The Bachelor

2002, TV Show

The Bachelor Episode: "The Bachelor"

Season 16, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Ben returns to his hometown, San Francisco, with the 16 remaining gals and goes skiing with 11 of them. (It's a hilly city.) He takes another to City Hall, where they're serenaded by singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson. There's also a cocktail-party crasher, a woman who already knows Ben and wants to add her name to his list of romantic possibilities. The official bachelorettes are not amused. One woman faints and another breaks down in tears at the rose ceremony, and when it's over 13 have roses.
Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2012
Guest Cast Matt Nathanson
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Season 16, Episode 3
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Aired: 1/16/2012
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The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 3 Season 16, Episode 3

The ladies arrive in San Francisco where Ben meets up with his sister Julia to tell her about some of the women who have stood out. He mentions, Lindzi, Courtney — with whom he thinks his sis would hit it off — Kacie B. and that Jennifer is the best kisser so far. Apparently, he and his sister are close.

Chris Harrison arrives at the hotel to tell the women there will be a group date and a two on-on-one dates. "When you get time with Ben, take advantage of it," he urges. The first card goes to Emily and they set off to climb atop the Bay Bridge. Emily is terrified, rightfully so, as they prepare to ascend 535 feet. It starts off relatively simple, but as the climb gets steeper, Emily begins to panic. To calm her fears, Ben decides the only thing he can do is kiss her. They finally make it. (There's no way Ben wouldn't give her a rose after that, right?)

The two have a romantic dinner and talk about Ben's Bachelorette experience. Emily shares her abysmal dating experiences such as her foray into online dating that ended in a set-up with her older brother. Their date also hits a deeper level when Ben grabs the rose and tells Emily that his father loved his mother because he thought she was smarter than he was. He adds, "I think you're probably smarter than me and I always try to live up to my father's expectations and the man that he was." The two kiss and drink some champagne as fireworks appear in the background.

It's time for the group date, which goes to Blakeley, Jaclyn, Kacie B, Erika, Samantha, Jamie, Monica, Rachel, Nicki, Elyse and Casey S, they're going skiing. But in San Francisco? In summer? The Bachelor makes it happen. The girls put on their best bikinis and skis and head down the hill. Most of the girls are lacking in the skiing department — so with a lot of butts in the air, Ben is enjoying his day.

Ben, wearing his best vest, steals Rachel away during the night part of the date. They bond over being laid-back and she takes Harrison's advice by pulling him in for a kiss. Kacie B. grabs him next so that they can have some time to reconnect. They walk hand in hand as Kacie tells him how hard it is to see him with the other girls.

At the hotel, Brittney gets the next date, but she's less than thrilled; she says her heart's not in it and decides she's going home. Kudos for Brit for being honest. She finds Ben on his date and lets him know. He tells the other girls and then hands the rose to Rachel.

Lindzi gets the replacement one-on-one date and they walk and trolly around the city, eating some ice cream and hanging out. They end up in City Hall where the lights turn on and Matt Nathanson starts playing. They dance, kiss and then go to dinner. Ben immediately asks her why she's single. Lindzi talks about being madly in love and getting broken up with via a text message that sounds too wild to be true. But alas, she's moved on and ready for love and the two make a toast to laughing at themselves. No surprise here, Lindzi gets the rose and they end the date with a little piano-playing.

The next day, Harrison gets a call from a "mysterious" woman who feels that she has a connection with Ben and wants to see where it will lead. Shawntel, from Brad's season, wants her chance with Ben before he possibly gets engaged. She meets Chris at the hotel and goes to get gussied up before returning to give it her best shot. At the rose ceremony, meanwhile, Courtney is making a stir and offending the girls around her. Of course, Ben has no clue and she's on her best behavior in front of her.

Shawntel arrives and walks right past the girls, who are extremely confused, and finds a shocked Ben. The women are staring them down as they awkwardly chat and Shawntel tells him that because they've spoke a few times, she needs to know if something more is there. She asks for a rose and gives him time to think about it. Shawntel then explains her case to the ladies and they're not having it. Most think she's full of it and the rest just rip on her. Courtney says it's not what she signed up for, but since when are twists not a part of The Bachelor? "We don't reuse Brad's Dumpster trash." Jaclyn adds.

Chris steps in and announces it's time for the rose ceremony. Ben says he's confident with his decision before giving the roses to Courtney (who hesitates and calls out Shawntel), Kacie B, Elyse, Jamie, Jennifer, Kasey S, Blakeley, Monica, Nicki, Samantha and ... Ben goes to say a few words, but Erika passes out. She eventually gets better and Ben hands out his final rose to no one. So Shawntel, Erika and Jaclyn are all going home.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did Shawntel deserve to be shot down?

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The ladies arrive in San Francisco where Ben meets up with his sister Julia to tell her about some of the women who have stood out. He mentions, Lindzi, Courtney — with whom he thinks his sis would hit it off — Kacie B. and that Jennifer is the best kisser so far. Apparently, he and his sister are ...
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Premise: True love (or a TV facsimile thereof) gets the reality treatment in this long-running dating game, in which a successful bachelor romances a number of beauties. The list of possible paramours is reduced each week until he gives a final red rose to one of them. The series spun off 'The Bachelorette', a spate of rip-offs and very few lasting pairings.


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