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The Bachelorette Episode: "Season 5"

Season 5, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Eliminated bachelors dish about Jillian and each other, and Jillian dishes about them as she looks back over the competition. Also: Q&A sessions for Jillian and several of the bachelors, profiles of the two finalists and a preview of the season finale.
Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2009
Guest Cast Jason Mesnick Molly Malaney

The Bachelorette Episode Recap: July 20, 2009 Season 5, Episode 10

In this week's sort-of episode of The Bachelorette, the men tell all, discuss the "man code" and Wes, and pretend it isn't totally weird that Reid isn't there.

Hello, and welcome back to our recap. With me as always is my lovable, about-to-take-a-weird trip fiancée. (More on this later.) The Men Tell All episodes are strange and kind of confusing to recap, because nothing important happens. You could of course say nothing important happens on the regular episodes, either. But the feuds and cross-talk that characterize The Men Tell All are extra unimportant.

The wonderful Chris Harrison kicks things off by mentioning "the country singer" to the boos of the audience. There's going to be a lot of dumping on Wes tonight, and since he didn't show to defend himself (he's probably hanging out with Laurel — zing), here's an article with his take on things.

Jillian talks to Chris about the guys. She says Tanner P's foot fetish was no problem, and that she loves her feet, but lately she's looking at her feet and considering surgery to reduce the size of one of her toes.

Fiancée: Maybe she can mail the removed portion to Tanner.

Jillian also reveals that she wanted to send Ed away when he returned, but couldn't do it because she felt too strongly for him, and said Kiptyn came off as a "perfect character" until the ropes course. Chris asks what she saw in Wes.

Jillian: "Ohmigod, the country singer with tattoos who wants kids and wants to sit by the fire and drink beer?"

Jillian concedes that Wes was only on the show to sell records and may have had "somebody on the side" who complicated things.

Fiancée: Yes, I fell for his song, ooookay, I'm sorry.

Jillian says Reid was "the hardest let-go" that she's had to do.

Fiancée: Don't you think it's so suspicious that Reid's not there? I think she's giving him a second chance in the last episode. I would. If you weren't in the picture. And if Dale Cooper weren't in the picture.

Sorry, I should give that some context: Dale Cooper is the lead character in the wonderful show Twin Peaks, which began airing on ABC in 1990. Fiancée is leaving this week for The Twin Peaks Fest in North Bend, Wash. Anyone else think that's crazy? Also, can someone plan a Bachelorette Fest, to be held in New Zealand? Something might be persuaded to send me to?

Me: It is suspicious that Reid's not there. Aren't they contractually bound?

Fiancée: Could it be that he's not there because he's planning to make a dramatic return next week to ask Jillian, in his customary caveman talk, for her hand in marriage?

As they play footage of a Hawaiian hula dance, Jillian discloses that uptight, neurotic Reid (surprise) "actually doesn't like to dance at all."

Me: Why does Reid get as much time as Ed and Kiptyn if they aren't setting us up for his return?

Fiancée: Because Reid is hotter.

Fiancée goes on to explain the appeal of the remaining contestants. We're going to go ahead and include Reid among them.

Fiancée: Ed's nice. I want Kiptyn to be my personal trainer. But I want Reid to be my boyfriend.

Me: You mean if I weren't in the picture.

Fiancée: Sure.

I really hope Reid won't be at Twin Peaks Fest.

Molly and Jason return, and Molly says she and Jason were relentlessly harassed by "the media and the tabloids." Jason says Molly and his son, Ty, are like buddies. She says the one obstacle to her and Jason's relationship is that she lives in Milwaukee, Wis., while he's in Washington. Wait, will he be at the Fest? Anyway, both say they expect to get married. Good luck, kids.

Jason also announces that he's started Jason's Place, an online community for single parents. He's also giving away a free trip to — whoa! — New Zealand for the single parent who needs it most. Wait — do I have to be a single parent to qualify?

Molly notes that "Melissa's doing fantastic right now" and Jason adds that his crazy reversal caused "happiness in the end," eliciting cheers from the crowd.

Me: Do you think Jason's decision was the right one?

Fiancée: Not to sound corny, but yes. He followed his heart.

Chris says Reid couldn't be there because of a "prior engagement." (Rehearsing his speech to Jillian?)

As the Men Tell All, we learn at least a few of the other guys are not fond of Jake (no surprise), Tanner P (medium surprise), or Juan (though I kind of like him). Tanner F says Jake "pulled a Mesnick," which he defines as: "When a grown man leans over a hotel balcony and cries."

Someone uses the F-word, which spurs a series of F-words — even by Chris. This is awesome, like when your mom or dad slips up and curses in front of you for the first time. All the F-words are bleeped because this is a wholesome family kind of show about one woman trying to choose between 30 guys.

A debate ensues about the meaning of the term "man code," which crazy Dave accuses Juan of repeatedly violating. We're reminded of the time Dave said he wished Juan would drown himself, and his numerous threats to kill him. No one has any easy time defining "Man Code," possibly because it is a secret code that women must never be allowed to decipher.

Fiancée: I think Man Code is an excuse for men to behave badly and attach a formal term to it.

Me: Man Code is secret and sacred and I will never reveal it. If the other men someday tell me what it is.

Mark, in a bit of flagrant geographic discrimination, says Juan is the way he is because he's from L.A. Chris, a Texas native who now works in L.A., defends Juan. He tries, very charitably, to explain Dave's perspective: "So like, if I tell him I want him to go drown himself, that means I want to hug it out."

Chris: Isn't there a fine line between Man Code and being a good human being?

I lean close to the television, hoping Chris will let slip more about the code, but no dice.

Dave and Prudence Merriweather say it was unmanly of Tanner P to tell Jillian some of the guys had girlfriends back home. Dave says all the guys had girls back home — because everyone had an ex. Tanner says there's a difference between exes and currents, which doesn't seem to require explaining. Then again, Dave's not so good with boundaries, as the next segment reminds us.

Dave watches himself talk to Jillian about her backside. He denies making her feel "very uncomfortable," and says complimenting a woman's posterior is a compliment. Chris turns to the ladies in the audience.

Chris: But ladies, is that a compliment?

The ladies say no.

Chris says he understands the Man Code, and looking out for your fellow men — "but where in it is the respect for women?"

I wish I knew: Tell me, Chris. Dave doesn't know either.

Dave: We were in a house with guys. It's not a normal situation.

Long story short: Guys, don't put women in awkward situations, ever. (Just kidding: I know there aren't any guys out there. But if there are, is the Code online somewhere?)

Next we see Jake in the hot seat. We see again in the narrative that he's too perfect. Chris says Wes "couldn't make it here tonight." The other guys talk smack about Wes for a while. We get it. The pile-on spreads to the audience, where a guy who is handsomer than anyone on stage says Wes was "a joke from the get-go." Chris asks if anyone in the audience supports Wes. An attractive blond woman comes forward.

Attractive Blond Woman: If it walks like a snake and it talks like a snake, chances are it's not the kind of guy that most women would like to date.

Jillian comes back out. She says she had no idea how much Juan had to go through. The ladies cheer. She also says Dave did, indeed, make her feel uncomfortable. Dave apologizes. She says she cried when she let the two Mikes go, and also when she let Reid go — foreshadowing?

Juan says he has to agree with Tanner P that she has great feet. She thanks him, and says she's wearing Mango Mango.

Me: What's Mango Mango? Is that Woman Code?

Fiancée: Duh.

We cut to a bunch of outtakes of the guys talking about passing gas. It's funny, but not as funny as the gas-passing montage that memorably ended each episode of Twin Peaks.

Next we see scenes from next week's show. Jillian goes on delightful dates with Ed and Kiptyn and we wonder whether she'll — OMIGODWASTHATREID? Yes, yes it was. He pops up for just an instant in the preview, which means he's totally coming back. See you next week. 

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In this week's sort-of episode of The Bachelorette, the men tell all, discuss the "man code" and Wes, and pretend it isn't totally weird that Reid isn't there. read more

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