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2002, TV Show

The Bachelor Episode: "The Bachelor"

Season 13, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Jason accompanies the final four to their hometowns to meet the folks, but at one stop must settle for the bachelorette's best friends instead. At other stops, Jason learns a secret; meets a quirky and conservative family very unlike his own; and runs into skepticism from a dad. Back at the L.A. mansion, the roseless contestant heads home in tears.
Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2009

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Season 13, Episode 6
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Aired: 2/9/2009
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The Bachelor Episode Recap: February 9, 2009 Season 13, Episode 6

In this edition of The Bachelor, Jason visits the hometown of the final four contestants to meet their families — but he can only hand out three roses. After meeting three contestants' families — and Melissa's good friends (more on this later) — Jason decisively sends one contestant home.

Hi, I'm Tim. I started watching The Bachelor because it's my fiancé's favorite show, but now I think we enjoy it equally. In fact, I think watching The Bachelor each week is one of the things that brings us closer together. This week's episode starts with Jason giving the pros and cons of each of the four women who remain. My summary of his assessment continues.

Pros: Jason says he and Jillian share an energy he shares with no one else. She's fun, smart, and every moment of their life together would be exciting.
Cons: He worries she's not that into him — and he's already had his heart broken by Deanna Pappas, the star of The Bachelorette.

Pros: Like Jason, a golfer — and she has "the prettiest eyes I have ever seen." (Jason's opinion, not mine. My fiancé has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen.)
Cons: "There's something that — I can't get deep enough with Molly." Uh-oh.

Pros: Passion for life; looks a lot Eva Mendes's slightly less attractive younger sister. (My observation, not Jason's.)
Cons: "Is she really ready for my life?" Jason asks. Also, doesn't seem that thrilled by the fact that Jason has a 4-year-old son, Ty. And doesn't seem that deep. (M.O., N.J.)

Pros: Super cute; instant connection when she and Jason first kissed; wants to be a first-grade teacher, which is every male's dream job for his spouse, besides nurse, and "advertising manager," which happens to be my fiancé's job.
Cons: "Why would a girl that beautiful and sweet and fun come here for me?" Jason asks. Because you're great, Jason! Don't sell yourself short. (M.O.)

And now, a word from my fiancé: "You can tell Melissa's had a lot of sex." (My fiance's observation, not Jason's or mine. Totally inappropriate, I say, and I hereby condemn my fiance's imprudent remarks.)

Okay. Wow. Let's begin the recap.

In a visit to Jillian's hometown, in Kelowna, British Columbia, which is stunningly beautiful — but not as beautiful as Jillian, notes Jason, the ol' smoothie — Jillian explains that her family was once riding high — until her mother was diagnosed with serious depression. Jillian gains sympathy for her story and points for her honesty. She says her mom attempted suicide and your humble recapper realizes he shouldn't say anything critical of Jillian for several sentences, at least. Then Jillian says her mom is okay now and your humble recapper feels okay about saying Jillian should maybe be docked just one or two points for using the phrase "work hard, play hard" and overusing the word "like."

Cut to commercial.

Fiancé: Who are you rooting for?
Me: Duh, Melissa.
Fiancé: Why, cause she's hot?
Me: ...

Welcome back from the break, as Jillian's family welcomes her back from the U.S. with a big Canadian flag. They all seem incredibly nice. Jillian's mom reads a poem, and because she's Canadian, is able to rhyme "again" and "rain." Canada is awesome. (M.O., N.J.)

Jillian's mom determines after a heart-to-heart that Jason is a great guy. Then her adorable grandmother says Jason is gorgeous, and reconsiders her plan to take Jillian up to Northern Alberta "and marry her off to some Ukrainian up there."

With this, Jillian becomes the top choice of my fiancé and me. Cut to commercial.

Fiancé: I really like her. I just wish she didn't say "like" so much.

Cut to Molly, who brings Jason to her family's country club. Well la-di-dah. No wonder she's so into golf. She also describes herself as über preppie. I hate to be a prig, but "über" is German for "above," not "super," which is what Molly seems to think it means. People who misuse "über" are waaaaaaay more annoying than people who say "like" a lot.

Me: Wait, I say "like" a lot.
Fiancé: ...

I understand that a lot of people like Molly, because she does have very pretty eyes, and that a lot of people accept the incorrect use of the word "über." So I welcome the linguistic debate soon to begin in the comments section below.

Cut to commercial.

Naomi, in Lake Elsinore, Calif., explains that she is absolutely ready for life with Jason and Ty. But Jason still seems to have doubts. Then she warns him that her family is crazy. She introduces them (Eva Mendes is not, in fact, her sister) and her über-hot mom breaks out a bunch of hula hoops for everyone to try out. "Be one with the hula hoop," she says. Next, Naomi's mom asks Jason to deliver a eulogy for a dove she killed with her car. Who writes this stuff?

Apparently, Naomi's dad has found The Lord since divorcing Naomi's mom, which doesn't quite explain why there's a slot machine in the room where he and Jason have a heart-to-heart. Naomi's mom, meanwhile, tells Jason she's a "seeker" into reincarnation and says she and Jason seem to be in the same "soul family."

"I came from a better world, or maybe we're from the future," she says. Oh please. Just give these people a sitcom and let's move on.

Finally: Cut to Melissa, in Dallas, Texas. She surprises Jason by announcing that he'll be meeting some of her best friends because her parents are "not comfortable with the publicness, I guess, of this."

Fiancé: Is "publicness" a word?
Me: Shhhh! Melissa's on!
Fiancé: ...

By virtue of her adorableness, Melissa regains my vote to win it all. My fiancé is sticking with Jillian, who is now my second choice. Melissa gives Jason a little box for Ty to put his Tooth Fairy money in, because in last week's episode, when she visited Jason's house in Seattle, Jason told her Ty's favorite story lately is about the Tooth Fairy.

Fiancé: I wish they'd just end this now. It's so obvious Melissa wins. You can't hide this kind of chemistry — or her resemblance to Deanna.
Me: Ohnoyoudidn't

Okay, since my fiancé brought it up first, now it can be said: Melissa looks a lot like Deanna Pappas, who broke Jason's heart on The Bachelorette. She looks more like Deanna than Naomi looks like Eva Mendes. Except Melissa is cuter than Deanna.

Fiancé: OhnoYOUdidn't

But it's true. It's not just because she's the only contestant to meet Ty so far. The chemistry between Jason and Melissa is impossible to ignore... like the chemistry between my fiancé and I.

Fiancé: ...

Cut to Melissa's married friend, Stephanie, who says Melissa's past boyfriends "used and abused her."

Fiancé: You know what 'used and abused' means, don't you? Sex.
Me: Once again I am forced to condemn your intemperate remarks.
Fiancé: I'm going to sleep.
Me: What? I only watch this show because of you.
Fiancé: I already know what happens. Naomi's going home, we all know it.

Jason and Melissa go back to Melissa's place, where they talk about her family and make out. She says she's "110 percent in love with Jason right now."

Cut to commercial. Lots of thinking things over. And then: The Rose Ceremony. The first rose goes to Molly. The second, to Jillian. Wait, did my fiancé totally call it?

Host Chris Harrison walks in and does that awesome thing he does where he announces to the ladies that the next rose is the final rose of the night. As if they didn't know. Chris Harrison rules.

Jason: Melissa — now will you accept this rose?

And that's it! No little speech about how Naomi is one of the greatest people Jason's ever met, or how this decision was agonizing, or anything. Melissa's got this thing wrapped up like money in a special Tooth Fairy box. Class act that he is, Jason says nice things to Naomi and walks her to a waiting car, which hopefully doesn't hit any doves.

What do you think? Is this Melissa's game to lose? Does my fiancé hate me? Anyone else wanna get married soon? You should totally send recent pix here. (M.O., N.J.)

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In this edition of The Bachelor, Jason visits the hometown of the final four contestants to meet their families — but he can only hand out three roses. After meeting three contestants' families — and Melissa's good friends (more on this later) — Jason decisively sends one contestant home. read more

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