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The Bachelorette Episode: "The Bachelorette"

Season 6, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Fourteen bachelors remain, nine of whom accompany Ali to a Barenaked Ladies performance (and are cast in one of the band's videos). Two guys get one-on-one dates, and for one it's a tightrope-walk (literally) in downtown L.A. A front-runner emerges at a rooftop party, and one guy surprises Ali at her house before three are sent home at the rose ceremony.
Original Air Date: Jun 7, 2010
Guest Cast Barenaked Ladies
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Season 6, Episode 3
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Aired: 6/7/2010
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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 3 Season 6, Episode 3

On this week of The Bachelorette, Ali must eliminate three guys and the drama in the house over Justin intensifies as he makes a bold gesture to show his feelings to Ali.

The first one-on-one date is with Roberto and Ali picks a very daring activity. First, the two fly by helicopter (why does Ali always take air transportation when she's so afraid of flying?). They are dropped off at the top of a building and across the way, we see romantic dinner table for two. The catch? They have to walk across a tight rope to get to their table. However, Roberto proves himself worthy of the daredevil setting and provides a firm and steady hand for Ali to hold on to. The two even share their first kiss while on the tight rope, a cute gesture, but still terrifying when they are so far above the ground. For a girl afraid of heights, Ali seems able to conquer her fear with Roberto next to her.

Later at dinner, the date seems to be going extremely well and Ali says Roberto is one of the few guys that make her nervous. Sometimes she wonders if she's attractive enough for him. I'm not really sure what Roberto did that was so incredibly special tonight or so far in the house, but he definitely has a unique hold over Ali. After dinner, Ali tests out his cuddling skills (and more of his kissing skills) and he, duh, snags a rose. Insert more kissing here.

On the group date, the boys find out they will be shooting scenes for a new video from, drum roll please, the Barenaked Ladies. The song is called "You Run Away," about getting someone to choose you, which obviously the guys know a thing or two about. The guys get their scenes and Jonathan finds out he has to kiss Ali in the middle his and he's very nervous about. Maybe he should have been focusing more on Ali this entire time rather than Craig M. hmm? He should be thankful a kiss is in his scene because he's obviously too shy to make the move himself and Frank, Jesse and Roberto have beat him to the punch on that (Roberto especially).

Frank has the first scene with Ali where he must oil her up before she slaps him (9 takes!). John C.'s scene is worse, because they have no dialogue or physical contact and his scene is definitely lackluster. Next up is Jonathan, who says he doesn't want the kiss to feel like a stage kiss and Ali notices he's a little anxious. The first couple of takes, Jonathan doesn't even go in for the kiss and instead awkwardly nuzzles her neck while the other guys are watching. He's feeling uncomfortable, which makes Ali uncomfortable, which makes the rest of the guys bust out laughing while they watch over the entire set-up. Haha, yes Jonathan is supposed to want to kiss the Bachelorette, but the chuckles from the other guys only makes it worse and now he's wiping tears from his eyes. Oh, brother. Being asked to kiss a hot girl is not that hard a task, no matter how many other guys or cameras are around. Finally, Ali puts Jonathan at ease with a big passionate kiss and they (finally) get the scene over with.

Kirk and Ali share a particularly intimate moment on the scene of the video, where they have to kiss and roll around in bed. The scene disgusts many of the other guys, who exit the shoot. However, Frank gets more than a little jealous at the sight of Ali with another guy and creepily stares over them with anger. Frank is beginning to reveal himself as that one Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant who gets super upset watching the person go on dates with other people. I like Frank so far, and he and Ali have great chemistry together, but there are about a million ways to meet someone today so don't go on a show like The Bachelorette and complain about the process — you're wasting your breath. More on Frank's frustration later.

In the evening, Ali gets a little one-on-one time with Chris L. and the weatherman (yes, he's stuck with that nickname now, sorry!). Chris L. is put on the spot when Ali asks him about his tattoo of his mother's signature and he finally reveals his mother's death a year and a half ago. However, Chris says he's not ready to tell Ali stories about his mom just yet and she seems understanding. Obviously, it's good he's not using his mother's death to force emotional intimacy with Ali (or in my words, its good Chris isn't being emotionally slutty), but he and Ali seem to still have some distance between them, but hopefully they can bridge that with time.

Jonathan then steals Ali away to apologize for his awkwardness earlier in the day at the shoot, but their interaction is still stiff and slightly awkward. They are talking over each other and pausing at weird times and right when Jonathan asks Ali to sneak away with him for a minute for a real first kiss, Craig R. asks her for some alone time and the moment is lost.

Later that night, Frank takes actions into his own hands and cannonballs into the hot tub smack dab in the middle of Ali and Kirk's steamy alone time (which includes a couple more kisses). All the guys jump in the pool and Ali gives the rose of the evening to Kirk.

The one guy who obviously can't jump in the pool is Justin, who is held back by his cast. The next day, he wakes up resolved to find some extra alone time with Ali and decides to walk to Ali's house from the mansion. He looks pretty determined with his crutches on the side of the highway and he totally surprises Ali with his appearance right when she's taping a confessional. Ali likes his crazy gesture and he also brings photos to tell Ali more about his background and his family. It will be interesting to see what the producers say, but obviously going the extra mile went a long way with Ali and the two cuddle before she goes on her one-on-one date with Hunter.

Ali says she has a simple date planned with Hunter because she needs to figure out where they stand. There seem to be problems right off the bat as the two make dinner. Hunter says he's a little slower with these things, but realizes he only has a few hours. Over dinner, he and Ali talk about their parents and their lifestyle choices and they look more like friends than a passionate couple. They are definitely not on the same wavelength.

Ali then tries to find the romantic chemistry in the pool (being half-naked can't hurt right?) However, Hunter continues to just ask her questions and doesn't go in for a romantic embrace and sit shoulder-to-shoulder with Ali. She's starting to worry there's not a romantic connection there and in my mind, Hunter is already out the door.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Justin is getting the third degree from the other guys once again about his intentions and solidifies his status as this year's Vienna (but hey, Vienna won right?). Justin decides not to tell the other guys about his little nature hike excursion because he knows it will only make things worse. Gee, I wonder if that will come to bite him in the butt later.

On the one-on-one date, Ali takes Hunter up to take s'mores, but in honesty, she's letting him down easy in front of the fire. She tells him she's determined to find a husband and she doesn't feel like there's enough of a romantic connection to give him a rose and Hunter is out the door.

At the cocktail hour before the rose ceremony, Ali gets in some lighthearted banter with Chris about everything from his love of oysters to his adept skill at flip cup and now all signs point to him getting a rose. Justin tells Ali about his tension with the others boys, but it doesn't seem to deter Ali on her feelings for him. Steve (who?) says he's been falling behind and spreads a blanket out to simulate a date with Ali.

The other guys form a fun little smack talk circle about Justin and Justin confronts the guys about their distaste for him. I don't know if it's the editing or the other guys or what, but they have some very strong words about how two-faced he is and I'm just not seeing it. Yes, the Vienna comparisons are already getting old, but it is very similar drama and who really cares? Why does it matter if Justin gets along with them? Yes, it's annoying and unfortunate to have to live with a bunch of guys who really don't like you but he came to meet Ali, not meet a bunch of dudes so let's try and move on. I'm especially surprised to see Ty, the same Ty who broke out his guitar for Ali last week, lead the attack against Justin.

Next, it's Roberto who wages the anti-Justin war with Ali. Unfortunately, Ali lets it slip that Justin walked over to her house and Roberto is not happy. Ali is worried she may have just made things worse for Justin, and she's right. The guys all circle around him like well-tailored vultures and ask him point-blank. He says he just felt he needed some extra time with Ali and wanted to show Ali how much she means to him. This whole interaction seems a mix of the guys' boredom building into this useless argument and bad editing.

Justin is seen outside by himself angry and crying and the other guys make a few more horrible "Rated R" jokes (can we please cut those out now?). Craig R. says he knows for sure that Justin won't be getting a rose. Even Justin himself seems unsure despite Ali's adoration for him.

During the ceremony, Ali gives roses to Chris L., Jesse, Chris N., Ty, Kasey, Craig R., Frank, Jonathan and Justin. Is there really any surprise here? Ali really liked his gesture and she's not going to let some petty drama fog her judgment. This means John C. and Steve are out.

So what did you think of the episode? Did Ali get it right? What do you think of Justin?

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On this week of The Bachelorette, Ali must eliminate three guys and the drama in the house over Justin intensifies as he makes a bold gesture to show his feelings to Ali.

The first one-on-one date is with Roberto and Ali picks a very daring activity. First, the two fly by helicopter (why does Ali always take air transportation when she's so afraid of flying?). read more

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