The Bachelor

2002, TV Show

The Bachelor Episode: "13th Season"

Season 13, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Fifteen roseless bachelorettes, including second runner-up Jillian, return to dish with---and about---each other and Jason, and weigh in on the Melissa-Molly finals. There are also hot-seat sessions for Jason and some of the bachelorettes; profiles of Melissa and Molly; a preview of the season finale; and updates on Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, who married in 2003 after meeting on "The Bachelorette"; and 2005 "Bachelor" Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice, the woman he chose.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2009
Guest Cast Sarah Brice Ryan Sutter Trista Rehn
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Season 13, Episode 8
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Length: 11:13:05
Aired: 2/23/2009
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The Bachelor Episode Recap: February 23, 2009 Season 13, Episode 8

I wasn't sure whether to recap this week's women-tell-all episode, because it had kind of a potluck feel: Taking a break from the drama unfolding between Jason, Molly, and Melissa, the show looked back on some past seasons and the unbelievable (read: not unbelievable) antics that haven't made it into this arc's regular episodes.

But sitting down to watch with my lovely fiancée, I once again found myself drawn in. And so, here's our recap. I can't apologize for the way it jumps between unrelated topics, because that's the kind of episode it was.

We start with some updates. Fred and Noelle, from past seasons, are dating. So are Holly and Jesse, who DeAnna dumped after choosing him last season on The Bachelorette. Charlie from Season 7 is again dating Sarah. They were together for two years, but then broke up, Sarah perhaps too bluntly explains, because of Charlie's drinking. They took a year off, and have been back together for a year. Charlie says he doesn't drink anymore and everyone applauds. This is weird, because contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seem to be drinking all the time. I'd wager that many couples wouldn't have gotten together, in fact, if not for all the free wine.

But moving on. We check in with Ryan and Trista who are still doing great. Trista's expecting a girl, and their son, who doesn't seem to be at the talking stage yet, has somehow managed to dictate a poem to his new sister vis-à-vis his dad. Trista thinks Jason should go for Melissa over Molly.

Although DeAnna, who dumped Jason on The Bachelorette before dumping Jesse, is supposed to turn up in Monday's finale, no one seems to take seriously the idea that Jason may end up with her.

We cut abruptly to Chris Harrison asking Jason a bunch of questions no one cares about to camouflage the ones we really want to know about, namely: Did Jason have sex with Molly on the camping date? Did he, as one commenter gently put it last week, take Molly, Jillian, and Melissa for "test drives" during their stays in the fantasy suite?

Jason tactfully says he and Molly were only alone together for three hours, prompting Chris to gleefully exclaim, "Three hours of sex is a lot!" Jason declines to go into details, and Chris uses the old "how many bases" technique, getting Jason to say he only got to first base.

Fiancée: Three hours of kissing is boring!

We cut kind of abruptly to all the women arriving to "tell all," also known as "audition to be the next season's Bachelorette."

Stephanie, the single mom whose husband has died, is a clear audience favorite both for her deep reservoir of personal strength and her general put-togetherness. She looks pretty happy and blows kisses to the crowd, seeming like the Bachelorette apparent until Jillian arrives to a semi-standing ovation.

"Jason is an incredible man. I hope he finds happiness. I hope I do too!" Stephanie says, broadly hinting that she might perhaps someday be willing to make some new attempt at finding love, if anyone can think of how she might go about that.

For the next half hour or so, the women squabble over who did and didn't get along in the house. Pretty much everyone thinks Natalie, who went on a Las Vegas date with Jason, is lame. Stephanie seems to be the most popular among the women — oops, sorry, women are called "girls" on the Bachelor, my bad — and at Chris' suggestion the girls give Stephanie a round of applause to show how much they love her.

Natalie, who got to wear a million dollars in jewelry on her Vegas date, says she doesn't usually wear jewelry.

Fiancée: This is so irrelevant.  

Natalie says she's always "been like the cute sporty girl who loves clothes."

Me: Oh, that girl.

Natalie shares her reaction to Jason not giving her a rose: "You don't feel a connection with me? Like who do you think you are, God?" Everyone remembers an incident where Natalie got mad because she was splashed in a pool, and Natalie concedes this occurred. Chris tells her it doesn't seem like she went out of her way to avoid confrontation.

Fiancée: Do you think Chris thinks, 'I don't get paid enough for this?' or 'I get paid way too much'?

Jillian says she loved Jason and brought him home to meet her family with the intention of marrying him.

Fiancée: Honestly, I would marry Chris Harrison in a heartbeat over Jason. The baseball analogy? Three hours? He's hilarious.

Me: But Chris is happily married. (Icy pause.) Just as you and I are happily engaged.

Fiancée: You know what they should do? Have Stephanie and Jillian be co-Bachelorettes. Stephanie's more mature and settled and Jillian's a firecracker. And then they could have fireside pow-wows before each rose ceremony to decide which guys to send home.

Me: Who would end up with a guy at the end?

Fiancée: They would both pick one. It would be like A Double Shot at Love but they wouldn't be bisexual twins.

The show runs a montage of believable unbelievable moments: contestants sniffing armpits, belching, doing gross stuff. Melissa running from a bee. Jason and Molly having trouble with umbrellas. Jillian losing her top. Jason losing control of his horse. (Producers: More of this next season, please! The horse stuff is gold.) Jason and Molly sitting in a bubble bath as the drain makes horrible sounds.

Finally, the show previews next week's dramatic choice — which Jason actually made some time ago. Jason tells Chris he is "extremely happy" with how things have turned out. We see more footage of Molly and Melissa, the same ten seconds of DeAnna's return we've been seeing all season, Jason running to a balcony in tears.

Fiancée: Let's see how they frame Molly and Melissa. The one who's the underdog, they're setting up to win. They're trying to dupe us.

Several minutes of Jason on Melissa: "Sweetest most beautiful most fun person I've ever met... I mean I can't get enough of her."

Then Jason on Molly: "I love being with Molly."

Cut to New Zealand. A lamb bounds across the screen.

Fiancée and me: Awwwww! A lamby!

We rewind and watch the lamby four times.

Me: So who seems like the underdog?

Fiancée: I don't know.

See you next week for what's supposed to be the most unbelievable conclusion ever.

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I wasn't sure whether to recap this week's women-tell-all episode, because it had kind of a potluck feel: Taking a break from the drama unfolding between Jason, Molly, and Melissa, the show looked back on some past seasons and the unbelievable (read: not unbelievable) antics that haven't made it into this arc's regular episodes. read more

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Premise: True love (or a TV facsimile thereof) gets the reality treatment in this long-running dating game, in which a successful bachelor romances a number of beauties. The list of possible paramours is reduced each week until he gives a final red rose to one of them. The series spun off 'The Bachelorette', a spate of rip-offs and very few lasting pairings.


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