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2004, TV Show

The Apprentice Episode: "The Celebrity Apprentice"

Season 9, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: In Part 1 of the two-part Season 9 finale, former players Bill Rancic and Joan Rivers conduct punishing interviews with the remaining celebs, after which two contestants get the Trump bump. The final two players must then create a new flavor of tea, name it and design the label. Trouble brews, however, when the finalists tangle over an ingredient.
Original Air Date: May 16, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice Episode Recap: Week 10 Season 9, Episode 10

So far eight celebrities have been fired, and only six remain, with one week left until the live finale. Last week saw a $40,000 win for Rock Solid and project manager Sharon, and a loss for Tenacity, resulting in the firing of Cyndi.

Now five celebrities remain: Bret, Holly, Maria, Sharon, and Curtis.  They stop and celebrate their longevity, but the celebration is short lived, as they get a call ordering them all back into the boardroom immediately. They are all nervous that somebody is going to get fired.

Everyone heads back into the boardroom to face Donald Trump, Ivanka, and Trump Jr. He congratulates them all on getting this far, but then reveals that he will fire someone right now, then interview the remaining two teams with last year's Celebrity Apprentice Joan Rivers, and Bill Rancic, winner of Season 1 of the original Apprentice. Based on the interviews, he will then fire two more people before the finale.   

Trump asks the celebrities why they should not be fired. Holly says she is dedicated and has put in the sweat as a project manager. Bret says he is extremely passionate and his charity chose him because he lives with diabetes. Curtis says he is a natural leader and started working young. Maria smirks and says they all started young to reach their dreams. She says she shouldn't be fired because she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and wants to keep fighting.

When asked for the weakest player, Holly says Maria, and that Maria is the player who comes from the least pure place. She says she has seen Maria stick up for herself at the sake of people for no reason.  Maria says she there is always support in what she says, and that Holly has had a rough life as a mother, and she can understand where Holly comes from. Trump and Trump Jr. ask Sharon who she feels the weakest player is.  Trump Jr. feels Sharon is showing weakness by not picking someone. Sharon decides on Maria. When asked about Holly, she says Holly is tough, with a big heart, and that there is nothing like a mother fighting for her children.  Sharon says that her own bout with cancer cannot even compete with it. Ivanka asks Sharon if she wants to beat Holly, and Sharon says she is not sure she does. When asked what that means, Sharon starts crying and says she does not have the right to take something away from Holly's charity, after all Holly has done. Ivanka chides her, and reminds her she is competing for her own charity as well. 

When Curtis is asked who the weaker player is, he says Maria, and backs it up by the comments Maria made about him last week, saying he was arrogant. Maria says her comments regarding Curtis' arrogance were based on Curtis using their bathroom, not flushing, and leaving a stench. Curtis feels that comment is below the belt. Trump asks her if she regrets that comment. She does not, but tries to explain herself. 

Trump tells Maria it is his boardroom, not a locker room, and promptly fires her.

A tearful Maria says her Celebrity Apprentice experience was amazing up until ten minutes ago, and since she did not mess up a task, the reason for her firing is laughable.

Trump clears the boardroom for their interviews with Joan and Bill.

Curtis is first up to be interviewed. Trump asks Joan what she thinks of Curtis. She says he relies too much on his looks. Bill defends him, saying Curtis is someone who knows how to build a brand. In his interview, Curtis says he should be there because he has been dealing with running hectic kitchens his entire life. Bill reminds him he has only stepped up once to be a project manager, and that his appearance on the show may be just to promote his line of merchandise. Joan asks Curtis why he should win and why he deferred to Bret so much. Curtis says he is a leader, and deferred to Bret so he could harness his creative energy. Bill refers to Curtis as a one trick pony.

When asked about Sharon, Joan feels Sharon wants this more than anything else.  Bill feels she cannot bring it in for the finale. When he asks her, she says she can. She says if she can handle two years of cancer, she can handle this. She says she hasn't been able to pull her weight, but she is here and she is a fighter. Joan reminds Sharon that she said she does not wants to win over Holly, and questions what she would do if it was her and Holly.  Sharon says that since Holly is doing it for her kids, it would be hard to take it away from her, but at the same time, Sharon didn't think she would have made it this far herself because of her status, but says nobody cares about colon cancer since the colon is "up your a--, and not sexy." An emotional Sharon says she is doing this because she wants to give back and raise attention for the colon cancer. Joan, Bill, and Donald all agree Sharon is very tough.

Bill wonders if Bret can bring the focus to the finale. Bret says he has unbridled creativity and focus. He says his experiences with diabetes makes him more determined to see this through. Bret says he has been incredibly versatile throughout the entire run of Celebrity Apprentice, a trait he takes from his experiences as a rock star. 

Bret tells Joan his whole life has been about taking care of business so he can take care of his passions. He admits he has lived on "rock star time," and isn't the best at time management. When Joan says he hasn't shown toughness, he says not to mistake his kindness for weakness. He says he has gotten more flies with honey than he has with vinegar, and would rather get work done by being nice, rather than throwing someone under the bus.

Joan says that Holly is strong and focused because she has to go home for autism. Bill points out that Holly has lost two tasks already, and at the end of the day it is about delivering. However, Holly has raised a record amount of money. Holly tells Bill she is multidimensional and it doesn't matter what the task is. Holly says while she has the most losses, she has the most at bats as project manager, and she has obviously made it this far for a reason. Holly tells Joan this has made her much stronger. She says this is not personal, it's business, though she would not want to run into Cyndi. Joan wants to see Holly vs. Sharon. They all agree Holly is a fighter, and to never cross a mother and her cub. Bill supports Bret, but Joan wants to see more energy out of him.

Trump thanks Bill and Joan for their help, and calls everyone back into the board room.  He congratulates them on an amazing job and says at this point there is no loser. Sharon felt better about her interview with Joan than she did with Bill. When asked why he should choose her, Sharon says she needs it really bad for her charity. Bret feels his interviews went great, and he liked that Joan and Bill took completely different approaches. Bret says he should be kept because he is creative, focused, and he's fighting for a cause he lives with so other children will not have to go through it. Holly says she should be kept because of her passion, drive, ambition and consistency. She says this is important to her. Curtis says he liked interviewing with Bill because Bill asked more personal questions.

Trump said he was surprised that Joan said Curtis was a handsome guy who lacks a certain passion, and Bill thought Curtis was a one trick pony. Curtis feels he has proven he is not a one trick pony. Trump says he has no choice and has to listen to Joan and Bill, then fires Curtis. Curtis is disappointed because he has never been fired in his entire life, but says if you have to be fired it may as well be by Donald Trump.

When asked who she should fire, Holly picks Bret over Sharon, because Sharon has the passion for what she believes in. Bret says Trump should fire Holly. Sharon starts crying, saying she does not want to be a loser. Holly agrees that no one could understand her passion. When asked who she should fire, Sharon says she cannot pick who to fire because the three of them are the most emotionally involved. It's not business, it's personal.

Sharon says she cannot say who needs it more. Trump asks Sharon if she feels that she can compete with Holly or Bret in the finale. Sharon tells Trump that as far as she is concerned, she died and came back. She's a fighter. Trump tells her again it will be hard to compete with Holly and Bret. Trump tells Sharon that Bill felt she could not compete with Holly or Bret. Sharon says she told Bill she's been through much worse that this.  Clearly this is not enough. Trump tells the three how well they have done, and then fires Sharon. She thanks him profusely on the way out. Sharon says she thought she got fired because she was horribly emotional, could not stop crying, and showed her vulnerability. Bret and Holly hold hands and Bret says "Alright, here we go." Trump congratulates them on making to the finale lets them know that the finale is going to be a monster. He tells them to get rested, and prepare for their task in the morning. Bret tells Holly he's sorry he has to kill her tomorrow, but right now they should party. He says ideally he can get her drunk and hungover so she slips up tomorrow. Bret is amazed he made it this far, since most people underestimated him. Holly as well is amazed because people thought she was too serious. They toast to being the finalists, and Bret tells her that all is fair in love, war, and raising money for their charities.

The next morning, Donald, Ivanka, and Trump Jr. congratulate Bret and Holly again. He is particularly impressed by Bret, since some people thought he would not even get out of bed for his tasks. Trump presents Bret and Holly with executives from Snapple, C.E.O. Larry Young presents them with the tasks to come up with a flavor of tea that they love and create a marketing campaign for print and video, then launch the product at an event.  This task is a combination of all their tasks. He introduces the senior V.P. of Brand Marketing. He tells them they will be judged on originality, creativity, incorporating their charity's mission, and marinating the essence of the Snapple brand across everything they do. They have three days

The Snapple executives say that the new Snapple tea product will be sold across the country. The launch will take place in Arena, a posh restaurant in Manhattan. The winner will receive $250,000 for their charity. By buying the Snapple products, people will be supporting those charities nationwide. So far Holly has raised $350,000 and Bret has raised $140,000. Trump says that each of them will be provided with a team of assistants to help.

Bret goes to the Snapple mixology lab. This time he is all on his own. He lays out an office and organizes himself. Bret is surprised by Summer and Daryl, who have been appointed to help him. Summer and Daryl are open about Bret calling the shots. Daryl wants to redeem himself after leaving. Bret wants Summer to be the taste model because he has a cold sore on his lip.

Holly is all by herself brainstorming. She is joined by Curtis and Maria. There is no mention of the earlier drama between Maria and Curtis. Holly tells them it is their job to create and launch a new Snapple tea, along with a full marketing campaign. Holly wants to map out the drink then do the marketing campaign the following day. Maria tries interjecting about the marketing campaign, but Holly is in charge and puts her down.  Holly says that today will be for creating the flavor and tomorrow will be to creating the campaign. Maria says she's going to let Holly make the decisions and not argue with her.

Holly and team meet with Snapple Research and Development. Bret and Holly get to pick from a wide assortment of flavors, but have to negotiate for what flavors they want.  Bret is handling diet Snapple only since he is diabetic.

The teams test different flavors. Curtis advises his team to eliminate winter fruits, since the drink will be released in the summer. Holly wants to use passion fruit, to emphasize the passion her charity has. Bret thinks the same about his decision in fruit. Both sides have passion fruit as their number one choice. Curtis is handling the negotiations, since he knows Bret better than Holly does. 

Curtis and Bret negotiate, but they both want the passion fruit. Curtis isn't sure of Bret's choices. Curtis lies and says he has Goldberg outside to beat Bret up. Bret, who doesn't want to enter into a prolonged argument, gives up the passion fruit and Curtis gets Holly all the juices on her list. Meanwhile, Summer feels like Bret gave up the passion fruit without a fight, and they could be vulnerable.

Bret tries to remix the drinks. They are greeted by Trump Jr., and they tell him their plan for two drinks — Pear Plum Nutty, and TropaRocka. The taste test will decide which one they go with. They have integrated the charity successful with the brand name. Trump Jr. checks in with Holly's team. They are testing one variant with Sweet Basil, and another without. They don't have two completely different types of teas. Trump Jr. is afraid if the taste test goes bad, Holly will have a lot of trouble, since she is focused on one taste. 

Holly's team test their drinks. They have much success with a blend of strawberry, passion fruit and basil. Bret's team tests Tropa Rocka, and Pear Plum Nutty to mixed results. Most people don't like Pear Plum Nutty and pick the Tropa Rocka, much to Bret's surprise. Maria uses a moment of distraction to swipe a bottle of Pear Plum Nutty. Maria jokes Bret's overindulgent drink is representative of his choice in women.

When Daryl informs Bret that tasters prefer the Tropa Rocka — tropical vanilla and cinnamon — Bret has to change all his artwork, as he thought people would prefer Pear Plum Nutty, and designed all the artwork accordingly. Instead of deciding just to go with Pear Plum Nutty, he changes all the artwork to brand Tropa Rocka.

Holly's team calls the prop shop to verify their plans for tomorrow. Holly is amazed that Curtis gets a direct line in after hours. The girl is more than receptive since Curtis won after the last time she worked with him. 

Bret's team shows up to shoot the print ads and the commercials. He wonders how to do a diabetes-themed ad and make it funny. Bret wants to shoot two ads, one sincere and one funny.  Summer thinks the plan is insane. They also have to shoot the three-page print ad in the same day.

Bret shows off the label for his new drink, Tropa Rocka. Daryl brings in a gentleman named Arthur, the "explorer" from the Snapple commercials.  For his funny commercial, he plans the commercial to be himself and Arthur on a busy film set getting "directed" by director Daryl Strawberry. They will look around amidst confusion while focusing on the Snapple. The concept is that they are two bad actors, hired to do a Snapple commercial.

Holly has another Snapple character named Jim, and plans out her commercial with actors in a laboratory, talking about the "stuff" in Snapple. Bret picks his additional actresses for the shoot. Daryl is concerned because Bret has picked all cute girls, and they may be a distraction for him. 

Curtis dresses Holly's set with passion fruit, even though it was out of season. They try a test shoot. Curtis focuses on the still shoot while Holly takes care of the video.

Bret plans his serious commercial. He is adamant about having a dolly track (a literal railroad track for a camera) to push the camera in while a voice over talks about diabetes, and stop with a still shot on him and Arthur at the end of the commercial. The director of photography does not have a dolly track. They try desperately to order one, but it is too short notice for most rental companies. Bret is about to lose it because he has his vision, but cannot realize it. In the meantime, Holly has finished her print and video ad. Bret is scared that if he does not get his dolly track, his team is going to lose.

Will Bret get what he needs in time, or will he have to improvise?  Will Holly continue her winning streak and go for the gold?  Tune in next Sunday for the live finale where the Celebrity Apprentice winner will be crowned.

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So far eight celebrities have been fired, and only six remain, with one week left until the live finale. Last week saw a $40,000 win for Rock Solid and project manager Sharon, and a loss for Tenacity, resulting in the firing of Cyndi.

Now five celebrities remain: Bret, Holly, Maria, Sharon, and Curtis.  They stop and celebrate their longevity, but the celebration is short lived, as they get a call ordering them all back into the boardroom immediately. They are all nervous that somebody is going to get fired.

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