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The Bachelorette Episode: "The Bachelorette"

Season 8, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: In Curacao, Emily must choose between her final two suitors in the Season 8 conclusion. Both men meet Emily's family and win their approval, making Emily's decision much more difficult as she struggles to decide if she should introduce them both to her daughter, Ricki.
Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2012

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Season 8, Episode 11
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Aired: 7/22/2012
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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Finale Season 8, Episode 11

Our Bachelorette Emily has finally chosen the man she wants to be with! Was it Jef or was it Arie and did they ultimately propose? Keep reading to find out.

Emily is in Curacao and says she still doesn't know who her "guy" is. With her family in town, hopefully they can shed some light on her two very wonderful prospects. Jef meets the Maynards first. (Apparently he thinks a white T-shirt is acceptable "meet the family" attire). Suzy, Emily's mom, steals him away for some alone time and of course asks about being a father figure to Ricki. Jef says he's so ready. "I want to marry her; I'm set on it," he says about Emily. Ernie, Emily's brother, talks to Jef next. He explains that every guy has tried to live up to Emily's past love Ricky and no one has given her the same feeling he did. But he adds it may have happened this time. Finally, Jef chats with Emily's dad and asks for his blessing to ask Emily to marry him. "If you sincerely mean that, you certainly have my permission," he responds. All in all, the day goes fantastically.

Arie is up next, but unfortunately being second he has some major catching up to do. It's a little tense when he arrives, but the room lightens up once Arie shows Emily a box containing all the roses she's given him. With her mom, Arie says meeting Emily has been fate and wins her over. Next, he chats with her brother Ernie and talks about previously dating a single mother. He makes it clear he gets Emily's relationship with Ricki. Ernie admits he's now too confused as to who she should pick. Lastly, Arie asks Emily's dad for his blessing and he says, "I know she thinks a lot of you; of course you could, Arie." Another great day, which won't make it any easier on Emily's decision-making.

Emily looks to her family for advice, but they aren't too helpful when they don't favor one over the other. "They both seem like they are both very much in love with you," her dad says. "You say you're in love, but I don't believe you can love two people at once." Emily tries to make them understand that she loves them in different ways. And while they don't give one guy the thumbs-up over the other, Emily's mom tells her she thinks she should wait on an engagement.

Jef meets Emily for their final date. As they sit on the beach, chatting about the impending end, Jef is hesitant that he hasn't met Ricki yet. Emily says it's a big decision and that she still feels guilty for introducing her to Brad and it not working out. "I really wasn't planning on introducing her to anybody ... but we have such short time left we should just do it today," Emily finally says. "I have all the faith in the world this time will be different than last time."

It's time for the big moment as Jef meets Ricki who's having a blast in the pool. It goes well and Ricki soon asks them to join her in the water. Immediately, they hit it off. "It just feels so natural like it always is with Emily and I," Jef remarks.

That night, Emily and Jef talk about their journey and he gives Emily a book about Curacao to signify the biggest step they'll take in their relationship. A book? Kind of boring, but he's at least drawn in stick figures of them throughout. They have a little kissy time and then part ways.

The next morning Emily says she woke up at peace. Next thing we know, Chris Harrison is knocking on the door, which is always a sign something is up. But Emily has asked him to meet her. "Jef is everything I've been looking for," she says. But she also tears up thinking about how she has to let Arie down. "The hardest thing about today is actually saying the words to Arie that I want to be with someone else."

Arie arrives for his last date, but is stopped by some woman who makes love potions. He makes one, but unfortunately it's not going to work for him and Emily. Soon she walks up and it's awkward from the beginning and she's crying before she can even say the words.

"I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say, but you know how I feel about you," Emily tells him. "From our very first date and beyond that, it felt like it was going to be me and you and I don't know anymore ... I'm sorry." Arie tears up as he says he's shocked. He soon walks away and as Emily catches up to him, he adds, "Good luck," gives her a hug and runs in the car.

"I feel stupid," Arie says in the car. "I feel like I give so much and I'm so open and I deserve that back. It makes me realize that it's so hard to find that person." Aww!

Meanwhile, Jef picks out a Neal Lane ring and is ready to see Emily who still isn't positive she wants to get engaged at the end of all this.  "I don't want to be the girl who gets engaged 15 times before she gets married," she says.

The final moment has arrived and after Jef walks up to Emily, she says, "It's been a long road, but one I can look back on every single moment, even the lowest and know it was all worth it because I can stand here and tell you you're everything I've looked for, for so long. You're my soulmate ... I love you so, so much." They kiss and Jef soon says, "I feel like the luckiest man in the world. I think it's so rare people find the person they're meant to be with and ... I'm so grateful we did." Jef then gets down on one knee, proposes, and after a long pause, Emily says yes! As Chicago's "Glory of Love" plays, we see a montage of their journey on the show. As we flash back to the newly engaged couple, Ricki runs up and joins them. The three of them walk away holding hands.

At the After the Final Rose, a beaming Emily comes on stage. She and Chris Harrison chat for a bit before her runner-up Arie takes the stage. Arie says that watching the show definitely helped, but wishes she had said to him what she had said to Chris on that final day. "I'm still sorry," Emily says. Chris then brings up what happened after the show and Arie reveals he got home and booked a flight to go see Emily. When he got there, though, he says he "thought better of it and it didn't feel right" to see her. Instead, he left her his journal from the season, which Emily says she never opened.  Arie also says that talking to Jef, who he was very close with on the show, helped. "That pushed me through to get over this and move on," he says.

It's finally time for Jef to come out. "She is the most amazing girl in the world," he says. They talk about the time they've spent as a family with Ricki and we even get to see some photos of all three of them. Next, Emily and Jef watch their proposal for the first time and what was going through their heads during the big moment. Finally, Chris asks the first thing they want to do as a couple and Jef plants one on her and says, "I love you." He also says they're taking a trip to Africa! Once they're back, Jef says he's moving to Charlotte to be with Emily and Ricki (he's getting his own place though)! And yes, they're already talking about a wedding.

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Our Bachelorette Emily has finally chosen the man she wants to be with! Was it Jef or was it Arie and did they ultimately propose? Keep reading to find out.

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