A New York City college professor presides over a human-behavior and sexuality class in which students videotape their innermost thoughts about their sexual experiences and relationships.


Guest Stars

Aasif Mandvi
Kamil Sharif
4 Episodes (2006-2006)
Tom Mardirosian
Thaddeus Cole
4 Episodes (2006-2006)
Dagmara Dominczyk
Kate Barrett, Katrina, Katrina Hejinski
4 Episodes (2006-2006)
Emma Bell
Rachel Fein
4 Episodes (2006-2006)
Aaron Yoo
James Fong, Jason Fong
3 Episodes (2006-2006)
Amanda Loncar
Olive Betts
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Peter Scanavino
Gunther Halstead
1 Episode (2006)
Spencer Grammer
Dina Jones
1 Episode (2006)