The Lace and Mandi Kiss Fiasco
04:19 — Lace is furious when Mandi interrupts her kiss with Ben.
The Bachelor 2016: Meet Amanda
01:07 — This single mom is searching for Prince Charming.
The Bachelor Arrivals: the Onesie, the Hoverboard and Lace
01:22 — Izzy thinks Ben is the "onesie" for her.
The Bachelor Arrivals: Maegan Horses Around
01:21 — Maegan brings along her horse to meet Ben.
Sean, Jason and Chris Give Ben Advice
03:47 — The former Bachelors share their words of wisdom.
Deleted Scene: The Bachelor Meets the Breakfast Club
01:09 — Ben performance would make Judd Nelson proud.
Deleted Scene: Jade & Tanner's Paradise Wedding Venue
00:59 — Jade & Tanner are excited to be married at the St. Regis Monarch Beach.
Deleted Scene: Carly Waddell Sings at Tanner and Jade's Wedding
02:52 — Carly Waddell serenades the couple.
The Bachelor 2016: Meet Lauren B
00:35 — This flight attendant wants to land Ben's heart.
Watch Olivia Get Ben's First Impression Rose
02:06 — The claws come out when Olivia gets the first impression rose.
The Bachelor 2016: Meet the Twins
00:49 — This twins are a whole lot of double trouble.
The Bachelor 2016 Travel Guide: Mexico City
04:43 — Take a deeper look at The Bachelor's trip to Mexico City.
The Bachelor 2016: Meet Tiara
00:49 — Can Ben steal Tiara away from her one true love?
Deleted Scene: Becca Gets Summoned to the Chapel
01:41 — Ben wants Becca to meet him at the chapel.
Deleted Scene: Catching up With Jillian Harris
02:35 — From hot tubs to hot dogs, former Bachelorette Jillian Harris reveals all.
The Bachelor 2016 Travel Guide: Bahamas
04:32 — What better place to fall in love than the Bahamas?
The Bachelor 2016 Trailer
03:41 — Follow Ben Higgins on his journey to find his love.
The Bachelor Arrivals: The Twins Meet Ben
01:22 — Two words: group hug.
The Bachelorettes Leave Las Vegas
01:03 — Goodbye Vegas, hello Mexico!
Deleted Scene: the Bachelorettes Trash Talk Jubilee
00:57 — Jubliee's actions are the talk of the house.
Deleted Scene: The Bachelorettes Dance Bollywood Style
01:06 — Caila brings each bachelorette's inner performer.
The Bachelor Arrivals: What's Your Name?
00:46 — Lauren R. reveals all to Ben -- except for one important thing.
Deleted Scene: Tiara's Awkward Dance
00:51 — Tiara dances the stress away.
Deleted Scene: Emily Returns Without Haley
01:11 — When Emily returns home without Haley, Caila sees it as a reminder that Ben is serious about finding his wife. Watch this deleted scene from Week 4 of (more…)
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