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The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Griffin Equivalency"

Season 2, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Raj gets an ego boost after winning some fame from a magazine article and risks his friendship with Leonard by trying to win over Penny.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2008
Guest Cast Alice Amter Mark Harelik: Gablehauser
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Season 2, Episode 4
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Length: 22:02:40
Aired: 10/13/2008
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Big Bang Theory Episode Recap: "The Griffin Equivalency" Season 2, Episode 4

On last week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, we found Penny addicted to online gaming after Sheldon showed her a glimpse of the virtual world. This week we find Raj changing his personality in a way we've never seen before after he gets some good news. Also, we were surprised with a cameo from a very familiar face.

"The Griffin Equivalency" began with the gang sitting in the living room getting ready to eat Chinese food. Raj comes into the apartment and tells the three guys that after discovering a new rock, People Magazine has nominated him one of the "Top 30 [Visionaries] Under 30." As soon as that sentence came out of his mouth, I knew Sheldon would not be too happy with this revelation. Sheldon is obviously jealous of Raj's accomplishment and can't seem to understand why Raj would be named one of the top 30 individuals. I think that just shows you how great of a character Sheldon is…even though he can play someone that isn't happy for anyone and is (sometimes) down right rude…he is still a lovable character and you can't help but like the guy (*cough* Emmy nomination! *cough*).

Next, we find Leonard and Howard stopping by Sheldon's office. They let him know that the way he treated Raj was inappropriate and they should all take him out to dinner. (or as Howard put it, Sheldon was a "colossal asshat," and they should go celebrate.) Sheldon obliges even though he still feels that Raj doesn't deserve this nomination, and they all decide that he should just stand there, smile, and put up with it. This is followed by one of the greatest scenes of the season so far. Smiling is one feature that Sheldon does not do on a regular bases, and when he showed Howard and Leonard an example of his smile…it was priceless. I guess some people just weren't meant to smile all the time, and Sheldon is without a doubt one those individuals.

When they finally get over to visit Raj in his cramped office space to invite him to a celebration dinner, they are interrupted by their boss. Not only does he tell Raj that he can get the large office (that Howard has been waiting for) but this is when all the fame and recognition starts going to his head. We find them out to dinner at Penny's restaurant and Raj beings to describe how his photo shoot went earlier in the day. He states, "The camera loves me - and I it." The other guys are visibly getting more and more annoyed as Sheldon's forced smile just gets more and more scary looking. Eventually Raj tells them that they are invited to the People Magazine Reception, but since they are only "B-List" they aren't going to be VIP. This sets off the guys and they each turn down the invite.

While waiting on Raj and handing him his second martini, Penny overhears them declining the invitation to the reception and this concerns Penny. She doesn't understand how they could be so cruel, and when a tipsy Raj asks her to go with him to the reception, she says yes. The guys finally leave the table because they are sick of the way he is bragging. Raj, sitting alone now, suddenly turns over to the table next to him and says, "Hey, I'm going to be in People Magazine!" It was a shock when they revealed that the man sitting at the table was none other than Charlie Sheen. He turned around and responded, "Yeah, call me when you're on the cover." All I can say about that short scene is… classic!

The next scene finds a visibly intoxicated Raj walking up the steps (sipping champagne and wearing a slick new outfit) and at Penny's door telling her that he is there. He even has the nerve to criticize Penny's outfit as soon as she opens the door. "Is that what you're wearing…I was hoping something more ridonkulous," he said. Penny soon replied, "This is as ridonkulous as I'm going to get." I don't know how I feel about this new ego driven Raj. At first I was liking him because he was coming out of his shell, but at this point I think I miss the old one. The change in Penny in last weeks episode made her more introverted, while we see Raj change into a less likeable and more extroverted guy. Although I couldn't help but laugh as we saw them walk down the steps to go to the reception and Raj was singing a song by the pop artist Pink, "I'm coming up, so you better get the party started…I'm coming up, I'm coming!" Who knew Raj was such a pop fan?!

While Raj and Penny were out, we see the rest of them sulking and talking about the change in Raj over take-out food. The irony impaired Sheldon tells a story of his dead cat named, "Lucky," and how he had to replace that cat after he died. Unlike most children who would want a puppy or another kitten after a loss of a pet, Sheldon wanted a Griffin. He explains that this is a half eagle and half lion mythical creature. (Is that by any chance related to a Liger?) So, they decide they should come up with another cohort to replace Raj. Leonard wants someone trustworthy who has his back, while Howard wants someone who parties and gets tons of women. They finally come to the conclusion that they just named none other than Iron Man. Can you imagine if that came true?! I think there needs to be a dream sequence of that happening in a future episode.

Finally, we find a visibly annoyed Penny and a very drunk Raj coming back to his apartment (or should I say coming back to "The Raj Mahal?") As soon as they get in, his computer rings and it is his parents on the computer. Raj tells his parents that he has found a girl…and that girl is Penny. His parents oppose to this new revelation, and it gets even more awkward when Raj goes to the bathroom to throw up, leaving Penny alone with his parents. She does what anyone would do in this situation…says goodbye, lays down the computer, and storms out of the apartment. All of a sudden, she comes back and has a final statement to tell his parents, "Just so you know…you would be lucky to have me as a daughter in law." I'm just glad to see her away from a computer altogether personally. We don't want to see "online gamer Penny" come back.

The final scene shows Penny in her apartment noticing that someone is outside her door. That "someone" turns out to be Raj attempting to put a note underneath. She opens the door and he hands her the note, but Penny didn't want to read what it had to say. "If you have something to say, say it!" An uncomfortable silence was shortly followed by a high pitched, "sorry." Raj finally said something to Penny! Wahoo! All was forgiven and Penny gave Raj a big hug, but then we see Leonard opening his door and seeing them both embracing each other. I can't help but feel bad for Leonard. Not only did his date with Penny go wrong, but he has opened a door to find Penny leaving Sheldon's room in the middle of the night and has now seen Penny and Raj finally get close and hug. I think he needs to get the courage to ask her on a second date. She is getting closer and closer to everyone else but him.

So, what did you guys think of "The Griffin Equivalency"? Did you guys like the "new Raj" or miss the old one? And does everyone agree that Sheldon needs to never smile like that again? In next week's episode we find out more about one of Sheldon's biggest fears……driving. Can't wait for that one!

Until next week I leave you with some of my favorite quotes, etc;, rom this week's episode. Enjoy!

"Oh, it's my assistant Trevor….Koothrappali out!" (Raj at dinner and on the phone)

"Raj is going to be in People Magazine and didn't even have to knock up a Spears Sister." (Penny's reaction to Raj getting nominated)

"That can't be racist…he is just a beloved character from The Simpsons." (Howard)

"I often forget people have limitations." (Sheldon)

"I'm the dumplings!" "Yes you arrrrrre." (Howard responding to Penny after getting their food)

And for anyone who was wondering about the website that Howard was on ( it is not a real website. I checked. Ha! (Also, I'm sure everyone will now have Howard's user name.)

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On last week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, we found Penny addicted to online gaming after Sheldon showed her a glimpse of the virtual world. This week we find Raj changing his personality in a way we've never seen before after he gets some good news. Also, we were surprised with a cameo from a very familiar face.

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