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The Amazing Race 13 Episode: "I'm Like an Angry Cow"

Season 13, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: The teams travel from Old Delhi, India, to Almaty, Kazakhstan, on the eighth leg of the race. Once there, the duos search for golden eggs in a coop with 30,000 chickens, then they must choose between walking the streets in a cow costume or learning to play a song on traditional Kazakhstan instruments. Two teams attempt to win a Fast Forward that requires them to eat meat taken from a sheep's behind.
Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2008

Amazing Race 13 Episode Recap: "I'm Like an Angry Cow" Season 13, Episode 8

The action in the eighth leg of the race took place in the world's largest landlocked country, Kazakhstan, and found the five remaining teams in animal-related challenges. Let's see who cried fowl, was moo-ved to squabble and brought up the rear as steer.

Leaving Delhi, India, Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas were the first to arrive at the airport. As Nick and Toni were getting flight information, Dallas and Starr were chatting each other up and later spent quality time sitting beside one another on the plane. Has an inter-team attraction like this happened before?  I had to laugh at both Dan and Dallas when upon learning that their journey will take them to Almaty, Kazakhstan they could only associate the country with Borat.

Five teams left around an hour and 45 minutes apart and took three different flights yet were able to begin at the route marker at the same time. I'm always faked out when one team is the last to leave and the last to show up but find the others waiting at their destination. In this case, Andrew and Dan level the playing field as they join the rest of the teams waiting for the opening of a chicken factory.

The route marker contained not only the Road Block but also the second of two Fast Forwards. An/Dan decided to skip it realizing the other teams are stronger but I thought this was one they could handle. Nick/Starr and Terence/Sarah were the only two teams to attempt it. In what could be called a Fear Factor-lite challenge, they went to a restaurant and ate a local delicacy — the fat from the rear end of a sheep. While Nick and Starr avoided reading the menu description and struggled against gagging, it was the first time I felt empathy for Terence. I, too, haven't eaten meat in 15 years and know what a struggle it would be to put that nasty stuff in my mouth. The difference is that I would have for a chance to win $1 million. Sarah was a sport and giving it her all but Terence looked defeated from the start and barely tried. The trick may have been to just swallow without chewing. Cutting their losses, they now have to go back to the Road Block and make up lost time. Needless to say, brother and sister polish off the meal and head over to the Pit Stop, finishing first.

This week's Road Block wasn't as colorful as the previous one but had just as much commotion. I was wondering how long it would take to fine one of seven gold eggs in a room with 30,000 chickens. And how does one begin to count 30,000 chickens? Perhaps Phil Keoghan found out from Sarah who seemed to have a running conversation with them like she did with the pigeons last week.

The frat boys' bickering was really out of hand. Perhaps Andrew hasn't been the fastest contestant but Dan's nagging has been a constant source of friction. Now Andrew reverses that by complaining that Dan won't wait up for him so they can walk as a unified team. What appeared most thoughtless were Dan's comments during the crane truck ride on the way to the Mongol warriors. When they stopped to ask the citizens for directions, Dan called them zombies and horrible people — because they didn't understand the questions? Does he think everyone should speak English? And it probably didn't help that they called their cab driver "dude".

At the Detour, the players all chose to Act Like Fools by wearing a cow costume and head over to a refreshment stand to drink a warm glass of milk. Toni and Dallas had the best attitude and were the most fun to watch mooing while walking down the streets. Their good nature appears when telling Ken and Tina, who insists the costumes must go back, that they have to continue wearing the outfit to the butcher and present the cow's head to Phil. Dan is seen mumbling something about weight distribution when convincing Andrew he should bring up the rear.

An/Dan are the fourth team to arrive but because they didn't read the clue correctly and took a cab to the Pit Stop instead of walking, they have to go back to the end of the Detour and return by foot. At this point it's neck and neck with Ter/Sar and An/Dan. With the frat boys' continuous backbiting I found myself rooting for Ter/Sar to finish fourth. But they are the fifth team to arrive and have been eliminated.

Return Trips

• Dallas, referring to a potential date with Starr: "If I win $1 million at least I can pay for dinner."
• Dallas: "The only thing I know about Kazakhstan is Borat." Toni: "And we're not going to mention that to anyone."
• Sarah to Terence: " If you're really going to throw up do it in the bowl and be gentle."
• Any ideas on the sauce or preparation of the sheep fat dish? And how bad was this delicacy if it caused the meat-eaters to gag?

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The action in the eighth leg of the race took place in the world's largest landlocked country, Kazakhstan, and found the five remaining teams in animal-related challenges. Let's see who cried fowl, was moo-ved to squabble and brought up the rear as steer.

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