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The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem"

Season 2, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The gang is puzzled by a young grad student's attraction to Sheldon. Ramona: Riki Lindhome. Kathy: Emily Happe.
Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2008
Guest Cast Riki Lindhome: Ramona
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Season 2, Episode 6
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Length: 21:01
Aired: 11/3/2008
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The Big Bang Theory Episode Recap: "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem" Season 2, Episode 6

On this week's The Big Bang Theory we find a student being strangely attracted to Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This is an obvious ego boost for Sheldon, but could this also be a love match? Let's find out...

The episode begins and we find Leonard speaking in his Physics class. "And now we know what happens when we spill Peach Snapple in a laser." After thoroughly embarrassing himself he asks for Sheldon's assistance, who just so happens to be hiding in the back not wanting to come out and speak. There was only one thing Leonard could say to get him to come out, and that was to threaten him with two things - Driving and the Comic Book Store. "If you don't come out and do this I won't take you to the comic book store!" He soon comes out and speaks to the class, ever so slightly putting them down at the same time.

Next, the gang is eating in the cafeteria and we meet a girl named Ramona. Not only does she look up to Dr. Sheldon Cooper, but has read nearly everything he has published. She can barely keep his eyes off of him when we see Howard interrupting the love fest and attempts to talk to her. She looks at him, stares into Howard's eyes and says......"eww." All eyes then turn back onto Sheldon as she continues to compliment Dr. Cooper and Sheldon is loving every minute of it. "Amazing, an intelligent Labradoodle," he replies as he continues to enjoy his own love fest. Ramona eventually suggests that they go out to dinner, but since that idea didn't sit too well with Sheldon, she decides to bring dinner over to him.....but of course no address was needed because she already had it. Ha-ha. Can someone say stalker?

The next scene we see Ramona standing in front of the elevator waiting to go up to Sheldon's apartment as Penny is walking in. Penny lets her know that the elevator is out of order (someone really needs to call the landlord) and asks what floor she is going to. While walking up the steps, Ramona says she is going to Dr. Cooper's in 4B and Penny is shocked. I'm sure she can't believe that a girl is not only visiting Sheldon, but is actually bringing him dinner! They both get to the door and Ramona comes in to bring Sheldon the food....and Penny is left standing there with a very confused expression on her face. Leonard asks, "What are you doing?" And one of the best lines of the night was this simple statement from Penny, "I need to see this."

Once inside, we find that there really is a viewing area for this schmooze fest. The other guys are sitting on the couch just staring at the both of them getting ready to eat. They all sit there like they are studying an exhibit in a museum, when Ramona stated she thought they were going to be alone and wants them to leave. "C'mon! We'll be quiet!" Penny states as they finally walk out of the apartment. Oh, to be a fly on that wall during that dinner (date?). Then again, the dinner was probably Ramona saying how much she loved his last hypothesis and Sheldon agreeing at how great he is. Actually, I think that is exactly what happened...but I guess we'll never know. After getting kicked out of the apartment, Penny asks a question that we have all been wondering (admit it, you know you were). She asks Leonard, "What's Sheldon's deal?" Does he like girls, guys, puppets.....? The guys really didn't have an answer to the question....just that Sheldon is...Sheldon. Hmmm...I personally think Sheldon just hasn't found the right girl yet. 

The next scene we find Penny bringing Leonard and Sheldon a package that was left outside the door...and this is one neighborly thing I'm sure she will always regret. She opens the door to find Sheldon getting a pedicure from Ramona on one foot and the other soaking in water, which nobody ever needs to see. Leonard even comes home to see this spectacle and also reminds Sheldon that Wednesday is HALO night. Sheldon is thrilled by this reminder, but Ramona thinks this is a bad idea. "Dr. Cooper, your friends are holding you back." Ramona tells him that there needs to be no more paintball, Batman comic books, and even Battlestar Galactica...not even the DVD's! (Not cool Ramona.) All this work must have paid off because Sheldon did invent a new Theorem.

"How can I repay you?" Sheldon asks as he celebrates his triumphant new discovery. Then the unspeakable.....He was always too scared and didn't know how to get rid of her until she wanted something that no one should ask Sheldon to do...Ramona wanted shared credit for his findings! Even to name it the Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem. After reminding Sheldon that Nawitzki was her last name...he was having nothing of it and very forcefully said two words that made her leave, "Get Out!" A hurt Ramona ran out of the apartment. I'm not sure if this is the last we'll see of Ramona...something tells me Sheldon has found a permanent stalker.

The final scene of the show was also one of the greatest. We find a visibly full Sheldon eating food on the couch in his living room when he starts to shake. "One more bite," he says as he swallows his food and starts convulsing ....eventually morphing into two people. Just like most people watching this, I was totally confused when seeing this. Then, we see Leonard wake up and he realizes it was all a dream. "No more thai food."

So, How did everyone like this weeks episode? I think that this was one of my favorite ones of the season. And did any of you guys realize that Sheldon's "creepy smile" came back this least a few times when Ramona was around! For example, during the cafeteria episode when Ramona brought him his food. I'm going to have nightmares about it all week....again. And what did you all think of the Sheldon/Ramona relationship? Did she really love him....or just his mind? Feel free to comment below!

And here are some of my favorite quotes (and add your own because this weeks episode had many):
• "So, dumb*$$ I heard you made a student throw up." — Leslie...being Leslie.
• "I love me a cup of Joe." — Howard hitting on Ramona.
• "B to the R to the I-S-K..." — Raj rapping to the beat of (Howard's Moms) Brisket.
• "If you are going to stay, then you have to be respectful" — Ramona telling Leslie the rules of the cafeteria....Leslie eventually leaves.
• "Holy crap on a cracker." — Penny after becoming "sisters" with Ramona (One of my favorites)
• "Sheldon, I don't know Morse Code and am not going to learn it at 3am. — Leonard laying in bed while Sheldon taps on the wall

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On this week's The Big Bang Theory we find a student being strangely attracted to Dr. Sheldon Cooper. This is an obvious ego boost for Sheldon, but could this also be a love match? Let's find out...

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