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The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Euclid Alternative"

Season 2, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: The friends band together to help Sheldon face his fear of driving. Octavia: Octavia Spencer. Lourdes: Livia Trevino.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2008
Guest Cast Octavia Spencer: Octavia Livia Trevino: Lourdes Elena Campbell-Martinez: Maria
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Season 2, Episode 5
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Length: 20:00
Aired: 10/20/2008
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The Big Bang Theory Episode Recap: "The Euclid Alternative" Season 2, Episode 5

Sheldon usually excels at everything in life, and it is hard to imagine that there is nothing this prodigy can't do. On this episode of Big Bang Theory, we find Sheldon struggling with one test that he has never taken: the driving test.

We first find out that Sheldon has bought new Star Wars sheets that he has to now take back to Pottery Barn. Why would a man in his 20s tack back sheets? Because they were "way too stimulating to sleep" of course! What other reason is there? This dilemma and the fact that Sheldon needs to get to work has him asking Leonard for a ride. Leonard can't because he works the night shift, and he is unable to take the bus because there are no seatbelts. This leads Sheldon to knock on a visibly tired (or hung over?) Penny's door. "You have to take me to work," he explains to Penny. He also explains to her that since they are friends, they must do one thing for each other…which is "the favor." I'm sure we've all been placed in this situation before, so I feel pity for Penny who is in this situation. But I had no idea how much of a process it would be to take a friend to work. I hope Penny comes to Sheldon with "a favor" in a later episode. Can you imagine him doing something girly with Penny?

Next, we see Penny and Sheldon in her car and of course Sheldon is being….Sheldon. While a passenger in her car, he notices many things wrong with Penny's driving. Where to start….

1. The check engine light is on and Penny replies, "That's okay, it's been on for a month." She should of just shut her mouth, because I thought right then and there he was going to jump out of the car…but he didn't.
2. He continues to explain why that is a wrong idea, when she takes a drink from her insulated cup. This sets him off even more because he explains that more accidents can occur when drinking and driving.
3. Penny takes a different route then Leonard that is a great deal longer.
4. Penny doesn't believe in slowing down for speed bumps.

Penny didn't have to say anything, because everything was said through her eyes. She kicks him out of her car, and speeds off leaving a lonely Sheldon to walk the rest of the way to work. Sheldon does eventually get to work, because the next scene finds him needing a way back home. Leonard has work in the laser lab, which leaves Howard being the only one left to take him home. And I know I think I say this a lot….but the funniest three seconds of the season so far was Sheldon on the back of Howard's bike. Him screaming and terrified like a little girl, as they go over a speed bump is something that will be planted in my mind for a long time. When I am in a bad mood this week…I will think of this scene. "AHHhhhhhh!"

Like an episode of the TV show Intervention, we see Sheldon coming out of his room to see his friends in the living room sitting in a circle. "Sheldon, you know we care about you." "You are hurting people around you," Penny says to Sheldon. They all agree that he needs to get his drivers license. He finally agrees and we see him standing in line at the DMV, but even picking up his learners permit is not an easy task. Sheldon nit picks at the permit test questions and insists that the test is a joke. How many cars should there be between you and the vehicle in front of you? Absurd question! After bugging the poor employee to no end….she was either going to jump over the counter and beat him up, or give him his permit. She decides to give him his permit so he would just to go away.

The next scene we see Sheldon in his apartment playing a virtual driving game. Leonard stands behind him (and of course missing the safety procedures needed before starting the car) attempts to show him how to drive a vehicle. He pulls slowly into traffic….and the chaos ensues. Eventually he crashes his virtual car and Penny hits him in the face with a pillow in order to make the driving simulation more life like. (Which I'm sure she enjoyed) I wish we would have seen Sheldon driving a real car. I mean he technically had his permit, so why not? But then again…who would let him borrow their car? I don't think I would ever let him behind the wheel of mine.

Finally, Sheldon comes to the conclusion that he is "transcending the situation" and "too evolved for driving." But he did not quit. He just wasn't meant for driving I guess, and I mean…who needs to drive in NYC anyway? Or maybe he should take Leonard's advice and evolve into growing wings. Now that would make Sheldon happy, but then again I'm sure there would be something wrong with that too. Sheldon now has no choice but to sleep at work until Leonard is done with his experiment. What Sheldon doesn't know is, Leonard has been done with it for a week now and he just enjoys watching Sheldon living at work.

I've come to look forward to the last minute clip at the end of the episodes. At first this week, I wasn't sure if I was watching the right program because you see two cleaning ladies staring at the edges of toast placed perfectly on a plate and talking in Spanish. The confused women have no idea what these are (or where they are coming from) and are then shocked when they see a caped man at the cafeteria vending machine. The caped man says, "You saw nothing!" And then we see the mysterious man (Sheldon of course) running off like a phantom in the night.

So, how did everyone like "The Euclid Alternative?" I thought it was great to see an episode revolved around Sheldon and him actually struggling to do something that a majority of people can do by the time they are sixteen. And does anyone else live on a "2nd street" like me? We all know that it is the most common street name in America. Gotta love Sheldon's random facts game! Until next week…

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Sheldon usually excels at everything in life, and it is hard to imagine that there is nothing this prodigy can't do. On this episode of Big Bang Theory, we find Sheldon struggling with one test that he has never taken: the driving test.

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