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The Apprentice Episode: "The Celebrity Apprentice"

Season 9, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: The celebs must make smart real-estate choices to increase the value of a two-bedroom suite, which they renovate overnight. During the project, one team is divided from the get-go and the other has creative differences that could hurt its progress.
Original Air Date: May 9, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice Episode Recap: Week 9 Season 9, Episode 9

On this week's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, each team must design and furnish an apartment.

At the beginning of the episode, as Cyndi and then Curtis make their way back to the war room, Holly is visibly upset that her BFF Summer fell victim to the boardroom. But what did she expect since everyone obviously contributed to the challenge and Summer was the project manager?

As the teams get their challenge the next day, Donald decides to have a little fun with Sharon and Maria's distaste for Curtis and moves Curtis to RockSolid while Bret gets paired with Holly and Cyndi. I'm not only excited to see how Sharon and Maria will work with the supposedly "smug" Curtis, but I want to see how control freak Holly will deal with Bret in addition to Cyndi.

The challenge itself is design-based. Both teams are tasked with designing, painting and furnishing short-term apartments. Blooper alert! Donald Jr. doesn't even know the name of the company which owns the apartment.

As the teams pick a project manager, there's already tension on the new Tenacity since neither Bret nor Cyndi have any desire to be the leader on a design challenge. Holly, begrudgingly, volunteers to be project manager again, but makes a point to say it wasn't exactly her idea.

I'm sorry, but I will laugh so hard if Holly goes home because Bret and Cyndi forced her into being the project manager on this one. I feel a little bad for her, since she worked so hard and raised such a crazy amount of money during the gym challenge, but Cyndi is completely right in saying that Holly doesn't like anything she does anyway. Poor Bret is just joining the Holly vs. Cyndi argument and he compares them to two sisters who can't agree about anything.

As they begin working on their challenge, Curtis is determined to get Sharon and Maria to like him by the end of the challenge, which is a big task to undertake. Until that happens, I am going to keep scratching my head about why they don't like him to begin with.

One big part of the challenge is that each apartment must have a fun celebrity room in addition to a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Once they get down to the task, Holly assigns the celebrity room to Cyndi, which makes perfect sense. Bret really proves himself as a valuable manager of Cyndi and Holly, and Holly is immediately impressed and very surprised at his organizational and leadership skills.

While Bret and Holly are meshing together better than expected, Sharon and Maria are starting to drift. Sharon continually turns down Maria's furniture ideas because, as Sharon says, Maria has "truck-stop taste" and Sharon has much more experience with design, having lived in at least 20 properties with Ozzy. Soon, Maria has taken Curtis' place as the grunt of the team, and Maria now hates Curtis even more than she already did.

For the Tenacity apartment, Holly is set on a Balinesian theme (which Sharon quickly learns all about it after she gets a Chatty Cathy on the phone from the furniture store). In addition to the Balinesian theme, Bret takes to heart the executive's advice to remember New York City and takes panoramic shots of the city for the walls while Cyndi is all over the place for the celebrity room. At one point, Holly indulges Cyndi's creative chaos and the two began acting like a couple shopping for their own apartment. It's nice that they're getting along, but it's also a little weird to watch.

Cyndi and Holly may finally be getting along, but as Donald Jr. points out, Cyndi's room could not be more different from the rest of the apartment. No matter how much fun Cyndi is having in her red room, the RockSolid team has a blast painting their apartment. With the time crunch so tight, Maria, Sharon and Curtis all call in friends to help them paint and with a little beer and pizza, they get a lot of the painting done overnight.

In addition to calling in their friends, Curtis and Sharon all work their celebrity connections to get lots of free stuff, but RockSolid may have too much stuff. Also, just as the team is making progress with the painting, Sharon decides to change one of the main walls as well as the red wall in the celebrity room. With only six hours, there's a good chance the team won't finish in time.

After Bret leaves Tenacity for the night for a concert, he returns on two hours of sleep to find the photos he took of New York City did not come out as big as he had planned and panic officially sets in. With only two hours left, the tension starts to rise on Tenacity. Cyndi starts to lose it and takes it out on the many, many men helping their team, which only angers Holly. Suddenly, Holly and Cyndi are no longer a happy couple and Bret is officially on Holly's side of the sisterly dispute. Bret also gets his photos, in the right size, just in the nick of time. RockSolid also gets their apartment done just in time.

After the judges, including executive Lee Curtis and designer Jonathan Adler, take a tour of both apartments, they say RockSolid used their space very well, but fell short on the celebrity room. Tenacity, on the other hand, had a great celebrity room, but otherwise their apartment is very cluttered and the bright green in the bedroom clashes with the rest of the theme.

In the boardroom, Sharon and Maria are happy to show Donald their newfound love for Curtis and Sharon scores her first project manager win, as the judging team says they thought she did a fantastic job. Now its time to figure out who from Tenacity is getting their pink slip.

The judges made sure to note how much they loved the celebrity room so it seems Cyndi's taste won over Holly's. However, as soon as Donald starts questioning both women, the claws come out very quickly. Holly criticizes Cyndi for not stepping up to be project manager and calls her difficult to manage. Cyndi fires back that Holly is the difficult one because she is so bossy and argues she should be safe because the celebrity room was her room and it was a crowd-pleaser.

Like previous challenges, Donald cannot take into account the fact that Bret had to leave for a previous obligation, but at one point Bret gets close to getting cut because Donald argues he isn't as passionate as the ladies, who continue to yell over each other (Cyndi even calls Holly a "beyotch") and argue continuously. Bret says Cyndi should go, but tries to do it as diplomatically as possible. Bret also says he contributed a lot while he was there and says he believes Cyndi was slightly difficult and hard to direct, as Holly also argues.

Donald seems close to firing Holly since she is the project manager, but once Cyndi volunteers the information that was Holly's idea to paint the celebrity room red, both Donald and Donald Jr. focus on Cyndi's confession. In the end, they say that Cyndi made a huge tactical error in revealing it was not her idea to paint the room red. They fire Cyndi because you can't make errors like that at this point in the game. As she gets into the elevator to leave forever, Bret tries to apologize to Cyndi for saying she should be fired, but Cyndi isn't having it. She must be at least a little happy to no longer have to fight tooth and nail with Holly. But Cyndi obviously feels defeated that, despite the fact it was Holly's bad ideas and not Cyndi's that lost them the challenge, Cyndi was the one sent home.

So what do you think? Did the right person go home? Are you sad to see Cyndi leave? Who, at this point, do you think will win Celebrity Apprentice? Share your thoughts below.

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On this week's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, each team must design and furnish an apartment.

At the beginning of the episode, as Cyndi and then Curtis make their way back to the war room, Holly is visibly upset that her BFF Summer fell victim to the boardroom. But what did she expect since everyone obviously contributed to the challenge and Summer was the project manager... read more

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