The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

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  • TV-14

A time warp sends a high-school boy to a warring world ruled by female warlords.

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(Sub) Conquest Season 1, Episode 12 Sep 22, 2012 Subscription

Oda Nobuna and her army march on Mount Hiei in preparation for their final battle. But when Nobuna’s thirst for revenge draws her into a trap, it will be up to Yoshiharu to save her and remind her of what kind of ruler she set out to be!

(Sub) The Retreat at Kanegasake Season 1, Episode 11 Sep 15, 2012 Subscription

With Nobuna incapacitated and Yoshiharu appearing to be dead, the Oda army faces its darkest hour. Nobuna’s vassals resort to desperate measures to restore their leader to power, and a vengeful Nobuna marches against her enemies.

(Sub) Nobuna in Grave Danger Season 1, Episode 10 Sep 8, 2012 Subscription

When Nobuna faces betrayal at the hand of one of her allies, she must decide whether to continue fighting a losing battle or to surrender. With no options left, Yoshiharu hatches a daring plan in an effort to protect Nobuna.

(Sub) The Battle at Kiyomizudera Season 1, Episode 9 Sep 1, 2012 Subscription

As the Miyoshi Three plot from the shadows, Yoshiharu and Nobuna’s relationship becomes strained when they learn that two of the Oda’s enemies have formed an alliance. But when an assassin appears, both of their lives are soon in danger.