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The Bachelor Episode: "The Bachelor"

Season 14, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. Drama continues during a week in San Francisco.
Original Air Date: Feb 1, 2010

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Season 14, Episode 7
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Aired: 2/15/2010
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The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 7 Season 14, Episode 7

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake takes Gia, Tenley and Vienna on a romantic getaway to St. Lucia and a heart-broken Ali asks for a second chance.

Up until Ali's shocking decision to leave the show (and Jake) to save her job, it seemed Gia was most likely on the chopping block and on this, the night's first date; she'll have to really prove why she belongs to stay.

Most of Gia and Jake's St. Lucia date is very steamy. There's lots of hand-holding, kissing, flirting, etc. Their physical connection is in no question on this date. However, that's never been this couple's problem and for Gia to remain through to the final two, she's got to push herself to be a little more forthcoming emotionally. Even at the beginning of the episode, Jake reflects on his time with Gia and says she's been the most closed-up. Over a romantic dinner on the beach, the emotional and physical chemistry between the duo is palpable and Gia narrates that she's ready and waiting to tell Jake she's falling in love with him. She doesn't say it at dinner. She doesn't say it on the beachfront hammock. She doesn't even say it when the two share a romantic bubble bath in their fantasy suite even though she voices over the scene that she's ready to use the L-word with Jake 4 or 5 times (or so it seems). You just want to push the words out of Gia's mouth because it's so frustrating to watch. She wants to say it and Jake, at this point, really needs to hear it but the entire date goes by and 'love' doesn't pop up once from Gia (even though their date turns out to possibly be the most romantic out of the three).

There seems to be a lot more talking on Jake and Tenley's date even though, in my humble opinion, they've already done A LOT of chatting. However, Jake obviously needs to feel as emotionally close to each girl as possible to choose them to stay and at dinner, Tenley says the one thing Gia can't: She's falling in love with Jake. As their dinner comes to an end, there's a little more kissing and the big question about the fantasy suite. If Tenley says yes, she has that much of a better shot at sticking around and getting even closer to Jake. However, she's been more than vocal (on the edge of the cusp of being annoying, some may say) about how she's only spent the night with one guy before. A very respectable fact for sure and an example of one of the traits Jake has always been attracted to about her, we all get it, this is new for you, blah, blah, blah. Tenley knows what she needs to do and knows what's in her heart so that's the only thing that can guide her one way or the other. Jake and Tenley share a romantic dance and when he does bring up the fantasy suite, she sounds very confident about her decision to take it.

As we've seen time and time again, Vienna is the yang to Tenley's ying. Even going into the date, Jake is very specific about what he needs to know. However, I can't quite get at what it is Jake needs from the date. At the beginning of the date when the two go aboard the pirate ship (what up synergy!), Jake says he needs to see the more fun, immature side of her from their first one-on-one date. However, later in the date as the two sit down for dinner, Jake says he needs to make sure he's attracted to her more emotionally then physically. Surprisingly, the two share a very serious talk on everything from when Vienna wants to have children to personal preference in terms of wedding bands. However, Vienna's immaturity (and I'm being nice here) shows up once again when as soon as she and Jake get the key to the fantasy suite, she's ready to jump into some skimpy lingerie. Jake is, after all, a guy and he eats it up but hopefully it will resonate with him that Vienna is more concerned with her evening wear than her personal feelings. The one thing I will say about Vienna is you've got to give props to her for being so clear (or "bold" as Jake loves to call her). At dinner, she's loud and proud about how in love she is with Jake and there's something, no matter how extroverted and introverted someone is, to be said about that.

With all three one-on-one dates over, it's time for the dramatic phone call with Ali. There's only so much to analyze in their phone call but it is almost as emotional as her final farewell. She tells Jake she's without love in her life and that she'll do anything for a second chance. However, in the world of The Bachelor, waiting a few days to call means the man of your dreams may have flown to some gorgeous island with three other lovely ladies and forgotten all about you. Well, OK, Jake didn't forget about Ali (as evident by his almost tears) but he explains that he's since put the feelings he had for her aside and focused and developed his feelings for the other women. As much as Jake would love to tell Ali to jump on a plane and come out, simply too much time (and too many fantasy suites) have come and gone in the time since they last saw each other. A tough decision but, at this point, it seems to be the right one.

Now that Ali is officially and completely out of the picture, its back to choosing between Gia, Tenley and Vienna. Jake goes over his dates with each girl and his feelings for them and reveals that while he's "falling in love" with Gia and Tenley, Jake specifically says he is in love with Vienna. So while Vienna seemed in the running for elimination during parts of their day together, it now sounds like she's leapfrogged to the front of the line. But then again, she was so forthcoming with her love for Jake as well so who can blame the guy? The videos from the three ladies show more of what we saw on the dates: Gia is falling in love but won't say much more, Tenley is falling in love and ready for marriage and babies and the whole nine yards and Vienna is in love and surprisingly confident she is his future wife.

At the rose ceremony, Jake gives the first rose immediately to Tenley and takes a long pause before giving the second to Vienna. Gia is sad but doesn't look so shocked. She tells Jake on her way out she knows she wasn't as upfront with him as she needed to be and she's confident he has two other great girls in the running. Jake explains that he'll miss her but that there was too much "stop and go" between them.

With only Tenley and Vienna left, Jake tells the girls his family will be stopping in St. Lucia to help him make the decision. That is AFTER next week's all-girls reunion show. So at this point, who do you think Jake will pick? Do you think he was right in sending Gia home? How do you think he handled the Ali situation? Sound off in the comments below!




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On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake takes Gia, Tenley and Vienna on a romantic getaway to St. Lucia and a heart-broken Ali asks for a second chance.

Up until Ali's shocking decision to leave the show (and Jake) to save her job, it seemed Gia was most likely on the chopping block and on this, the night's first date; she'll have to really prove why she belongs to stay.

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