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The Amazing Race 14 Episode: "Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant (Thailand)"

Season 14, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: The five remaining teams continue to compete in Thailand on the eighth leg of the race. Two teams lose valuable time when they leave their bags behind after completing a challenge. Later, the duos choose between fitting five people with false teeth or riding five miles in a taxi while singing karaoke with some locals.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2009

Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant" Season 14, Episode 8

When the five remaining teams travel to Thailand on the eighth leg of the race, they quickly transform into boat mechanics, denture fitters and karaoke singers. But the world is not an oyster for the two teams racing onward and leaving their backpacks behind.

And they're off!
Though it was only two weeks since the last episode, it felt much longer since we last saw the teams at the Pit Stop in Phuket. But some things didn't change. Tammy and Victor, for the second week in a row, are the first team to leave. Our first view of Jaime shows her yelling at the locals and asking a policeman if the vehicle is a real taxi. Having just seen her fainting spell during the previously-on clips, Margie mentions how hot it is, but quickly relates that she's well rested and hydrated. It's foreshadowing that Mark, wearing his headband flashlight, is the one who notes the are given $53 for this leg of the race.

After landing in Bangkok, the teams head to the boatyard on the outskirts of town. There was some funky editing during this next scenario and I'll hopefully get it right. On the way to the boatyard, Margie and Luke follow Kisha and Jen. The sisters' driver stops to confer with Margie and Luke's driver, who eventually gets back in the cab and continues on. But Margie's cab driver gets back out to confirm directions with a few men next to the road. When Kisha notices no one behind them, she says Margie instructed her cab driver to give them wrong directions. What appears next is an outtake of Margie's finger pointing to the cab driver with a voiceover saying "Don't tell him." Was that actually Margie's finger? Margie explains that the sisters just took off. In any case, Kisha and Jen lose time.

Who is ready to propel their team forward? One team member must attach a long rod onto the propeller of a long-tail boat that will only work when assembled properly. When given the OK, they use the map to navigate their boat through Bangkok canals to the Peninsula Pier.

Margie the mechanic finds the Roadblock easy. Victor is mechanically challenged, but he's smart enough to copy Jaime's moves. About to move on, Jaime is the first to realize that they need their bags before taking off in the boat. Hoping to gather more information, Victor asks her if the task is hard. She brushes past and says it's tiring.  Given the green light, Victor i told his propeller was assembled properly but actually it isn't. If he hadn't had to re-do the task, Victor and Tammy might have gone off without their backpacks.

But it is the sisters and the brothers that take off without their possessions. A barefoot Kisha wants to keep going while Jen is understandably worried about their passports in the fanny pack. Jen doesn't want a confrontation with her big sister, but this is really the time to put her foot down. I'm not sure how they got the idea, but it seems they thought they would be returning to where they took off. So they move on.

Phil Keoghan describes the two tasks as routine activities for the people of Bangkok. First up is Broken Teeth. They are to find the Street of Happy Smiles, search through bowls of 50 sets of dentures and find good matches for waiting patients. While Phil was talking about the squeamishness of the task, he looked as if he was going to produce a happy smile of his own when the woman next to him spits out her teeth. Only Margie and Luke do dentures. Gross. Luke tries to put bottom teeth on the top. Luckily Margie has a nursing background to get them through. It was at this moment I remembered I need to make an appointment with the dentist for my bi-annual cleaning.

It certainly was a lot more fun to watch the teams board a party taxi equipped with an onboard karaoke system in the Broken Record challenge.  They sing along to a well-known pop video with the locals. Tammy is first to notice their traveling companions are "Mai Thai Trannies." Later, when Jen asks if they were in the cab with "transvestites," there is a distinct bell ding as if she were on Jeopardy answering with the correct question. Mark and Michael are very happy partying down with the "pretty local girls." Mark again reminds us that he and his brother are part of the entertainment business. Obviously they didn't work on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Still travelling without backpacks, Michael stresses the importance of returning to the boatyard to get them. Mark argues that they don't have enough money to make the trip and should continue the race without the backpacks. But Michael  brought along "irreplaceable mementos." Were these things he brought from home or collected along the way?

Pit Stop
Margie and Luke are first to meet Phil at Phya Thai Palace, followed by Jaime and Cara. Phil's assistant greeter is a pleasant guy, but there were moments when I thought the parrot was a ventriloquist. Other things that are not what they appear are Kisha and Jen finishing third, followed closely by Victor and Tammy. Phil informs the sisters that he can't check them in without their travel documents. They couldn't leave Thailand without them. As we've seen in the past (remember last season's shoe debacle with Dan and Andrew?) backtracking can't be done in off-race hours. So Kisha and Jen need to go back to the Roadblock location for the travel documents. This shifts Victor and Tammy into third place.

Meanwhile, Mark and Michael barter with their drivers since they don't have enough cash. Mark hands over a flashlight, a compass and other "gifts." The music is a telling clue that this is an egregious error. The stuntmen are the fourth team to meet up with Phil, who says with a scowl that they've incurred a 4-hour penalty by breaking a race rule twice. You are not allowed to settle a bill with possessions.

Kisha and Jen had a really rough day, but luck was with them as they show up again and are surprised to be checked in. Mark and Michael are lucky, though, as they're told this is a non-elimination leg. They will have the remaining three hours and 10 minutes tacked on at the start of the next leg. Plus they'll have a Speed Bump. Stranger things have happened, so check back next week to see if they'll overcome these additional obstacles.

Return Trips 
• Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that if Kisha and Jen had had their passports with them, and finished the leg of the race, they wouldn't have been allowed to go back for the backpacks. No backtracking after being checked in. And this was Michael's major concern.
• Jaime: "We have the meekest driver on the planet Earth right now."
• Kisha: "Never leave your fanny pack. You never know what's ahead."
• Tammy: "If there's one thing we can do it's karaoke. Maybe it'll be like a Thai version of Whitney Houston."
• Michael: "We were kind of stuck. We put ourselves in a situation... and the only way we were going to get back was to take care of the people. In the land of Buddha I don't want to create bad karma."
• Did you notice there was lots of pink? Pink cell phones, pink cabs, pink steering wheel covers...
• NPR's most eclectic interview program, Fresh Air, ran an interview with Mel and Mike White this past week. Its host, Terry Gross, always asks just the right questions. Go here for the 30-minute discussion.

Order of Finish:
1.    Margie and Luke
2.    Jaime and Cara
3.    Tammy and Victor
4.    Kisha and Jen
5.    Mark and Michael (not eliminated)

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When the five remaining teams travel to Thailand on the eighth leg of the race, they quickly transform into boat mechanics, denture fitters and karaoke singers. But the world is not an oyster for the two teams racing onward and leaving their backpacks behind.

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