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The Bachelorette Episode: "The Bachelorette"

Season 6, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: "The Bachelorette" world tour hits Istanbul, where Ali learns something disturbing about one of the seven remaining bachelors. She also takes one to a bathhouse, another to a bazaar and four others to a historic fort, where they slather themselves in olive oil and wrestle with each other to earn one-on-one time with her. Following the rose ceremony, five guys accompany Ali to the tour's next stop: Portugal.
Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2010

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Season 6, Episode 6
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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 6 Season 6, Episode 6

Ali and the seven remaining bachelors continue their global adventures with a trip to Istanbul on this week's episode of The Bachelorette. However, the trip takes a dark turn when Ali, who has repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the other guys' warnings about Justin, finds out something out about the "Rated R" wrestler she can't ignore.

The episode begins with Ali walking through the streets of Istanbul, saying that she's confident about the seven guys left. Up until this point she's been focused on who wasn't right for her and now she has to focus on who is right for her and who she can really see her as husband. Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's get to the drama, already.

Next we see Chris Harrison knocking on Ali's door, and she immediately looks freaked out since after all, this isn't her first time around the reality TV show bend. Chris explains that the producers received a phone call from Jessie, one of Ali's friends and fellow contestants from Jake's season of The Bachelor, and that she has important information about one of the guys that the producers have been able to confirm.

Chris offers to put Ali on the phone directly with Jessie, and the phone seems to ring forever before he finally gets through and puts Ali on the line. Jessie says she knows one of the guys on the show is not there for the right reasons, and then says Justin has a girlfriend named Jessica. Ali says nothing and sits on the line with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape, obviously in complete shock. Then, in true overly orchestrated fashion on the part of The Bachelorette producers, Jessie says she's with Jessica and puts the girl on the phone with Ali.

After a long pause on Jessica's part, she begins to tear up as she explains Justin's true motivations for being on the show. Jessica says Justin told her that being on the show would benefit the both of them and that he specifically wanted to be in the top 3 because the top 3 are always the most well-known guys. Jessica even says Justin called her the previous night and told Jessica he loved her and that she helped him take his headshots for the series.

The biggest shocker is that Jessica says she learned a few days after Justin left to tape the show that he has another girlfriend. So not only is he on the show pretending to fight for Ali's heart, but he has TWO girlfriends waiting at home.

You have to give kudos to Ali, who is extremely calm and collected while on the phone with Jessica and then talking with Chris Harrison. She doesn't shed one tear, and instead just seems furious that she's wasted so much time on this loser. 

Chris Harrison says the producers were able to verify Jessica's claims and that they discovered that Justin has snuck off and called Jessica repeatedly throughout the show. At this point, Ali has heard a lot more than she needs to hear and knows what she has to do. Ali immediately starts heading to the guys' room and wants Justin on the first plane out. Go Ali, go!

The craziest part is none of the guys know at all what is going on so as soon as Ali knocks on the suite door with Chris Harrison close behind her, they all know something is up. Ali calls all the guys into the main living room area and starts out calmly enough, saying that she knows it's been hard for all of the guys, especially, she says with a "you're so screwed" grin from ear-to-ear, for Justin, since "you probably miss your girlfriend in Canada." Bombshell successfully dropped.

Ali says Jessica called her and yells at him for talking to her about the importance of respecting woman. Justin quickly jumps up from his seat, saying he'd rather walk away and not say anything. Ali yells at him to sit down and talk like a man, but he simply says he doesn't have a girlfriend before heading for the door.

On his way out of the suite, Chris Harrison asks, "What are you going to do? Leave without talking to her?" Justin simply tells him to "F--- off" and walks out of the room, saying all he needs is his wallet and his passport as Chris Harrison follows him out into the hallway.

The best part is that apparently The Bachelorette producers have the hotel covered within an inch and with his injured foot; Justin walks from exit to exit, desperately trying to escape the cameras and the wrath of Ali. He walks over hedges and through bushes, making himself look even more ridiculous, but he still can't get away from the show.

Finally, Justin comes back around to Ali, as she says, probably after he thought about how to best talk his way out of the situation. "I know you probably want to rip my head off right now," he says. He explains he has "strong feelings" for Jessica, but says he would call her his best friend. Justin also explains that, as the weeks went by, he realized his heart wasn't in it and that he wanted to give his rose to someone else. He even shows Ali the rose still in his pocket, but it's obviously way too late for that.

For a wrestler, he's not a very good actor. As he speaks with Ali and she continues to furiously question him about his girlfriend and his second girlfriend, his eyes get very big and exaggerated. He insists he doesn't have a second girlfriend, but won't even directly answer Ali's question about whether he told Jessica he was going to marry her.

Justin says he's sorry and starts to walk away as Ali talks to him one last time.

After their confrontation, the cameras continue to follow Justin out and, in one of the all-time most dramatic moments in Bachelorette history (in the worst way possible), the producers play not one, not two, but three voicemails from Justin to Jessica saying how much he loves her, how he thinks of her beautiful face everyday, saying he wants her to be his wife, how he can't afford to lose her and that he loves her.

Ali is too angry and determined to not let Justin waste anymore of her time, so she immediately goes from her angry confrontation with Justin to all smiles on her one-on-one date with Ty. Ali says Ty is the perfect date because of his positive attitude and takes him to a famous relaxing bathhouse where things get steamy.

Back at the hotel, Craig R. gets the next date card and expresses his obvious concern that he is now the only one who has yet to go on a one-on-one date with Ali. So far, Craig R. has showed Ali his chivalrous side and his funny side, but not much else. She's already smitten with Frank, Kirk, Chris L. and Roberto (obviously), but not yet Craig R. Despite already having gone on the first one-on-one date with Ali, Frank is starting to get antsy as well and feels like he needs another one-on-one date with Ali to make sure the chemistry is still there after his poor performances on the recent group dates (minus Iceland).

However, Craig R. learns he's on the group date, along with Chris L., Roberto and Kirk, meaning Frank is the first guy to go on two one-on-one dates.

Back on their date, Ali and Ty share a romantic dinner outside and dig into the deep stuff quickly, specifically talking about Ty's failed marriage. Ty kind of digs himself a hole when he begins to explain why he got divorced, saying he grew up with a stay-at-home mother and it was hard for him that his wife had a job. Not the best thing to say for a girl best known for leaving The Bachelor to save her career.

Ty claims he has since realized he doesn't live in a box and believes that once he's in, he's all in. Ali also questions whether Ty is really ready to dive into another serious relationship and an engagement, which he says he is. Ali says she sees some problems between them not that she's seen "all sides" of Ty, especially noting his traditional upbringing, but rewards his honesty with a rose.

The next day on the group date, Kirk is wondering how a mysterious olive oil clue fits into the equation. For this, the final group date, Ali says she just wants everyone to embrace Turkish tradition and after sharing some beers, a number of big bare-chested locals walk into the arena.

Turns out our new friends are professional olive oil wrestlers who the boys will each have to fight (kind of ironic that this date is about wrestling after the wrestler disgraced himself at the beginning of the episode). Once the professional wrestlers turn her four dates into rag dolls, Ali begins to regret the date idea and keeps screaming with fear. Besides the fact that you shouldn't try to get the boys injured as you travel around the world, shouldn't you pick a group date more conducive to sharing quality time together?

Ali then pits the guys against each other and tells them they must fight each other to get extra one-on-one time with Ali. Despite the fact that he's more used to fighting with words rather than his fists, Craig R. is definitely the most determined and surprisingly beats Chris L. easily. Roberto, the baseball superstar, beats Kirk even more quickly and so Roberto and Craig R. have to fight. The two truly go at it and after it looks Craig R. is about to lose, he comes from behind and pins Roberto down just long enough to win the trophy and dinner alone with Ali.

Once the boys return to the hotel, everyone expresses their frustration over not getting the alone time with Ali and Frank starts complaining (again!) about how he needs some alone time stat. Yes, Frank, we get it. You don't like group dates. You don't like sharing Ali with the other guys. Smart move, choosing to be on The Bachelorette and all.

On the way to their dinner, Craig R. is already acting really cute with Ali and isn't wasting a second of their time together. He tells Ali how he's never met anyone like her and although they share a romantic dinner, there are few obvious sparks and no particularly romantic kiss. This puts Craig R. way behind the other guys like Ty and Roberto, who Ali has shared many, many, many passionate on-screen smooches with.

On her one-on-one date with Frank, the two seem to pick up almost right where they left off on their Hollywood date at the very beginning of the season. They go to a local shop where Frank tries on hats and Ali tries on a smoky belly dancing ensemble. As they go from one store to another, they very much look like a couple without trying too hard. Ali says their chemistry is exactly as strong as it was at the beginning of the show and seems happy to leave all their bad group dates behind. Despite all of his whining and complaining, I really like Frank (almost as much as I like Chris L.). He is a far cry from the typical contestant and he and Ali seem to have genuine, strong chemistry.

During dinner, Frank says it's very important for him to only get down on his knee once and he's not sure how to be confident about what she'll say if he does make it to the end and proposes. Ali says their relationship scares her because she has no control over who she falls in love with and who falls in love with her. Frank says he's ready to trust his heart with her and Ali says although she's scared Frank may break her heart, she truly feels like they have something special and hands him a rose.

After all the dates, the guys are ready for the cocktail hour to show their feelings for her. Ty and Frank are officially moving ahead, while Craig, Chris L., Roberto and Kirk are all in question. Most of the guys seem pretty desperate for alone time as well, since the Chris, Roberto and Kirk got very little time to speak with Ali during the group date.

Ali sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him she doesn't need a cocktail hour because she's already made up her mind. Ali says she's felt a connection with all of the guys except one, and it basically sounds like the nail in Craig's coffin. Nothing happened on the group date that suddenly would have turned her off from Chris L., Roberto and Kirk and she has shared a lot more kisses with everyone else (even bad boy Justin) than she has with Craig.

Chris Harrison breaks the news to the guys and once they get over the shock, they head upstairs to learn their fate. Ali gives roses to Roberto, Chris L. and Kirk, which means Craig is going home. Ali walks him out and despite his best efforts she says the romance was missing. Not really sure why she choose to say that to him when she already hurt his feelings by not giving him a rose. In his car ride, Craig tears up a bit as he says he really was falling in love with her and is upset the feeling wasn't mutual.

Next up on The Bachelorette world tour: Lisbon, Portugal.

P.S. Spoiler Alert! If you did not see the spoiler-filled preview at the end of the episode and don't want to know how much the editors ruined the rest of the season, do not read further.

I know that shows like The Bachelorette thrive on heavily hyped controversies and scandals, such as when Jason dumped Melissa for Molly and when Jake picked the widely despised Vienna over fan favorite Tenley, but it's extremely disappointing that the producers, directors, editors (or whoever has final say over the previews) that the show decided to spoil the last episodes so much. Why did I need to know that Frank and Roberto make it to the hometown visits? Why did I need to know that Ty makes it to Tahiti? And why on Earth do I need to know that Frank rejects Ali in Tahiti?!? Couldn't they have just shown a shot of Ali crying and saying "I can't believe he did this to me" without revealing who the "he" is? Yes, now everyone will be talking about what Frank says and why, but was it really necessary to take all of the suspense out of the next week's episode? I'm not sure, but it's pretty clear Kirk may not make it too far and, to my personal devastation, Chris L. is nowhere to be seen. Maybe that is the producers and editors trying to trick the audience, but it seems like they could care less about protecting the viewers' expectations at this point.

So what did you think of the episode and/or the preview? How do you think Ali handled Justin's betrayal? Did she pick the right person to kick to the curb? Was anyone else as ticked off about the preview as I was? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ali and the seven remaining bachelors continue their global adventures with a trip to Istanbul on this week's episode of The Bachelorette. However, the trip takes a dark turn when Ali, who has repeatedly turned a deaf ear to the other guys' warnings about Justin, finds out something out about the "Rated R" wrestler she can't ignore... read more

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