The Awesomes

A team of superheros try to get by after the most-powerful members retire.

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The Many Names of Malocchio Jr.
00:47 — Malocchio Jr. tests out his superpower and various supervillain names.
No Problem With Asian Girls
00:27 — Perfect Man has no problem speaking his mind.
Awesomes in Action...Figures
00:35 — Discovering Awesomes merchandise for sale sends our favorite misfit superheroes into a frenzy.
Muscleman's Sister Surprise
00:50 — Muscleman advises Prock on the fine art of texting with women…including his sister.
Proud Ape
00:49 — Elliot Levy-Apelstein has a problem with homosapiens.
Perfect Entrance
00:56 — Perfect Man enters a scene like only he can.
Getting Ready for the Mmm…Oreo
00:49 — Prock lets Muscleman borrow his tie as the two reminisce over Hotwire…and cookies.
The Hold Steady "Let's Get Awesome!"
01:16 — The Hold Steady performs The Awesomes theme song.
Comic-Con 2014 Highlights
01:45 — The Awesomes return to Comic-Con. Check out the highlights of the Superhero Auditions, Comic-Con Panel, and autograph signing.
From Real World to Real Life
01:40 — Writer Judd Winick chronicles his journey from reality contestant to comic book author.
Preparing for Muscleman
01:09 — Ike Barinholtz talks about getting into the "mind" of Muscleman.
The Awesomes Panel at Comic-Con
27:34 — Watch the cast and crew dish behind-the-scenes scoop on THE AWESOMES.
The Perfect Hair
01:30 — Josh Meyers describes concerns about his hair being "too cartoony" for animation
Comic-Con Highlights
01:41 — Follow the Awesomes at Comic-Con 2013: at the X-Box Lounge, Comic-Con Panel moderated by Chris Hardwick, press lines and the launch party.
Gearing up for Late Night
01:17 — Seth Meyers talks about the upcoming transition to "Late Night."
The Awesomes in Action
00:30 — The Awesomes face foes big and small as Malocchio continues his plan of total domination.
Comic-Con Trailer
00:47 — An extended look at the action and comedy ahead in this season of THE AWESOMES.
Season 1 Trailer
02:12 — Watch the extended trailer of THE AWESOMES. All episodes streaming on Hulu.
Season 2 Trailer
02:20 — America’s favorite team of misfit superheroes is back and more awesome than ever. Season 2 premieres August 4th.
Season 1 & 2 Catch Up
01:48 — The Awesomes Season 1 and Season 2 Catch Up with Prock and Muscleman.
Assembling the Team
01:17 — Co-creators Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker discuss each member of THE AWESOMES. TV-14
What Is "The Awesomes"?
01:11 — Co-creators Seth Meyers (SNL) and Mike Shoemaker (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) explain the origin story of "The Awesomes."
Behind the Scenes of the "Let's Get Awesome!" Music Video
01:51 — The Hold Steady and creators Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker discuss the making of The Awesomes music video.
Origin Story
01:48 — Co-creators Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker explain how THE AWESOMES came to be. TV-14, L
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