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The Bachelor Episode: "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love"

Season 14, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Jake accompanies the four remaining bachelorettes to their hometowns to meet their families. He finds one to be very protective, must work to win over another gal's mom, has serious questions for the third's family and is grilled by the fourth's. Back in L.A., one of the women visits him in his hotel room to tell him something surprising. Then comes the rose ceremony, at which Jake pares the field to three.
Original Air Date: Feb 8, 2010

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Season 14, Episode 9
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Aired: 3/1/2010
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The Bachelor Episode Recap: Finale Season 14, Episode 9

On the season finale of The Bachelor, Jake introduces Tenley and Vienna to his family as he struggles to decide which woman to choose.

After a long very montage showing viewers how far we've come, Jake is still where we saw him at the end of the last new episode in St. Lucia: stuck between two women he's fallen in love with. Before he makes his big choice, however, Jake must bring his family into the equation for their take on Tenley and Vienna.

Tenley is the first to meet the family and she's got a big advantage since Jake says he brought up a lot of Vienna's perceived faults with his family early on in their trip. As one might expect, Tenley is a perfect fit with Jake's family right from the beginning, but for the girl that "dreams in cartoons," what family wouldn't love her? Right from the get-go, Tenley is very open and honest about her feelings for Jake and even makes his dad tear up a little bit. Tenley and Jake's mom share a nice talk and Jake's mom tells him she is not worried about Tenley at all. "You won a lot of points today," Jake's dad tells her at one point (as she makes him cry again). Good luck following that, Vienna.

As Jake prepares to introduce Vienna to his family, he calls a good connection between his other half and his family a "dealbreaker" so of course, at the beginning, everything seems to go wrong for Vienna. She's hardly her natural outgoing self with his family and seems less than warm with them. Even worse, when she does start talking openly, it's about how she didn't get along with the other women in the house and red flags go up left and right for Jake's family, especially his mom, who is very concerned about Jake finding a wife to get along with his brothers' wives. However, Vienna slowly but surely warms over Jake's mom and sister-in-law during their respective sit-downs with her. Jake's family is honest that they like Tenley more, but also say they see how much Vienna cares about him. It will be interesting to see how much, if at all, this judgment will affect his decision.

The next day, Vienna and Jake go to an active volcano and rub mud all over each other. The way Vienna talks about rubbing mud all over Jake, I feel a sudden urge to cover my eyes and ears. Did the channel suddenly change from Disney-owned ABC to Cinemax after-hours? Is there some weird Undressed marathon taking over ABC? Later in the evening, Vienna discusses their emotional connection as well and romantically hands Jake a note rolled up by her promise ring from her father, saying that for now she's giving this to Jake. It only took two months but Vienna is finally acting like a normal, semi-mature woman head over heels in love. It's a little late but it's finally clear how tough a decision Jake has ahead of him.

The real turning point of the episode, and the series, is Jake's last date with Tenley. While Jake's final date with Vienna crosses the line over and over, his last hours with Tenley are, well, much more tepid. The couple kiss, hug, snorkel, etc. but after they explore the ocean hand-in-hand, Jake begins to ponder his and Tenley's lack of physical chemistry. The worst part is he wonders this out loud. Obviously, Tenley takes this badly not only because she now knows she may be behind Vienna but because she's reminded of, you guessed it, when her ex-husband cheated on her. Jake says he disappointed in himself and I can't blame him. He has plenty of time to think about these things in front of the camera later by himself, without making Tenley feel bad about herself the day before she may or may not be getting engaged. Come on, Jake, give me a break.

Over at Tenley's room later in the evening, Tenley is stronger than most would be after being told the guy you love thinks he has no physical chemistry with you. They talk openly about the slow-burning physical spark and Jake seems happier now that they've talked this out. Obviously their talk goes well because as soon as the jeweler comes knocking the next day, Jake must pick one ring for each girl as he continues to decide (and as it sounds, continue to fight back tears).

After a dramatic break, Jake reveals he has come to a decision and has he gets dressed for the big occasion (this wouldn't be the same season of The Bachelor without the wonderful, er, I mean gratuitous shots of Jake shirtless). He says he's made up his mind but is not prepared to break someone else's heart.

As soon as Jake starts tearing up and calls her perfect, Tenley starts to squint and the tears start flowing on both ends. Jake says he doesn't know why but he feels like something missing. This is really hard to watch. Like, times the episode Ali left by 1,000 and that's how hard this is to watch. Tenley really starts tearing up but says she's thankful she was able to see she could fall in love again and happy to find it out with Jake. She even thanks him for being so honest with her about why she's not the one. But Jake isn't off the hook that easy. As he walks Tenley back to Chris Harrison, he tells her he'll never forget her and she asks, twice, "Why are you saying goodbye?" Tenley walks into the St. Lucia sunset and looks back at Jack one final, tearful time.

As Tenley is driven away, Jake says he put her on too high a pedestal even for himself, and felt he had to be a certain way around her. So you can be too perfect, even on reality TV, eh? Luckily, Tenley is a smart and mature girl and she knows deep down she deserves somebody who loves all of her and even though she's heartbroken, she's not completely devastated. There are few girls who have been dumped on The Bachelor who have gone out as classy as Tenley, so cheers to her.

Love her or hate her, you see the pure love and raw emotion in Vienna as she approaches Jake. He does his best to act like he's about turn her down, especially when he hands her back the promise ring she gave to him two nights before. However, his face starts to slowly light up and as soon as the words "I love you" leave his lips, Vienna is all over him and quickly accepts his marriage proposal.

It's a little cheesy but only fitting that this season started out with a half-dozen corny plane-related joked and ends with "On the Wings of Love."

On "After the Final Rose," not only is Jake revealed to be one of the next contestants on Dancing with the Stars (I'm pretty excited to watch him practice shirtless on my HD TV) but he comes face-to-face with both Tenley and Vienna. Tenley and Jake's time together on the couch together is brief and awkward as humanly possible. Tenley is sweet but also wants clarity on the missing piece of the puzzle, to which Jake can only answer a "magical spark" and says Tenley has a lifelong friend in him (we've heard that one before on this show).

Alone on the couch with The Bachelor himself, Jake addresses the controversy about Vienna's personality and their relationship. Jake says "everybody's just going to have to trust that I let my heart lead." Once Vienna steps out, the couple can't stop beaming and they seem more in love than ever. They brush off the intense media coverage of the season and their relationship and seem focused on moving forward with their relationship. Although no wedding date is set, Vienna is moving to Dallas to be with Jake right away and the two can't keep their hands off each other during their interview. The best (or worst part depending on who you ask and how much corniness they can handle in one increments) is when they get the man behind "On the Wings of Love", Jeffrey Osborne, to perform on the show. Jake and Vienna share a darkly lit first dance but I'm more focused on looking for Joel McHale. Sorry, but The Soup did play this song way more than The Bachelor did this season so now it's habit.

After their slightly odd dancing interlude, Chris Harrison then introduces the next Bachelorette who is...drum roll...Ali! As many predicted (and I hoped for) Ali is next to look for love. Hopefully she just knows to tell her work exactly how long she's going to be gone this time.

So what did you think of the finale? Did Jake make the right choice? Did you see all that coming with Tenley about a missing spark (they sure had me fooled)? Do you think Jake and Vienna will last? How about Ali as the next Bachelorette? Sound off on anything and everything in comments section below!

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On the season finale of The Bachelor, Jake introduces Tenley and Vienna to his family as he struggles to decide which woman to choose.

After a long very montage showing viewers how far we've come, Jake is still where we saw him at the end of the last new episode in St. Lucia: stuck between two women he's fallen in love with. Before he makes his big choice, however, Jake must bring his family into the equation for their take on Tenley and Vienna.

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