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The Bachelorette Episode: "The Bachelorette"

Season 5, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Jillian and the remaining 13 contestants travel to Vancouver, her hometown, where she takes 10 of them curling and five on a sunset boat ride. She also takes two on a "one-stays-one-goes" date that culminates atop a snow-covered mountain. In addition, Jillian and one guy heat up her kitchen, but another gets too steamy for her taste. And when she hears that three men might have girlfriends back home, she cancels the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. At the ceremony, she pares the field to 10.
Original Air Date: Jun 8, 2009

The Bachelorette Episode Recap: June 8, 2009 Season 5, Episode 4

In tonight's episode, crazy David gets too comfortable, Jake pulls back, and Tanner tells Jillian some of the other guys have girlfriends.

Hi, and welcome back to the Bachelorette recap. This was a pretty solid episode, especially at the end, so my lovely fiancée and I, your regular re-cappers, will dive right in.

The episode begins with everyone relocating from Los Angeles to Vancouver, which the magnificent Chris Harrison describes as Jillian's hometown. But it seems that Chris has been forced to take part in some conspiracy to promote Vancouver, because Jillian, according to her official ABC bio, is actually from Peace River, Alberta. Which is 850 miles away from Vancouver, in another province.  (Province is Canada-talk for "state.")

Jillian welcomes the guys to The Coov (in this recap Vancouver will be known as The Coov) and informs them that it is the site of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. She goes on a one-on-one date with Kiptyn which consists of kayaking to a market and buying food that Jillian prepares for dinner.

Jillian: That's every girl's dream. For her to be in the kitchen, and sort of hot and flustered because she's so worried if the meal turned out right or wrong and her guy comes and kisses her on... part of the neck.

[Awkward pause.]

Me: That doesn't seem like a very feminist ideal.

Fiancée: No, that is indeed every girl's dream — every woman's dream.

Me: But what about being treated equally?

Fiancée: Nope. Only Monday through Friday. On the weekends I want my apron ripped off next to a hot stove.

Me: But I got us tickets for the Vagina Monologues this weekend.

Kiptyn mentions that he's not used to pursuing people, so he ends up with people who pursue him. The fiancée and I agree that he doesn't seem excited about her. They kiss, she gives him a rose, and somewhere, Gloria Steinem weeps.|

All the guys except Mark and Mike, who've been chosen for a two-on-one date, compete in a curling competition. Curling may sound mysterious to American audiences, so let me explain: It's kind of like pétanque, but on ice. (Pétanque, of course, is a form of boules.)

While the other guys curl, Michael, the breakdancer, gets cuddly with Jillian. Throughout the curling, Jillian wears a The Coov 2010 sweatshirt. The team that includes pilot Jake and potentially violent David wins. She takes them on a boat as a reward.

Once on the boat, Jill tells Jake he seems perfect. Jake discloses that he's not. He later confesses to viewers that he was somewhat taken aback by the conversation: "I honest to God am not sure what she's looking for."And so he becomes the second guy of the episode who is maybe possibly less into Jillian than she is into him, Kiptyn being the first.

Later, Jillian talks to David, who is best known for repeatedly threatening to beat or kill Juan, who he regards as overly suave or fake or something. Jillian says that tonight, she wants to see his gentlemanly side. David discloses to Jillian that "her ass is faaaaan-tastic."

Jillian: When David and I are really comfortable he gets a little too comfortable with me.

David next expresses a certain fondness for Jillian's ****. We don't know what **** are because the show beeped it, but we're pretty sure it refers to her "pétanques."

David: I think she is into me.

Next, Jillian gives a rose to Jesse, saying he's someone she got off to a slow start with. Bachelorette obsessives take note: In an interview with's own Matt Mitovich, she mentioned that the guy she ultimately chooses could well be someone with whom she had a slow start.

Next, Mark and Mike go with Jillian on the two-on-one date. Mike is more aggressive, while Mark, a pizza entrepreneur, is more shy. He likens himself to a quarterback behind a line of defensemen. My fiancée, who has fallen in love with him, in a not-going-to-break-off-our-engagement kind of way, describes him as "a puppy in a bag of marshmallows, with saggy, velvety fur." That means she thinks his nervousness is cute. Jillian gives a rose to the sweet schloopy puppy dog.

Later, at the cocktail party, Jillian talks to Reid, another guy my fiancée thinks is cute. Reid says he wants to kiss Jillian, but she says first he has to ask a random question. He asks about her first crush, and she says it was a guy named Vincent who sang a song to her. Reid worries that this means Wes has the advantage, since he's written her a song and played her the first line 11 million times. Reid also says Wes is only here for his career. My fiancée says Reid is her favorite. He may also be my favorite.

Next, talking to Jake, Jillian tells him she recognizes he's been "pulling back." He says he wants to make clear that he's being himself, and isn't pretending to be perfect. "If you're looking for a boy, you've got that too," he says. "You've got a whole room full of boys."

Tanner later pulls Jillian aside to tell her some of the guys have said they have girlfriends. But he won't say who they are. She says she understands, and hugs him. She then tells the guys she's heard some disturbing news and that the cocktail party is off.

Prudence Merriweather is very angry the cocktail party is canceled before he got to talk to Jillian. It's unclear whether he's mad at the guys who have girlfriends or the guy who ratted out the guys who have girlfriends.

Jillian, talking to Chris, joins in the pro-Coov conspiracy by calling The Coov "my hometown." She and Chris agree to confront the guys.

As Chris, Jillian, and the guys gather together, Jake says he would be "really, really pissed" if he found out that one of the guys had a girlfriend. David, meanwhile, is really, really pissed that someone "is snitchin'." He of course blames Juan and urges Jillian to cut the person who snitched. No one admits having a girlfriend, or snitching.

Tanner P, the snitch, accuses Juan of looking at him.

Tanner P: Juan, you better stop looking at me right now.

Juan says he's just looking around.

Me: This has gotten pretty good.

Fiancée: Mmm-hmmm.

Me: Do you think he should have ratted them out?

Fiancée: Yeah. I think he was trying to help.

So, apparently, does Jillian. She gives roses to Reid, Prudence Merriweather, Ed, Michael, Wes, Jake, and, finally, Tanner P.

Archrivals Juan and David are sent home. Juan is really classy about leaving. David says he feels pretty wronged, and he suspects, wrongly, that Juan "threw me under the bus."
Let it go, dude. Shouldn't have mentioned the ****.

Next week: Tanner says Wes has a girlfriend. But does he tell Jillian? And an incredible game of pétanque: Coov style. No, not really.

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In tonight's episode, crazy David gets too comfortable, Jake pulls back, and Tanner tells Jillian some of the other guys have girlfriends.

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