The Bachelor

2002, TV Show

The Bachelor Episode: "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love"

Season 14, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: Season 14 premiere: Pilot Jake Pavelka, a 2009 "Bachelorette" veteran, begins his look for love from the other side of the rose ceremony as he meets the 25 contestants. Helping Jake size them up: Bachelorette Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, the man she chose instead of Jake. Among the 25 are an Air National Guard captain, a flight attendant and one woman who's afraid of flying. Cocktail-party highlights include touch football, and that's before the competition gets rough. Jake eliminates 10.
Original Air Date: Jan 4, 2010
Guest Cast Ed Swiderski
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Season 14, Episode 1
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Length: 01:25:05
Aired: 1/4/2010
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The Bachelor Episode Recap: "Premiere" Season 14, Episode 1

Welcome to the episode recaps for the 14th season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! Last time we saw the hunky pilot Jake Pavelka, the 31-year-old was having his heart crushed on national television by then-bachelorette Jillian Harris. Now it's Jake's turn to break some hearts and try his luck at finding love.

It only seems appropriate that I ask if everyone is buckled up and ready to take off since the entire first 15 minutes of the show are chock full of corny plane and pilot-related metaphors. You know, for those four people wondering what "on the wings of love" alludes to. Besides learning that Jake is a pilot, we also learn that he's been ready to fall in love and settle down for a long time. He's hoping to find a stable and traditional relationship similar to his parents' long marriage. Thankfully, viewers also get a glimpse back at when dear Jillian broke his heart this past summer on The Bachelorette. The most important thing we learn is that Jake enjoys being shirtless. We see him cook without a shirt on, do house repairs minus a shirt, etc. Am I in a committed relationship? Yes. Am I blind? No.

After getting to know Jake a little better, the camera is turned to the 25 lovely ladies vying to ride in Jake's cockpit (HA! These pilot metaphors can be fun!). Among them are a single mother, a model and a teacher whose mother enjoys ordering her daughter new clothes on a daily basis. As Ashley unwraps another ball gown, she laughs that her mom must really want Jake to fall for her. No honey, your mother just needs a new hobby.

Anyway, no matter how different they are, all the girls agree that a. they are ready to fall in love and b. that Jake is really cute. As these women filter out of their respective limos and board the express flight to love, it's funny to see just how each femme fatale tries to stand out with Jake in their own way.

Ashley, the teacher with the online-shopping-obsessed mother pulls out a custom made (and extremely short) flight attendant get-up to get alone time with Jake. This obviously peeves the other girls, who call her crazy and a little desperate for attention (kettle, you are black). Then there's Channy, who makes the most, well, interesting first impression by teaching Jake a little Cambodian. She tells him in her native language, and I quote, "You can land your plane on my landing strip any day." Hey, hey, Channy, this is still network TV at primetime!

As with any season of The Bachelor, there are also a few overly emotional women showing their true colors. First, Michelle begins tearing up in a corner because she realizes how serious she is about finding a man and how much she's sacrificed to be on the show. Then, Tenley asks to kiss Jake (just a peck) to see if there is chemistry between them but then as soon as she brags about her conquest to the other ladies, the waterworks start as she realizes the only other person she had kissed was her ex-husband. Well then you shouldn't have uncomfortably asked Jake if you could kiss him, Tenley! Either way, Tenley later wins the first impression rose from Jake thanks, at least partially, to that kiss.

Jill and fiancé Ed stop by The Bachelor house in the middle of the many tears and wardrobe changes to interview the young women and share their own two cents. Ed and Jill especially like Ella, Sheila and Kathryn. The only person they think Jake needs to send packing? Michelle, because as Ed says, she's not right for Jake's personality.

In the end, it seems anything to get Jake's attention wins him over. Ashley, the dress-up flight attendant, as well as Ali, who admitted her intense fear of flying early on in her one-on-one time with Jake, both receive roses, as do Jill and Ed's picks: Ella and Kathryn. Ashleigh, Corrie, Elizabeth from Nebraska, Jessie, Gia, Rozlyn, Valishia and Vienna also receive roses.

I am also happy to report that San Diego restaurant manager Christina gets a rose. Not sure how strong her bond with Jake will be but I like her because she seems to have a firm grip on reality and an impeccable wit with which to mock some of her less self-aware competitors. And over the credits, Christina is the only one gutsy enough to ask about which ladies belong to the infamous mile high club.

Most surprising of all is Jake's final rose of the evening, which keeps Michelle in the running and sends 10 girls home. Hello, Jake! Did you not hear what Jill and Ed said earlier? Did you not see Michelle doing the crazy eyes throughout the entire rose ceremony? (Channy, however, appropriately does not get a rose for her vulgar cultural input earlier in the evening).

Of course now we just have to wait to see which of these 15 women will truly win a one-way ticket to Jake's heart (and which of these woman slept with a crew member!)

Do you agree with Jake's first 15 picks? Who are your favorite (and least favorite!) bachelorettes so far?

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Welcome to the episode recaps for the 14th season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! Last time we saw the hunky pilot Jake Pavelka, the 31-year-old was having his heart crushed on national television by then-bachelorette Jillian Harris. Now it's Jake's turn to break some hearts and try his luck at finding love.

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