The Amazing Race: Family Edition

2005, TV Show


CBS: Some Things Old, Something New

It seems smart to put The Amazing Race on the back burner for mid-season. With the gimmicky Family and All-Stars cycles, this most-honored of all reality-competition shows was beginning to look a bit played out. Less is more. CBS should make this show feel like an event, and the best way to do that is not to schedule it season-round. Leave us wanting more, and maybe more will come.Moving Without a Trace back to its old Thursday slot: Good idea. This season, it helped establish CBS' new Sunday strategy of a crime block to counter ABC's popular soaps. Now it can go back where it truly belongs, restoring some luster and stability to the toughest, most competitive night of the week. (And selfishly, I've had nothing to enjoy watching Thursdays at 10 pm since ABC yanked Men in Trees from its lineup. It'll be good to have Trace once again behind CSI.)And a big whew for CBS' mid-season renewal of The New Adventures of Old Christine. I love that show, and was worried that the mystifying succ... read more

The Linz Kids are Race's First Family

The Amazing Race's Linz family

"I loved every minute of it!" Tommy Linz, 19, says of The Amazing Race: Family Edition, which sent him, his brothers Alex, 22, and Nick, 24, and sister Megan, 21, zipping through 50 cities in three countries in 25 days. talked to the foursome the day after their long ride officially ended. Congratulations! For a while there I thought God might help the Weavers win. If that had happened, what would you have done? Nick Linz: We would have congratulated them! They were a strong team and very competitive. Now that you've won $1 million, what will you do with it? read more

Amazing Race's Paolo Clan Peters Out

The Paolo family

Oh, the Paolo family. They fight like enemies. But when the chips are down, Tony, Marion, D.J. and Brian always manage to pull it together like best friends. talked to the family from Carmel, New York, the day after they were eliminated from The Amazing Race: Family Edition. You got eliminated just when it was starting to look like you could win.Brian Paolo: We thought the same thing. I mean, we were in the final five and we were doing so great and we thought we actually might have a shot at this.D.J. Paolo: The one thing you have to realize, though, is that being in first place doesn't mean anything. [The difference] between first and last is only a matter of 40 minutes, tops. When you applied to the show, you told CBS you didn't think your mom would last ve read more

Family's Race Was Calm Before the Storm

The Schroeders

Call it embarrassing, ironic or hitting them where it hurts. The Schroeders of New Orleans — Mark, 40, Char, 39, Stassi, 17, and Hunter, 15 — were practically in their own backyard when they were eliminated from CBS' The Amazing Race: The Family Edition (just like New York's Frank and Margarita from Season 1 and San Fran's Will and Tara from Season 2). But unlike any other team before them, the Schroeders' biggest adventure started after the race ended. You got lost trying to find a park that, by your own admission, was one mile from where you used to work. One mile!Mark: Yeah. I'm not a big park-goer. I had no idea that park was there.Char: Nor did I. None of us blame Mark for not knowing the read more

The Aiellos' Shrimp Are Cooked on Race

Amazing Race's Tony Aiello

There are times when having four strong men on your team would be a plus, like if there's heavy lifting to be done or fighting involved. This week on The Amazing Race: Family Edition, however, was not one of those times. As the combined body weight of the uniquely formed Aiello family — father-in-law Tony, 57, and his three sons-in-law, Kevin, 31, Matt, 31, and David, 26 — not only pushed them down in the mud, it shoved them out of the race. Four men on the ultimate road trip. What did you all pack? Kevin: We took about four days' worth of clothes and toiletries. But looking back, we all wished we'd packed a hell of a lot less.Matt: Because we really didn't have time to change. Tony: One time, when we were crossing the Delaware, I just turned my socks inside out because t read more

Rogerses Over and Out of the Race

The Rogers family

Looks like the sky wasn't blue for the Rogers family after all. The troop from Shreveport, La. — father Denny, 47, mother Renee, 42, sister Brittney, 23, and son Brock, 19 — were eliminated in Middlesburg, Va., after they got lost on the way to Washington, D.C., went to the wrong reflecting pool, then couldn't' make up time at the Civil War reenactment grounds. The day after their elimination they talk to about their misadventures in The Amazing Race: Family Edition. If you happened to bump into that guy who said "You can't miss it," then proceeded to give you directions to the wrong reflecting pool, what would you say to him?Brock: I'd slap him. OK, for the record: How do you get to D.C.?Renee: Um, 80 East.Denny: 80 West. And since I seem to be the villain here, I'll say I made the decision to go read more

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Premiered: September 27, 2005, on CBS
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Premise: Ten teams, each comprised of four family members, embark on an 11,000-mile race that begins beneath New York's Brooklyn Bridge before heading through the U.S. South, Central America and Canada. The `Family Edition' is the Emmy-winning series' eighth edition and it marks the first time in which team members are all related. It also almost doubles the size of the show's usual participants, from 22 to 40. One thing that remains the same is the grand prize: $1 million.


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