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Latest Episode: The Amazing Race - Hooping It Up

Dec 12, 2014 Season 25 Episode 11 watch on CBS (Free)

On the penultimate leg of the Race, two strong teams make a potentially one million dollar mistake. Also, Phil Keoghan greets the teams with shocking news at the Pit Stop. (TV-PG L)

The Amazing Race: It's Like Adam Building His First House!

Aug 21, 2003 Season 4 Episode 13

The teams begin at their Pit Stop in Ellis Beach, Australia. It's the twelfth and final pit stop in this race around the world.
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The Amazing Race: Such a Nice Pheromone Smell to You; Just M...

Aug 07, 2003 Season 4 Episode 11

The teams begin at their Pit Stop in Seoul, South Korea and receive a clue that takes them to a task that involves traditional South Korean kites. Phil helpfully narrates that one of the teams will be eliminated in this leg.
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The Amazing Race: That's Me. That's My Face. Just Hit My Fac...

Jul 31, 2003 Season 4 Episode 10

The teams begin in Borneo, where they receive a clue telling them to head to a temple. There, they have to search for a Buddha figurine that contains the names of the respective members of their teams.
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The Amazing Race: We're Going Down The Wrong Side Of The Fre...

Jul 10, 2003 Season 4 Episode 7

The six remaining teams began at the Gateway of India and learned that they must travel by train to a place called Ernakulam Junction.
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The Amazing Race: I Could Have Never Been Prepared For What ...

Jul 03, 2003 Season 4 Episode 6

The seven remaining teams flew to Mumbai, India, where they faced culture shock by some of the locals. In Mumbai, teams had to take a bike ride to a movie studio and then search the studio for the clue box.
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The Amazing Race: Check Your Tires Because...Oh God, You Nev...

Jun 19, 2003 Season 4 Episode 4

The teams start by traveling to France. Transportation confusion with trains and jets causes some teams into the lead to fall behind, while others reach the route marker in France early.
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The Amazing Race: I Wasn't Even Going To Touch You Until You...

Jun 12, 2003 Season 4 Episode 3

The teams travel from Italy to Vienna, Austria. There, horse-riding creates confusion when teams fail to follow a clue that states that you must grab a tag before boarding the horses
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The Amazing Race: It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come F...

Jun 05, 2003 Season 4 Episode 2

The teams continue from the pit stop and participate in Italian snow rafting. They then head to Venice, where they are faced with a Detour: Waterway or Pathway. After the Detour, the teams are all bunched together by a five P.M.
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The Amazing Race: Cheaters Never Win, and They Cheated!

May 29, 2003 Season 4 Episode 1

The fourth season premieres, again with twelve teams, this time beginning in LA's Dodger Stadium. To start off, teams are instructed to fly to Venice, Italy. The teams rush off and drive to the LAX airport.
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