripke: John Ross Bowie.
Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2009
Guest Cast John Ross Bowie: Barry Kripke Carol Ann Susi: Mrs. Wolowitz
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Season 2, Episode 12
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Length: 20:32:32
Aired: 1/12/2009
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The Big Bang Theory Episode Recap: "The Killer Robot Instability" Season 2, Episode 12

In this episode, a depressed Howard goes into hiding after Penny makes a rude comment about his love life. Meanwhile, the guys build a robot that they eventually use to battle.

The episode began with the guys standing in a circle completing the metallic monster toy they called, "Monte." In true Robot Wars fashion, they placed it on the ground (followed by a quick chant of "Die, robot, die!") and had it destroy a toaster. Did anyone else feel bad for the toaster? Shortly after the killing spree, we see Penny walking up the stairs in the hallway and Monte comes smashing through the door...scaring the pants off of Penny.

The next scene showed the gang in the hallway, looking at the destruction Monte caused. "Oh yeah, this door got the full Monte," Howard exclaimed. Eventually Howard started to make his typical "Howard" statements and began hitting on Penny and offending her. Penny must have had some pent up anger and let loose on Howard. She let him know that not only is he pathetic and creepy, but no woman was ever going to be with him. I have to admit, I felt a little bad for Howard. I know he had it coming, but she could have put it in a little better (and nicer) way.

Next, we find Howard hibernating in his room. Leonard tries to call and talk to Howard, but Howard doesn't want to speak to anyone. Leonard is worried about Howard, but this conversation is interrupted by Barry Kripke. Kripke is also a robot maker (or as he would put it, a "Wobot" maker) and challenges the guys to a Robot War.

After a brief talk from Leonard, Penny eventually decides she is going to go to Howard's place and apologize for what she said. And during this scene at Howard's, I thought to myself: Could this be the day we meet Howard's mom? But I was disappointed. Penny met his mom and she wasn't shown on the TV (just her lovely and comforting voice, ha!.) After I got over the disappointment, Penny did apologize to Howard and actually had a heartfelt conversation with him. Howard ended up confiding in Penny and talking about the many girls that have hurt him in the past. Every...single...girl. Penny lets him know that he is trying too hard, but that that she likes this Howard. Howard must have taken this statement a little too literally because (in an extreme close-up and hysterical scene) we find Howard slowly going in for the kiss. His mouth was puckered, eyes closed, and he went for it, but the in the end the only thing he got was a nice punch in the face from Penny. Do you think Howard was being genuine at all in his conversation with Penny? Or is it just impossible for him to shut off that side of "Howard?"

Finally, it was time for the robot showdown! In one corner we find Kripke's robot. A large, metallic beast that looked pretty intimidating. "It can cut through steal like wubber!" In the other corner is the guys' robot Monte, a smaller robot with one saw on top but also with brand new batteries. Sheldon is eventually shown driving Monte away from the other robot and running for his life because Kripke's robot shoots fire. "Don't hurt us, Don't hurt us, Don't hurt us!"

In the end, Monte was destroyed and Howard came back with his "bathtub" bruises. Penny also did the unthinkable: For the second time this episode she doesn't think before she speaks. She looks at the destroyed Monte robot and says, "It's just a toy robot." Sheldon looks at Penny and stomps to his room, with Penny eventually going after him to apologize.

So, what did you think of the episode of the new year? This week also had many classic one-liners, so below are some of my favorite. Feel free to post some I missed!

• "Call spoiler alert before you do stuff like that!" — Raj finding out what is inside of a magic 8 ball
• "Once again Penny and I are dancing the tango." — Howard
• "Maybe we should enter you in the killer robot competition." -Raj's comment to Leonard, who then tells Penny
• "If you're not there then you'll be exposed to widicule." — Barry Kripke
• "She ran past me! What was I supposed to do, tackle her?" — Howard's Mom
• "Now he knows what bathtubs can do when not treated properly." — Penny
• "I'm half way to pity sex." — Howard

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In this episode, a depressed Howard goes into hiding after Penny makes a rude comment about his love life. Meanwhile, the guys build a robot that they eventually use to battle.

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