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Bad Girls Club Season 2 episodes

Unfinished Business Season 2, Episode 24

Star Jones hosts this reunion edition, in which the women reassemble to reflect on Season 2's dramas, tantrums and brawls. Included: viewer questions. read more

All BAD Things Must Come to an End Season 2, Episode 23

In the second-season finale, anger swells and alliances collapse as the women deal with fallout from a club fight and one roommate's stay behind bars. read more

Pimp Down Season 2, Episode 22

As the end of their "bad girl" reign draws nigh, the ladies decide that heavy-partying time is in order. But unforeseen dramas develop, and the women deal with one of their own behind bars. read more

Happy Trails Season 2, Episode 21

The women persecute the writer of an explosive diary, prompting the author's teary-eyed departure from the house. There's also some arrested development (literally): One roomie faces possible jail time, the result of yet more on-the-town antics. read more

Three's a Crowd Season 2, Episode 20

When Andrea's boyfriend pays a visit, he stirs up various emotions in the gals, including some jealousy from Cordelia. Meanwhile, a big battle erupts over an unattended diary. read more

Ghouls Gone Wild Season 2, Episode 19

Darlen, her personal crises mounting, takes her frustrations out on an annoying club patron. Meanwhile, Cordelia decides to abruptly stop drinking and seeks help from her housemates to do so. read more

The Ugly Drunkling Season 2, Episode 18

The gals exploit Cordelia's drunken admission that she has an "ugly girl" complex. Elsewhere, Andrea writes a blog entry that could have unexpected consequences. read more

Disorderly Conduct Season 2, Episode 17

Household tension and cliquish abuse push Andrea to the breaking point. Elsewhere, Tanisha throws a slumber party in hopes of uniting the women. read more

Threesome and Then Some Season 2, Episode 16

The bond between gal pals Cordelia and Andrea grows tighter, and their friendship just might progress to an interesting new level. Meanwhile, the "bad girls" get slinky when they throw a lingerie bash. read more

With Friends Like These... Season 2, Episode 15

Hanna and Tanisha corner Neveen about her judgmental remarks. In other developments, a mysterious someone defames Cordelia, causing Scott to fume and Cordelia to hunt down the culprit. read more

Bad Riddance Season 2, Episode 14

Challenges emerge for Jennavecia, who confronts the consequences of quitting her job. Then there's Cordelia, who materializes as a leader as she tries to curb her drinking. read more

Cordelia and the Chamber of Secrets Season 2, Episode 13

Alliances are tested in the aftermath of a stormy situation involving Jennavecia. Elsewhere, as overwhelming stress impacts Cordelia, an unsuspecting new roomie arrives. read more

Taken for a Ride Season 2, Episode 12

An eruptive conflict revolves around Jennavecia, as Darlen considers turning to the other clique. Meanwhile, the ladies attempt to throw their first work party. read more

Sucker Punched Season 2, Episode 11

Tanisha and Jennavecia must face the music for their exploits, and the Hyenas are tasked with deciding the consequences for Jennavecia. Meanwhile, Cordelia begins second-guessing dumping Taylor when she loses interest in Scott. read more

Return of the Juice; Death of the Truce Season 2, Episode 10

Tanisha and Jennavecia prank, punch and push their way to the top of the pecking order. Then there's Darlen, whose recent sobriety awards her renewed clarity, as she gradually reevaluates her position in the Party Girls clique. read more

Love Conquers All Season 2, Episode 9

In booze news, Cordelia hits the bottle in an effort to cope with a shattered romance. Meanwhile, Darlen's drinking intensifies, as the other "bad girls" offer support. read more

Prank Wars Part 3: Fat Lady Sings! Season 2, Episode 8

Tanisha and Jennavecia clash over juice. The drama gets juicier when the roomies' juvenile escapades exasperate Lyric. read more

Prank Wars Part 2: Who Killed Clayboy? Season 2, Episode 7

A glut of foul pranks results when two bad-girl factions fight for household dominance, as budding songstress Lyric returns, aghast at all the off-note behavior. read more

Prank Wars Part 1: Party Girls Strike Back Season 2, Episode 6

It's a progression of power plays and provoking pranks when two household sects do battle. Then, it's bad news for Cordelia's fiancé when she woos another man. read more

Pop Off! Season 2, Episode 5

Tension escalates between Cordelia and Tanisha in the wake of Cordelia's renewed confidence. read more

Music and Lyric Season 2, Episode 4

As Lyric tries to hit all the right notes in her pursuit of music-industry success, the other "bad girls" seemingly find some harmony of their own. read more

Spilled Milk Season 2, Episode 3

The women dish on one another---literally---when tensions between Neveen and Darlen boil over, resulting in a fierce food fight. read more

Battle Lines Season 2, Episode 2

As two distinct rival groups begin to take shape, the ladies cool down their catty nastiness when a studly local man arrives. read more

Bad Company Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, seven new “bad girls” swarm in on Los Angeles and try to coexist with one another in the same luxurious abode. But the battle lines are drawn when they realize there aren't enough freebies to share. read more

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Premise: Bonding and bickering occur when seven self-proclaimed 'bad girls' share a house in this reality series from the executive producers of 'The Real World.'


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